Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lex Hives.

Stream here.


STEREOGUM: Smoke DZA – “Ashtray” (Feat. Domo Genesis, Schoolboy Q)

Baby Come Home.

A video.

Starring the Scissor Sisters.

Silk Pillow.

PITCHFORK: Listen: Beck Raps With Childish Gambino

"What a Wonderful World..."

LOS ANGELES TIMES: College grads, 30 isn't the new 20

"What happened to that Boy?"

THE WASHINGTON POST: Mitt Romney’s lessons from his political parents

And Now, A Moment of Clarity...


She Said OK.


A video.

From M83.

No Church in the Wild.

A video.

From Kanye, Shawn Carter, & Frank Ocean.

The Edge of Glory.


"There’s a reason that Bridezillas is a show and there’s nothing called Reasonably Well-Planned Wedding Enjoyed by All. Americans don’t want excellence, and we certainly don’t want long-term sustained excellence. We want our dynasties to come with a side order of drama, controversy, and bad behavior. We want anti-heroes and the occasional impulsive retirement to pursue a baseball career. We want to watch a train wreck and then tut-tut in a smug self-satisfied way about the irresponsibility of the people who caused it. We want to maintain our high ideals, without needing to walk the walk. Nobody can hate the Spurs, so nobody wants to love them. It’s more comfortable for everyone if we can just pretend they don’t exist"

SLATE: The Most Ignored Dynasty in Sports: The NBA’s most successful franchise reveals that America is a nation of hypocrites.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Burn It Down.

A video.

Starring Linkin Park.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ego Trip.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Egos and Immorality

Boogie Wonderland.

Just you watch...

PITCHFORK: Watch Beck's Son Dance on Stage With His Dad

"Sky is the Limit."

A Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Responsibility is missing as ‘fiscal cliff’ approaches


THE WASHINGTON POST: America’s dysfunctional capitalism

Rolling in the Deep.


"For much of our history, Americans — even in our most quarrelsome moments — have avoided the kind of polarized politics we have now. We did so because we understood that it is when we balance our individualism with a sense of communal obligation that we are most ourselves as Americans. The 20th century was built on this balance, and we will once again prove the prophets of U.S. decline wrong if we can refresh and build upon that tradition. But doing so will require conservatives to abandon untempered individualism, which betrays what conservatism has been and should be."

THE WASHINGTON POST: Conservatives used to care about community. What happened?


THE WASHINGTON POST: Why Bain questions matter


PRETTY MUCH AMAZING: Full Stream: Vampire Weekend’s BAIO – Sunburn EP


FLAVORWIRE: 10 Fictional Characters People Need to Stop Idolizing

Sweet Love.

A video.

Starring Chris Brown.


A Freestyle.

Starring Chris Brown.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot Shots Part Deux.

A video.

Starring Action Bronson, RiFF RaFF, & Dana Copafeel.



VULTURE: Watch D’Angelo Jam

Papa Can You Hear Me?

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Father Doesn't Know Best


"...Dan Harmon is a creative risk-taker, and that’s rare on television. I’m not talking about killing off a beloved character or hooking up two characters for sweeps. I’m talking about an entire episode that is a spoof of Dinner With Andre while everyone is dressed in Pulp Fiction costumes. And not for sweeps. For any damn time. And it’s never a stunt, it’s just what Harmon and his unbelievably talented writers want to do with their television show, because they want to. That’s an attitude brought to a show that I, personally, cannot see evidence of anywhere else, except maybe on Adult Swim. And those are cartoons, which, technically, don’t take place in the real world the way Community does. (In fact, Harmon has a show coming to Adult Swim, Rick & Morty. Maybe this will give him more freedom.)

...Dan Harmon has never done anything dickish to me. Nor has he done anything nice. I have never met him, but his Tumblr makes me laugh, and the show he created has added a brightness to my life and the lives of others for the past three years. The gifs alone make the internet a better place, especially in an election year. I enjoy laughing and being entertained by things, and Community does me one better — it surprises me. And that takes a lot these days. So, unless he’s an axe murderer who molests puppies, I really don’t care what Harmon does in his spare time. If he does do those things, I wonder if there’s an easter egg hidden in an episode of Community that makes a reference to it. And he should also stop doing that, and keep writing awesome things that I like instead..."

THE MARY SUE: Why NBC and Sony Continue to Make Community the Rodney Dangerfield of Sitcoms



Coming Attractions.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: 'Great Gatsby' trailer: Leo DiCaprio tries on some Jay-Z swagger


Words. For Your Consideration...

THE WASHINGTON POST: Barack Obama, private equity king

Let's Talk.

A video.

Starring Omarion & Rick Ross.

"When they reminisce over you, MY GOD!"

SOUND OF THE CITY: The Trouble With Lupe Fiasco Goes Beyond Pete Rock And Touching "T.R.O.Y."


THE WASHINGTON POST: Senators put federal regulators, not JPMorgan, on the hot seat


A Remix.


PITCHFORK: Lil B Releases "Classical Music" Album

Sea Change.

PITCHFORK: Beck to Release New Single on Jack White's Third Man Records, Hear Clips Now

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"DC2 is an MMG product, and it delivers on the MMG brand promise. Rosenberg is right: Rozay owns rap right now, and everything with his stamp of Rawseproval is going to be accepted by the masses, crash the datpiff server and rack up numbers for middling henchmen. And even your snarky reviewer, when hearing the best of these songs in their natural environment, the middle of a DJ set, is going to abandon his support of the finer things in lyricism and chant along. On MMG, interesting lyrics and interesting rappers are, for the most part, beside the point. The point is wiling out, and Dreamchasers 2, despite its many shortcomings, has the songs that it takes to make you do so."

PASSION OF THE WEISS: The Big Bland Dreams of Meek Mill

Money Makin.

The video.


An album stream.


So Sophisticated.

Money Makin'.

Move in the Right Direction.

A video.

Starring Gossip.


SLATE: In Defense of George Zimmerman: How the gun lobby, conservatives, and right-wing media have rallied to defend the man who killed Trayvon Martin.

Meanwhile with "The 99%"...

THE WASHINGTON POST: The Occupy movement is going nowhere

Party Rock.

A Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: The Romney you see is the one you’d get


A video.

Starring Sleigh Bells.

PITCHFORK: Sleigh Bells Share "Demons" Video, Diplo Remix


A video.

Starring Kevin McCall & Big Sean.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Terrorist Threats.

 A video.

Starring Ab-Soul, Danny Brown, & Jhene Aiko.

Future This.

The Remix.