Monday, March 30, 2015

a moment of clarity.


"...major presidential candidates of both parties are aligned in their commitment to blocking the United States government from enacting any policies that would lead to a diminution of the wealth of the very rich and a consequent increase in the wealth of the middle and lower classes. Whether you vote for a Democrat or for a Republican, you, the top 0.1% of America's wealthy, can rest assured that your candidate of choice will voice soothing platitudes about the grave importance of economic inequality as an issue while simultaneously standing in the way of any attempt to pass a law that might negatively impact the net worth of you, The Real Ruling Class.

...America's economic inequality problem will not go away unless acted upon with force. The past 30 years have demonstrated that. Deregulation and lower taxes are the very things that got us here in the first place. Through good economies and bad, inequality has risen. To change that means cutting the share of the pie held by the rich. It cannot be accomplished simply by economic growth. Any presidential candidate who implies anything different is taking you for a sucker, while winking at their moneyed supporters on the sidelines..."

GAWKER: There Are No Candidates For the Middle Class


drum + fife.

a video.

from smashing pumpkins.

can't deny my love.

 a video.

starring brandon flowers.

what for?

an album stream.

starring toro y moi.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

ridin dirty.

with mariah carey & james corden.

loud places.

a video.

from jamie xx & romy.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

change is everything.

starring son lux.

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the ol' river gang.

 starring pfarmers.

PITCHFORK: The National and Menomena Members Team Up as Pfarmers, Announce Debut Album

bitch better have my money.

starring rihanna.

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sleeping beautiful.

a video.

starring t-pain.

wonder woman.

a video.

starring lion babe.

lifted up (1985).

a video.

from passion pit.

close your eyes.


december twenty-third, two thousand fourteen.

dude... incredible. : the albums, 2014. 

03/run the jewels/run the jewels 2

what do you see when you look at me? answers may vary, but there's one answer I know you're thinking of that you want to say but won't, or aren't sure you should: my black skin. there's so much more to me than that, of course, but for many, particularly those of differing races and ethnicities, that's all I am, will be, and you'll allow me to be defined by. including those who write the rules, make the laws, and are allowed to enforce them however they see fit. i am not allowed to be different, and i am not allowed to be nuanced. and i am not, more than anything, to get upset, make a scene, or raise my voice over this. i should, to those eyes, accept this and be content. "that's just the way it is", said 2014 over and over and over again to we black american males.

now, when shit hits the fan or seems to be heading towards the apocalypse, we aren't as quick to just toss up our hands and say "well, fuck it. it is what it is" as one might think. more often than not we seek answers and change, or rise up with fists. we march. we shout. we protest. cause it ain't gotta be like this, ain't supposed to be like this. we deserve better and can do better. america can do better. some take to the streets, some put a pen to the page, and others put it in a song or two or eleven, as mikey and jaime have done here with the much heralded (and rightly so) rap album of the year that is run the jewels two.

run the jewels two is the sound of not backing down. run the jewels two is the sound of doing you, and doing me, and not dialing anything back to make you feel more comfortable, or not disrupt the status quo. it is brash, direct, and confrontational, with little or no room for fuckboys and their fuckboy ways (lying politicians, limiting institutions, your preconceived notions about who i, them, their, or our people are or may be). it is realness and hip-hop personified. it lets you ride along, never once asking you to keep up, just assuming that you will. fuck a slow mo, they killing them for freedom cause they torture us for boredom, and time is of the essence. urgency. the times demand it and need it. need this. this dropping of knowledge and unabashed braggadocio. this coming together of the minds, of cultures, of ethnicities.

it is different and nuanced; upset, raising its voice and making a scene. they march. they shout. they protest. cause it ain't supposed to be like this, and their voices won't be stifled. cause we can do better. america can do better. and it knows better. and mike and el-p refuse to shut up or take it down a notch until you get the fucking point, and realize that they and we too are as american as apple pie, and ain't going anywhere. and in 2014, it was something that needed to be said, heard, and recognized over and over and over again. wash, rinse, and repeat into the future. it's what they want, and what we need. the times demand it.  
KEY TRACKS: jeopardy/early/all due respect

run the jewels + zach de la rocha.

close your eyes (and count to fuck).

a video. 

PITCHFORK: Run the Jewels and Zack De La Rocha's "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)" Video Is a Battle Between Cop and Unarmed Black Man


dude... incredible. : the songs, 2014: 04/run the jewels feat. zack de la rocha/close your eyes (and count to fuck)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ratchet commandments.

a video.

starring tink.

call ya bluff.

a video.

starring ludacris.


a video.

from unknown mortal orchestra.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


destiny's child.

when i was done dying.

a video.

from dan deacon.

PITCHFORK: Dan Deacon Shares "When I Was Done Dying" Animated Video

wait a minute.

a video.

from tUnE-yArDs.


a video.

starring jmsn.

sail away.

starring brian wilson, blondie chaplin, & al jardine.

ROLLING STONE: Hear Brian Wilson's Sunny New Song 'Sail Away'