Wednesday, May 20, 2015

i need a minute.

starring ariel pink.

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i know there's gonna be (good times).

 starring jamie xx, young thug, and popcaan.

PITCHFORK: Jamie xx Teams With Young Thug and Popcaan on "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)"


a video.

starring meek mill.

california roll.

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starring snoop dogg & stevie wonder. 

(grand old) party.

a moment of clarity. 


 "...before you think of moving to Canada for a year and a half, or tuning out and reading Tolstoy and Dickens, take a peek at a new analysis of the American political firmament by Sean Trende and David Byler, of the Web site Real Clear Politics. It’s a data-driven article that examines what’s happening not only in Washington but in legislatures and statehouses around the country, which also have a significant impact on people’s lives. Trende and Byler conclude that the Republican Party is already stronger than it has been for many decades. With a good result in 2016, including a takeover of the White House, it could virtually sweep the board. Indeed, Trende and Byler say, the Republicans could end up in their strongest position since 1920, the year women got the vote.

...Trende and Byler concede that their portrait of Republican dominance “is at odds with the prevailing theme of a Republican Party with serious demographic problems,” which “make it difficult for the GOP to win the presidency.” But they also point out that “those same shifts have strengthened it in the states, which is where most lawmaking takes place.” (In an earlier article, Byler pointed out how partisan redistricting has also helped Republicans at the local level.) The two analysts conclude: “None of this is to say that Republicans are building a permanent majority of any sort. It is simply to say that when one takes account of the full political picture, the Republican Party is stronger than it has been in most of our readers’ lifetimes. This is important, and more analysis should take account of this fact.”

It should—and indignant voters should pay attention, too. At this stage, Democratic control of the White House is about the only thing holding the Republicans back, but the Party is far from invulnerable..."

THE NEW YORKER: Why 2016 Is So Very Important


a video.

starring a$ap rocky.

HIGH SNOBIETY: A$AP Rocky Goes on an Acid Trip in New “LSD” Video


with vin diesel.

MASHABLE: A young Vin Diesel breakdancing is everything you dreamed of

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


starring florence and the machine.

PITCHFORK: Florence and the Machine Share "Delilah"

tv set.

a cramps cover.

starring spoon.

hard to do.

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starring k. michelle.


a video.

starring bilal. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


starring a$ap rocky.

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crowded house.

a moment of clarity.


"Soon after the King assassination, Congress passed the Fair Housing Act, which banned housing discrimination and required states and local governments that receive federal housing money to try to overcome historic patterns of segregation and to “affirmatively further” federal fair housing goals. But the effort was hampered from the beginning by local officials who ignored or opposed the goal of desegregation and by federal officials, including presidents, who simply declined to enforce it.

A growing body of evidence suggests that America would be a different country today had the government taken its responsibility seriously.

...little of the promise of progressive-sounding laws was truly realized. The government’s failure to enforce the fair housing law can be seen throughout much of the country; metropolitan areas with large black populations have, in fact, remained highly segregated."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Housing Apartheid, American Style

a moment of clarity.

for your consideration...

ON SMASH: JAY Z’s “B-Sides NYC Concert” Live Freestyle