Tuesday, July 29, 2014

all eyez on me.

with a beastie boy, mike d. 

ROLLING STONE: Beastie Boys' Mike D: Tupac's Determination to Be Authentic Killed Him


starring simian mobile disco.

STEREOGUM: Simian Mobile Disco – “Dervish”

the sex pistols.

a moment of clarity.


"We need to immediately stop perpetuating the myth that pop stars and athletes and actors are able to completely determine the course of a child's life. The biggest influence in your kid's life is you and your parenting. Perhaps the answer to Creekmur's obnoxious question is that impressionable children shouldn't have access to her music in first place, something Nicki herself has said and that is largely the duty of his or her parents. Nicki Minaj is under no obligation to stray from her artistic vision for herself because you don't know how to monitor your child's internet access or have a conversation about healthy sexuality.

 ...Now, I say this not just to Chuck Creekmur but to all the men and women who ascribe to the condescending, sexist and dated beliefs of this letter: Maybe if you spent less time policing the actions of grown women, you would have more time to have conversations with your own daughters and sons about how they will choose to navigate, succeed and fight back against a world steeped in patriarchy and capitalism. Nicki Minaj has already got it all figured out. She doesn't need your help."

JEZEBEL: Nicki Minaj Doesn't Need Your Advice or Input



a moment of clarity.


THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests

bang bang.

starring jessie j, ariana grande, & nicki minaj.

morning phase.

with beck & stephen colbert.

PITCHFORK: Beck Plays "Heart Is a Drum" and "Heaven's Ladder", Chats on "Colbert"

cherry pie.

a video.

from freeway, the jacka, and freddie gibbs.

coming attractions.

with tv on the radio.

FADER: TV on the Radio Announce New Album, Seeds

beggin for thread.

a video.

starring BANKS.

heart is a drum.

a video.

starring beck.

candy perfurme girl.


" “Heavy Metal and Reflective.” If I may be so bold, this track is far and away her best since “212,” and it’s not hard to see why. Her distinctive voice and slick lyrics are back on display, rather than ceding the spotlight to some forced-on persona or generic production.

"Heavy Metal and Reflective” feels so much more natural and raw — it’s as if, without the pressures (or shackles, as she saw them) of her label or the distractions of those petty Twitter fights, she’s finally able to return to her real self, Azealia Amanda Banks from the 212. Her lyrics are still smart and reference-heavy, dropping Michael Jackson track titles (“I be ‘P.Y.T.’ / You be ‘Billie Jean'”) and showing her age in the best way: “Buy me Tamagotchi / Sippin’ sake and Mo√ętses.” She’s even kept a bit of the witchy look and attitude she tested out in “#YUNGRAPUNXEL”: “I be in that 750 head up / With that hex witch.” But my favorite lines harken back to that playful sexual confidence we saw three years ago: “I be with that Betty / With that bubble and them breasts / I be looking very / Jiggle Jello in them dresses.”

...Azealia Banks is still only 23, an age where you’re just starting to settle into yourself and get comfortable with your unique talents and style. It feels like she’s finally found it again. So, to borrow the words of Rolling Stone: “More, please!”

FLAVORWIRE: “Heavy Metal and Reflective”: The Goofy, Sexy, Real Azealia Banks of “212” Returns on Her First Post-Interscope Single

Saturday, July 26, 2014




a video.

parties at the disco.

a video.

from asher roth & zz ward.


a video.

starring future.


a video.

starring common & big sean.

pay attention.

starring big k.r.i.t. & rico love.


a video.

starring two chainz.

Friday, July 25, 2014

pull up the people.


for your consideration...

"...Critics complained when the Supreme Court granted companies rights to freedom of speech and religion under the legal fiction that corporations are people. But perhaps this precedent is good news for flesh-and-blood people like you and me (a.k.a. People Classic™).

If companies are claiming the rights and privileges of people, maybe people should start claiming the rights and privileges of corporations. Rights harmonization, in other words, should flow in both directions, since we’re now all indistinguishable, equally protected “persons” — in the court’s eyes, anyway.

... the best perk of being treated like an incorporeal corporation?

Even if you killed someone, stole a house, funded a genocidal regime or terrorize the global economy, you wouldn’t go to jail. At worst, you’d pay a fine. Sure, you could be executed for your crimes — sort of — by having your charter revoked or by being driven to bankruptcy by onerous penalties, but you could always return from the dead with a different name but much of the same DNA. To err is human; to err and bounce back unscathed, you really need to be a company."

THE WASHINGTON POST: Corporations are people. So what if people were corporations?

purple haze.


ROLLING STONE: 'Purple Rain' at 30: Preview the Definitive Book on Prince's Hit Film

what i got.


for your consideration.

"Jonah Ray: I hate Sublime because they represent every asshole I knew in high school in Hawaii. Nothing better than Sublime could have come out for these white dudes who loved reggae that I went to school with. Every white, blond-haired, piece of shit surfer jock guy, when this came out, they were like, “Oh! Now we have a Nirvana.” And they just ate it up. Everywhere you went, there was a white guy with an acoustic guitar singing Sublime songs; I’m sure one of them was Jack Johnson. And you had to deal with these guys who thought that this band was the band. And I’m not going to judge the way people dress or look, but Sublime looks like the Guy Fieri trio. People who like Sublime are probably people who think that Guy Fieri is badass"

THE A.V. CLUB: Jonah Ray on his intense, burning hatred for Sublime’s “What I Got”


SLATE: Jeopardy! Gets Shady: Is Gay Culture Over?


starring m.i.a. & partysquad.

stream here.

fake fur coat.

starring tweedy.

PITCHFORK: Jeff Tweedy Shares "Fake Fur Coat", Performs "High as Hello" and "Summer Noon" on "The Tonight Show"

she know it.

a video.

starring chi hoover & jeremih.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


an ongoing discussion/moment of clarity.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: An Idiot’s Guide to Inequality

meanwhile with mary poppins...

SALON: Mary Poppins, fed up with earning federal minimum wage, is quitting


starring nick jonas.

stream here. 


starring danny brown & rustie.

PASSION OF THE WEISS: Danny Brown & Rustie Attak

magic mountain.

a video.

starring the drums.

the lord's favorite.

a video.

from iceage.

as long as i got you.

a video.

starring lily allen.

i am very very lonely.

a video.

from chance the rapper.

meanwhile with dilpo & madonna....

BILLBOARD: Madonna Re-Records An '80s Classic for Diplo

story 2.

a video.

from clipping. 

share it all.

 starring jessie ware.

FADER: Jessie Ware is Earnest and Open on “Share It All,” Co-written by Romy of The xx

dratch & fey.

starring rachel & tina.

SLATE: Watch Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch’s Two-Woman Show From 15 Years Ago

for your consideration.

FLAVORWIRE: 20 Underrated Pop Albums From the Last 20 Years

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

golden girls.

a (liars) remix.

starring devendra banart.

STEREOGUM: Devendra Banhart – “Golden Girls (LIARS Remix)”


BOUND: The Albums, 2013: 17/Devendra Banhart/Mala

Health. CARE. First. AID.

an ongoing discussion/moment of clarity.


"...the law isn’t done phasing in. It was unrealistic to expect an immaculately functional, well-balanced system at this point in the process, but it is reasonable to expect it to improve in years two and three. Success is contingent on the policy continuing to do what it has done pretty well so far: signing up a lot of people. Next year, the penalties for going without health insurance will come into force, which will help drive up enrollment. Nevertheless, Suderman’s piece is a reminder that the Obama administration has a lot of work left to do to get the system to take — and that Republican state leaders should stop obstructing Obamacare implementation.

 ...the picture so far is one of a big policy finding its footing and working largely within the boundaries of fair expectation.

Those hoping that the courts will undo the law’s progress would not see the country saved from a doomed social experiment. They would stunt a far-reaching reform just as it is growing up."

THE WASHINGTON POST: Without Obamacare, what would the country really give up?


with franz ferdinand. 

PITCHFORK: Franz Ferdinand Curate Late Night Tales Mix, Contribute New Cover and Spoken Word Track

planting the seeds of insecurity.

 starring sarah silverman.

PITCHFORK: Sarah Silverman Announces New Album on Sub Pop, We Are Miracles

meanwhile with t.i. & tiny...

wrote a song about you.

a video.

starring MNEK.

fuck, that's delicious.

a new episode.

starring action bronson.

MUNCHIES: Fuck, That’s Delicious: Episode 3

coming attractions.

with bloc party's kele okereke.

STEREOGUM: Bloc Party’s Kele Announces New Solo Album Trick

come get it bae.

a video.

starring pharrell williams & miley cyrus.