Thursday, November 30, 2006

New flava in ya ear!

Let me just go ahead and get this out of the way right now. When it comes to reality television show marathons, I can't, more often than not, look away. Project Runway, Flavor of Love, and whatever MTV puts on repeat instead of showcasing you know, actual music.

Now when it comes to Making the Band, nothing can top the infamous season that featured Dylan and the gang. Walking to Brooklyn for cheesecake, taking the boy out the hood but not being able to take the hood out the homeboy, wide eyed ambition, shattered dreams, and of course here a fight, there a fight, everywhere a FIGHT! FIGHT!

But I would be a lie if I sat here and pretended like I didn't take in an episode or two [or five or six] of Making the Band 3. Sure it was no Making the Band 2, but a shitton of girls vying for a spot in an all female supergroup meant that drama and of course hillarity would ensue, you know, like chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side.

I didn't watch Making the Band 3 religiously, but I did manage to somehow get yet another
  • drunken late night viewing
  • of MTV's Making the Video featuring Making the Band 3's finished product Danity Kane filming their brand spanking new video Showstopper.

    You know where this is going...

    I have yet to download or purchase this song, but whenever it comes on, I have to bob my head and actually get my shoulder lean on, cause you know what, it ain't bad at all. Yeah that's right...I went there. I like the cooing, the name dropping, and all that eye candy that somehow manages to ooze through the speakers and come to life as you bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce to the beat. Kudos Diddy. I'm feeling this one.

    Here's hoping the girls can come with it again and not "disband."

    Screaming Infedelities

    New promo shot for tonight's season premiere of Scrubs. [Following the Office, right before 30 Rock and started off with My Name is Earl. Sorry ABC, but from 8:30 to 10, I will direct my attention to NBC.] Nothing to say here really, though this face does look a lot like the one Braff had painted on throughout all of Garden State. He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

    Tried to make me go to rehab I said NO!

    Rehab. Amy Winehouse. Hot Chip remix. Whole lotta bouncing. Whole lotta soul. Get yourself into it.

  • Discobelle: Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Hot Chip vocal mix)
  • Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Speaking of drama...

    ...try not to laugh and enjoy it for what it is, and what it was.

    I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately...


    America's Next Top Model had come to an end and I didn't look away. What followed next was something unknown to my pretty brown eyes. Here it was, a Dawson's Creek like drama complete with narration, and
  • pretty white kids with problems.
  • And you know what? I couldn't look away. It may have something to do with all the wedding attire, cars falling off the road into the river containing very important people in wedding attire, and screams, tears, and fears from those in wedding attire filmed in hushed tones and played out in a dramatic yet believeable manner. Just like that I was sucked into One Tree Hill. A show that's been around for three or four years that I just casted off as some WB melodrama in the 7th Heaven, Everwood vein. [which I hear was also an okay piece of work.]Yep. All that transpired before the opening credits had sealed the deal for me.

    And then came said opening.

    A good theme song is a godsend. You know what else is a godsend? When said theme song contains a song you don't even care for and yet you love it, cause for some strange reason it works, and for those few seconds the song is actually tolerable. I don't know about you, but my Itunes Media Player has no time for Gavin DeGraw's I don't want to be. Nu-uh. For me he was the middle class, college kid's Josh Groban, or a piano playin John Mayer minus the street cred, with more R&B leaning vocals. I don't know. Like I said, I just guessed from what I would hear before I would realize what I was listening to and move on.

    But as is the case with many a song I can do without, all it takes is a few "ironic" spins, or enough rotation to get me at least familiar with the track. Or in this case perfect placement. Those opening chords set against a hoodie wearing, head down having, basketball bouncin Chad Michael Murray walking at sunset on a bridge shot from a distance? Priceless. And to have it come back at the end? Too much. Network produced slices of manafactured Americana never looked and sounded so good.

    What you want boy?: I need a HOT GURL!

    I get it. She needs a soldier. Hot boys, baby they got what she wants. Got a roughneck? Gotta get a roughneck. Yes, nothing new here. And yet I find myself sucked in and bobbing my head. Damn, is there anything I don't like?

    You must not know bout me!

    Big ups to Beyonce and all the fans who decided to stop sleeping on one of the best discs of 2006. From
  • Idolator:

  • "Jay's ladyfriend Beyonce vaulted back into the top 10 as well--B'Day experienced a 154% sales gain and hit No. 6, no doubt because of the better-with-each-listen "Irreplaceable" becoming more and more omnipresent."

    Disconnect the Dots

    I miss being assistant music director for WBOR 91.1 FM in Brunswick. The obvious perk of being surrounded by music all the time is a given, but there were other small joys, such as seeing what other people were digging by charting, podcasts, and of course, discovering music and artists that would normally be nowhere in my radar. I remember the first time I heard Of Montreal. I came in with 2004's Satanic Panic in the Attic. Open. Place. Press Play. Track one. Disconnect the Dots. I was hooked. Hand claps, rollicking guitar, and a beat that could have a toe or two tap along to it. Placing a great track at the helm is genuis, and not many artists succeed in sucking you in mere seconds with track one. With Disconnect the Dots, Of Montreal did. To be able to keep the party going from track one on, DOUBLE WHAMMY! And once again, Of Montreal answer it's already been brought to the commamnd of Bring it on! When 2005 rolled around and Of Montreal released The Sunlandic Twins I went out and bought, not allowing myself to be content with a burnt copy of the advanced disc sent to WBOR. I can go on and on about the joyful harmonies, sunshine vistas, and my forever all the time love for wrath pinned to the mist and other games, but I won't cause there's new music to talk about. On January 23rd, the band returns with a new album, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? And the boys in the band are feeling generous letting fans get their stream on way before the official street date. Do yourself a favor and join me as I revel in Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer's? trippy, swirling joy fantastic.

  • Of Montreal[]Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?
  • Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Live and let die

    The Eagles of Death Metal
  • have been removed from the Guns and Roses tour
  • currently in rotation. EODM have decided to take on the air of "don't harm me none, as long I get my rent paid by Friday."

    “At first the audience refused to welcome us to the jungle, but by the time we took our final bow, it had become paradise city. Although Axl tried to November rain on our parade, no sweet child o’ mine can derail the EODM night train. We say live and let die.”

    Kudos on taking the high road fellas. I'll probably still be enjoying Death by Sexy and pieces of Peace, Love, Death, Metal [not to be confused with Gwen Stefani's Love, Angel, Music, Baby], by the time Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy comes out. That or dead.


    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this today:

    Currently in rotation. Definitely feeling the 1-2-3 punch of tracks 3-6: Mr. Me Too feat Pharrell, lead single Wamp Wamp [what it do], and Ride around shining. [Is it truly possible for a song to offer up a science fiction noir vibe and laid back minimalist old school vibe set to rhymes that deal with holding on to the limelight and hustling just to get by? The answer is yes.] Go get it for cheap. Shit
  • Pitchfork even gave it a rating of 9.1

  • Where are they now?

    Remember Ricky Martin. He was that guy at the forefront of that whole watered down latin music craze that happened sometime around Y2K or a little afterwards. Well, in case you were wondering, he's still kicking, and recording music
  • that critics seem to adore.
  • He's also posing in magazine spreads looking oh so masculine, just like we remember him.

  • Just Jared/Ricky Martin: Ocean Drive’s Coverboy
  • Oops... I did it again!

    I love you Britney, but for christsakes, but some goddamn panties on. Geesh! And while you're at it, get away from P Hil and the Gang and get back to yo kids. Yeah good times are being had by all, but enough is enough. It's Tuesday. Save that shit for Thurs-Saturday.

  • ohnotheydidnt: She's Bringin' Slutty Back!

  • Remember when the thought of seeing Britney's nether regions was hot and enticing.-Sigh-...Not so much anymore when seen in all its natural glory, riding dirty, post Kevin Federline and two kids.

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    When keeping it real goes wrong

    Big ups to the folks over at
  • Crunk + Disorderly
  • for bringing this to my attention. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Trina, the actress. And don't get me started on the gay guy or the way everyone delivers their lines. SMH.

    For Your Consideration

    See what all the fuss is about, the reason behind my rhyme, and why Gwen Stefani's latest [and better of her two solo discs] is constantly on repeat and inching closer and closer to gaining some spots on my Itunes Most Played list by streaming the entire disc
  • here.

  • Personal favorites: The Sweet Escape, Yummy, Now That You Got It, [she holds her on on that Swizz track] and U Started It. [a beat that plays itself out like a history of the Neptunes sound in three minutes and six seconds.]

    And don't worry. It's all a phase. I'm sure I'll get over this disc in no time or come back to it later after taking a break from it. [See My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade, Beyonce's B'Day, the Scissor Sister's Ta-Dah, or Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Furcoat.]

    Talk show on mute

    Here a blogger! There a blogger! Everywhere a blogger blogger!

    Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a link to the photos, thoughts, and ramblings of the one they like to call Pete Wentz. Enjoy!

  • Pete Wentz. Clandestine [Come on now, that title was just dying to be italicized]

  • And while we're on the subject,...Fall Out Boy. Look I don't love the band, but I am also not one to get my hate on just because their music is not my cup of tea. And when push comes to shove, I'll get down and sing along to
  • Dance, Dance.
  • But at the end of the day, I rather look at them, read oddball quotes straight from the horses' mouths, or question certain members' sexualities.

    Last week I managed to turn and look away from the AMA's, but tuned back in just as Fall Out Boy were in the middle of performing their new single titled, I kid you not, This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race. First I let myself sit for a minute and wait for things to get in tune vocally and soundwise. [Never happened] Then I found myself wondering if Pete Wentz was wearing lipstick and if so, boy does he look like a mall pop rock Tinkerbellnymph. And then, with the whole bland matching Gap ad look thing going on, and in black no less, I wondered if they were trying to cleverly mock my boys in My Chemical Romance.

    Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain: the AMA performance will do nothing to bring down those with their noses up in the air when it comes to giving Fall Out Boy a chance and/or pretending to give a fuck about Pete Wentz and co.

    Sunday, November 26, 2006


    Riddle me this?: Why is Will Smith's next movie titled
  • I Am Legend?

  • Oh Big Willie... Ain't gon' lie though, this shit is my jam!:

    I rocks ruff and tuff..

    Happy 67th Birthday to the one, the only, Miss Anna Mae Bullock herself, Tina Turner.

    Rock on wit yo bad self.

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    I love these fellas to death. [Especially Mr. Bowie] But can you sit through this entire video, cause I don't know if I can. Even with the short running time of two minutes, fifty-two seconds.

    Big ups Rolling Stones...

    For taking the record for the highest grossing tour ever. Maybe y'all will take some time to chillax and I don't know, sit still.

  • NME:Rolling Stones stage richest ever tour

  • Random question. Back at
  • Bowdoin
  • I had a great friend,Rosy was his name, and boy did he love the Stones like no other. [He finally got to see them and opener Kanye West not too long ago.]The Beatles? Forgetaboutit! For him they didn't even hold a candle to the Stones. I am still amazed at how at 19, 20, Rosy could have so many albums by, and hold so much love for a band that created the bulk of their honky tonk magic decades before he was born. This wasn't a college thang, boy been showing love for the Stones since childhood. But I digress. What I am wondering is, who do you choose? The Beatles or the Stones? Or both? Lemme know. I'm curious.

    Big Pimpin'. Spending cheese.

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you GQ's Newlyweds of the Year, Pam Anderson and Kid Rock:

  • Saturday, November 25, 2006

    What not to wear: Hip-Hop Edition Well, except that it looks like the Slauson Swapmeet threw up on her ass.

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    I love pop music way too much. But you know what? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! Especially when the lyrics, harmonies, and beat all coalesce to form something like this.

    -Sigh-I miss the Spice Girls...

    ...That's just sad.

    Stop right now, thank you very much

    Seriously, who introduced these two?

    [I be saying] NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    When you be saying YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    Why was I not informed that Lindsay Lohan's 13 year old sister Ali has a
  • holiday themed album?!@#
  • WHY?...TELL ME, WHY?

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Please, don't hurt em.

    Dangerously in love

    I've said it
  • once,
  • and I'll say it again. Beyonce's B'Day is one of the best cds of the year. And her new single
  • Irreplaceable?
  • Shoot...Don't even get me started. Don't believe me? Ask The New York Times. Big ups to the foks over at
  • The Modern Age
  • for sending the love my way.

  • The New York Times: BeyoncĂ© Bounces Back: Film, Album and Warning
  • Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Mic check 1,2,1,2! Mic check 1,2,1,2!

    Michael Richards.

    Screw acting. After last Friday's tirade we all know good and well that yo ass should take up rapping. Go on. Dig in the scene with the gangsta lean.

  • Heard?/Kramer is Hip-Hop
  • Ain't that America!

    Northern California gets Coachella. This year Southern Cali got the Detour Festival. Vegas gets Vegoose. And Chicago gets Lollapolooza. Not one to be left out, New Jersey has Bamboozle and oh what a line up do they have in store for those residing in America's heartland. Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and Kelly FUCKING Clarkson. Yeah that's right, rock out with ya cock out.

  • VH1: My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Surprise 'Idol' To Rock Bamboozle '07
  • This beat is for the clubs and cars that go [BOOM!]

    Gwen Stefani. The Sweet Escape.

    Less spotty and more focused than Love, Angel, Music, Baby. Screw The Dutchess, this disc is ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tasty tasty! Also, there's all this talk about how Akon is the new Nate Dogg when it comes to sanging them hooks on the rap joints. I had no idea his talents would stretch to include backing vocals on the title track to a Gwen Stefani record. Damn. Get ya hustle on playa.

    I want a man, not a BOY WHO THINKS HE CAN!

    File under: Old school funk for the true funk soldiers.

    Spice Girls. Too Much. God. Remember that movie. I may have to dig the worn VHS copy from out of the garage and get my view on.

    Six Feet Under

    Ladies and gentlemen. For Your Consideration, Nas. Hip Hop is Dead.

    What you see is what you get

    News Blurb of the day:
  • cityrag/Danny Bonnaduce and Carrot Top: Separated at gross

  • [I be saying] NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    When you be saying YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!...

    Oh my... Britney Spears and Paris Hilton hanging out in Las Vegas.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Those emotions. That groove. The rain. Dark lights. Slick atmosphere. The Choreography. That breakdown. Those boobs. Janet Jackson. I Get So Lonely.

    Somewhere Ciara is wishing this was her video.

    Don't sleep on Janet Jackson

    And while we're at, Big ups to my boy Paul for finding this gem of a track. Janet Jackson. So Excited. The remix. One of those rare examples where a remix is nothing more than an entertaining guest rap, and extended bits, bleeps, and rewinds from the original. Act bad, don't hurt me, look fast, talk dirty, but DON't sleep on Janet Jackson.

    Listen to the So Excited [remix]
  • here.
  • It's like candy!

    I have got to stop buying albums and ignoring singles.

    Remember those? There once was a time when people would get just as excited for singles releases as they did for full length albums. I was once like that. [Especially with cassingles. Remember those?] Singles kick ass for the simple fact that often they are filled with a great remix or two of the track offered on the single [see Janet Jackson's Together Again remixes] or have new songs altogether left off the album. [Also known as B-sides.]

    If I was still an avid single buyer I would have definitely gone out and got a copy of Basement Jaxx's Take Me Back to Your House from their latest, Crazy Itch Radio. Crazy itch indeed, cause Lollipop, the bass heavy, "new-IM twinkle from the dialup years of AOL sampling" [thanks
  • Idolator
  • ], vamp danceathon is the jam. Definitely a good thing to stumble upon as my mind, body, and soul remain stuck in the
  • Presets/the Rapture euphoric haze
  • I entered into Monday night. Hey it's their world...I'm just living in it!

  • Listen here/Idolator: Listening Station: Basement Jaxx Send Roxanne Shante An IM
  • Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Pull over [that ass is too fat!]

    This video is entertaining and kind of hot.

    This one...not so much. [though it is hillarious]


    Janet Jackson's Design of a Decade. Madonna's The Immaculate Collection. Hell even a good Aerosmith Greatest Hits disc or three does a good greatest hits collection make. I am still up in the air about these two. I didn't even know either of them had enough hits to fill up a Greatest Hits album.

    Track Listsing:

    1.What's So Different? - 3:57*
    2.Hell Yeah - 3:40
    3.Pony - 5:21*
    4.In Those Jeans - 4:04*
    5.So Anxious - 4:37*
    6.Differences - 4:26*
    7.There It Is - 4:11
    8.None of Ur Friends Business - 4:16
    9.I'm in Love - 4:06
    10.Stingy - 4:20
    11.You Owe Me - 4:48
    12.Same Ol' G - 4:21
    13.The Best Man I Can Be - 6:29

    *5 bona fide hits.

    Track Listing

    1.Good Luck Charm - 4:24
    2.Promise - 4:06*
    3.Let's Get Married - 4:24*
    4.Walked out of Heaven - 4:31*
    5.Where the Party At [Dupri Remix] - 3:53
    6.He Can't Love U - 4:04
    7.I Gotta Be - 3:28*
    8.Hopefully - 3:42
    9.Let's Get Married [Remarqueable Remix] - 4:09
    10.Stunnas - 3:47
    11.Season's Change - 3:46

    *4 bona fide hits.

    Tsk. Tsk. SMH. Greatest Hits? More like artists on shuffle on your IPOD.

    Put a lid on it!

    No this n**ga didn't. Who the fuck does he think he is?
  • Justin Timberlake?

  • Noel Gallagher tells Spin magazine:

    I particularly loathe Scissor Sisters. I like "Laura," from the first record, but it's music for squares, man. They're huge in England, but there's no accounting for bad taste as far as the English are concerned.

    I love Oasis just as much as the next man. [Actually probably more than the man next to me], but don't be ragging on my fun loving, craft having music makers. Come on now. That shit ain't cute.

  • Stereogum: Noel Don't Feel Like Dancin'
  • Don't Sleep on the Snoop D-O-Double-G!

    I bought two cds today. Jay-Z's Kingdom Come and Snoop Dogg's Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. Yes, you read that correctly. I bet you didn't even know brotha had a new disc out today. [but then again how could you have known, no one has Jay-Z's publicity team]

    And at least at the store I was in, no one else was really caring. I saw The Game's latest, Kingdom Come, even an album by this American Idol kid Chris Daughtry which made me honestly do a double take and look up at the guy holding the disc. Still surprised. Short, neatly styled facial hair, shades, cargo shorts, abercrombie looking tee and flip flops. In other words, not too out of place looking at this store in West Hollywood. But anyways, I put both Kingdom Come and Tha Blue Carpet Treatment on my comp. So far I have played Show me what you got once, and can not get over how good Tha Blue Carpet Treatment is. Don't sleep on this one. Turned off by the clunky know nothing lyrics, and pop leanings of discs and singles past? Don't fret, none of that is present here. And a loyal Snoop fan will be happy to know that this lists up high as one of his best.

    Y'all know what this is

    Checked my e-mail today. Got my New Music Tuesday's update from Apple. Had to do a double take when I saw BET listed in the subject line alongside The Bridge School Concerts, and U2. Scrolled down and saw this little blurb. Guess I should be saying Big Ups BET! or big ups to all of us who don't get enough of it, seeing as how it is known to be part of a complete and balanced breakfast.

    BET Just Added

    Now available on iTunes, new TV shows from BET include DMX: Soul of a Man, the hit original series about the enigmatic rapper, as well as Countdown to Lockdown, featuring hip-hop diva Lil' Kim, and Beef, which profiles celebrity conflicts such as Lil' Romeo vs. Bow Wow and Jay-Z vs. R. Kelly. Plus, get a free episode of the docudrama American Gangster before it premieres on BET on November 24.

    HOLLA! Guess I can go ahead and delete Lil Kim: Countdown to Lockdown, College Hill, and BET Nightly News from the Tivo...

    Photo courtesy of
  • Crunk + Disorderly
  • Pieces of the people we love

    INT. Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, California. Night.

    A huge mass of sweaty bodies stand huddled together coming down from the previous act that graced the stage. In a booth to the right a "haircut hipster type kid" DJ spins many an obscure tune from years past, surprising many when he chooses to put on R.Kelly's Step in the Name of Love, play it in it's entirety, and legitimately groove to it from start to finish, as if to say fuck off to the largely too cool for school crowd familiar only with Kel's Ignition [Rmx].


    So that may be a little too She's All That, but it wouldn't be far off, and I wouldn't be too far off by saying that a Presets/Rapture bill is God's gift to hips, toe tapping feet and dancefloors everywhere. For nearly 2 1/2 hrs the music was non stop as I found myself immersed in the groove laced euphoria provided by the block rocking beats of Sydney's keyboard, synthesizers, and drums playing duo The Presets who's shit was definitely B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Hits such as Are You the One? and Down Down Down transfered well from the studio to the stage. And when songs stretched on well beyond versechorusverse, no one cared or even noticed. More often that not, the audience was more like a dancefloor at a club, with the Presets as your house band. Allowing yourself to look away from the stage and just close your eyes and boogie was allllright! and I'm sure the lads from down under wouldn't have it any other way.

    Said set was not too brief or too long and managed to perfectly set the stage for one of my new favorite bands The Rapture.[always been an avid listener but after last night's show and the tasty dance floor rhythms of their latest effort Pieces of the People We Love I am down for the cause for good.]

    The set? All killer no filler, filled with confidence, light hearted, you just happen to be watching and dancing along as we jam in front of you vibe, and bold moves, such as placing big hits Get Myself Into It and House of Jealous Lovers [that tune which gave them fame]early and deep into the sets, setting up a smoother, strong minded set, as opposed to offering them up as encores. was a good time. And I haven't even gone on to describe Gabriel Andruzzi, [third from left in the pic] the saxophone/backing keyboard/cowbell playing dance machine who, when waiting for his cowbell or sax part to ring in would actually groove and not in some Ironic Hipster or nod to old school b-boy stylings of yesteryear, NO, brotha would go back, back, forth and forth like the best of them. [Picture the electric slide done right, but in place, inside a personal box, with a cup in your hand, and a whole "what you know about this right here" vibe.]

    And though I couldn't keep my eyes off the kid when I wasn't dancing to the underground, I gotta give props to Matt Safer, [first from left]the bass wielding co-vocalist and keyboardist, who tore the roof off the sucka on W.A.Y.U.H. and Pieces of the People Love, amongst others. As is the case with the rest of his bandmates homeboy simply looked like he was having a good time, and could also, groove. I mean pardon the subtle Michael Richards like opinions on young anglo saxon males who hipster and boogie, but it's so rare that I see it done right and genuinely so. And for 2 1/2 hrs last night, the Rapture plus opening duo the Presets got everything right, to which anyone in the audience can attest by saying, "boy, you ain't never lied"...

    Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers

    For Bernardo...

    [God Bless YouTube]

    While we're on the topic of Rock&Roll slow jams, here's one from another one of my favorite bands Incubus, who have a new album,
  • Light Grenades
  • in stores next week. I could have gone the easy route and picked that song with the Roxanne refrain in it, but I chose to pick one of my favorites from 2004's wonderully neglected and underrated album
  • A Crow Left of Murder.
  • Track four. Talk Shows on Mute.

    Carry on my wayward son!

    No reason for my rhyme here...

    On my way home from the restaurant this afternoon I gave My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade yet another good listen and when I got to track eight I was reminded of the pure magic that is a great rock ballad. Reminds me of that time I brought my IPod to a friend's party, "spinning" current Justin, Furtado, Chic, Aretha, Basment Jaxx and the like for the crowd of miscreants, when a jocky USCD (?) student approached me and asked if I had Don't Stop Believin' on the Pod. I did. And for four minutes and ten seconds everyone, including those who don't dance no more [the jocks, burnouts, overtly metrosexual males who resided in the background against the walls and on the couches]sang along, put them lighters up, and reveled in the pure magic that is a good rock ballad.

    Steal this book!

    I couldn't have said it better myself...

  • Pitchfork: Column: Interrobang (?!) #21

  • And cop this album. Clipse. Hell Hath no Fury. November 28th. BUY IT!

    It was love [LOVE!] at first sight

    It's official. Gwen Stefani is Pharrell Williams' muse. [or his new Kelis] It's as if he pushes himself to go to infinity and beyond whenever his hollaback girl is around. Here they are again on a new track from her upcoming [and sure to be glorious] album The Sweet Escape. The tune is titled Yummy as is the track itself, though I don't know if I am feeling the chaotic beat ending breakdown spectacular that Perez raves about so much. It feels a little too different. Like 'hey look at me, I'm pushing boundaries and expanding horizons!"

  • Perez Hilton: Listen To This: More New Music From Gwen!! [a.k.a 'Yummy']
  • What not to wear: Former healthy looking Spice Girl attends a wedding in Italy edition

    Someone took the science part of A Scientology Wedding Ceremony a little too far.

    Headline of the Day!

    Apparently crack is NOT whack...

    And just when things were looking
  • oh so good.

  • NME:Pete Doherty arrested on drugs charges: For crack cocaine
  • Saturday, November 18, 2006

    Life's a cabaret

    This will make your day. Guaranteed. If you can't make it through it all, please, please, please make sure you scan ahead to 4:23. Genuis at its finest!

  • Towlerload/Must See: Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula
  • la la la la la...

    Nothing to really report here. I just think this is one of the coolest posters for a concert I have ever seen. Taken from
  • Pink Is The New Blog.

  • Friday, November 17, 2006

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers

    Another old school black and white ditty coming at ya...

    I was in an Nsync state of mind this afternoon. Nothing more, nothing less. Here's one of my favorites and one of their best.

    Headline of the Day!

  • UsOnline: Snoop Dogg Launches Clothing Line for All His B-tches

  • That's right. Toys and apparel for dogs. Insert your own joke here.

    Quote of the Week!

    Fergie tells Vibe Magazine:

    “I may not have the type of voice you like, but I can sing...You can’t take that away from me, ‘cause singing is a gift from God, and when people say I can’t sing, it’s kind of like insulting God.”

    Workin up a Black Sweat!

    "The fat guy in the t-shirt doing all the singing" and his band of cronies are back bitches! Yeah that's right James Murphy and co., collectively known as LCD Soundsystem, have unveiled the street date and tracklisting for their sophomore disc Sounds of Silver [still digging the disco ball leanings], sure to be one of the best discs of 2007. On March 20th be prepared to shake your ass to songs with such glorious titles as "Get Innocuous", "North American Scum", and [my personal fave] "New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down". Wonder if it that song has anything to do with the Rapture's observations that people don't dance no more and just stand there like this?

  • Pitchfork: LCD Soundsystem Gives New LP Title, Release Date