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"Honestly, I was surprised that that video was that shocking because we don't see anything: We don't see any pubes hair, we don't see any tits almost, they don't do anything wrong. We're all here on Earth because our parents they make sex, right? So, I don't get it. I mean, porn for me is when people are killing each other. You go to see a movie, we see blood everywhere, but we never see a dick or a pair of tits. We are here because people fuck, so, we should be proud of the fucking thing."- Jean-Baptiste Mondino

ROLLING STONE: Express Yourself: The Making of Madonna's 20 Greatest Music Videos

morning benders.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

dope walk.

a video.

from a$ap ferg.

ROLLING STONE: Watch A$AP Ferg Teach Haim, Cara Delevingne How to 'Dope Walk'

blind threats.

a moment of clarity. 


"...For years, ideological extremism fuelled by organized money has degraded our political system, and that brings troubles as serious and lasting as external threats—which are serious enough, and all the harder to confront intelligently in an atmosphere like the one that prevails in Washington. These internal forces have steadily weakened the defenses of the body politic, leaving a demoralized federal work force, a routinization of poor working conditions and inadequate services, a strategy of total war on every issue that comes before Congress, and a national government that is the last place you’d look to for solutions to the country’s most corrosive problems.

...McConnell appears to be looking for an escape from his own trap. So are some of the leading Republican Presidential contenders. But it won’t be easy for even the most moderate of them to find a way out of their party’s forty-year journey into the badlands of the extreme right. They’ve found power there for so long, in so many elections, that when the time comes the riders might discover that their horses are unwilling to turn back. You can’t spend decades encouraging irrationality and ignorance, then declare a return to sanity when it’s convenient. The price lasts longer than an election cycle."

THE NEW YORKER: Threats to Homeland Security


FILE UNDER: Coming Attractions.

"Action Bronson has released an album trailer for Mr. Wonderful, out March 24. It parodies the "You Got the Touch" scene from Boogie Nights and stars "The Adventures of Pete & Pete"/Grand Theft Auto V star Danny Tamberelli and frequent Bronson collaborator Party Supplies." 

PITCHFORK: Action Bronson and "Pete & Pete" Star Danny Tamberelli Take on Boogie Nights


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

california nights.

a video.

from best coast.

nothing without love.

a video.

starring nate ruess.

dark sky (skyscapers).

a video.

starring big sean. 

falling apart.

a video.

from emile haynie, andrew wyatt, & brian wilson.