Tuesday, April 21, 2015

withered hand & the ceiling.

 starring thee oh sees.

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god it.

starring de la soul & nas.

STEREOGUM: De La Soul – “God It” (Feat. Nas)


a video.

from raury & malik shakur.

wet dreamz.

a video.

starring j. cole.

ric flair.

a video.

starring killer mike.


 a video.

from rick ross & snoop.


a video.

starring lil wayne.

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sandwich and a soda.

a video.

starring tamia.

constantly hating.

a video.

starring young thug & birdman.

the sky behind the flag.

a video.

from owen pallett.


 with jenny lewis & the late late show with james corden.

inside out.

a spoon cover.

starring justin vernon.

PITCHFORK: Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Covers Spoon's "Inside Out"

uma thurman.

a video.

from fall out boy.

me u and hennessy.

a video.

starring dej loaf.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

a moment of clarity.

an ongoing discussion.


"It is just preposterous that in 2015 we have to be in the business of insisting that Black Lives Matter. It ought not to be necessary to say that the relative invisibility of black suffering and the racially oppressive character of our institutions, especially as they face the black poor, are huge problems. But it is necessary, alas. And surely one of the greatest scandals in the world today is the fact that the “home of the free” has more people incarcerated per capita than any other nation — O.K., except the Seychelles islands — and while less than half of our prisoners are (non-Hispanic) blacks, you’ve got to believe that the general indifference to this vast prison population has something to do with its racial composition.

What kind of person would want to live in a society where half the male population has been arrested at least once by the time they’re in their mid-20s, which is the situation for African America? (Actually, what kind of country has arrested more than a third of its male population of any race by that age?) I think the general tolerance for the level of poverty in this very rich country is probably connected with the association of poverty with black people as well. So, as Du Bois pointed out a long time ago, among the victims of American racism are many of the white poor. My blood pressure literally rises in indignation whenever I think about the depraved indifference of too many of our politicians and too much of our media to these problems. I’ve argued (in “The Honor Code”) that patriotism is above all about having a stake in the honor of your country. So let me put it this way: On these questions, we Americans should be ashamed of ourselves."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Kwame Anthony Appiah: The Complexities of Black Folk


thought at work. 

deja vu.

starring giorgio moroder & sia.

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true survivor.

a video.

starring david hasselhoff.

THE DAILY BEAST: David Hasselhoff's New Video is Bonkers

the chemicals.

 a video.

from garbage.

PURE VOLUME: WATCH: Garbage Share "The Chemicals" Video

bullet proof soul + no way out of here.

sade covers.

starring sam beam & ben bridwell.

PITCHFORK: Iron & Wine and Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell Do "Letterman", Share Sade Cover

american oxygen.

a video.

starring rihanna.


starring e-40, dam-funk, & ariel pink.


PITCHFORK: Crystal Castles Aren't Dead, Return With "Frail"


a video.

starring ariel pink.

high up (take me to the top).

starring peter bjorn & john.

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