Friday, October 24, 2014


an interlude.

the feast and the famine.

starring the foo fighters.

let me know.

a video.

from tamar braxton and future.

dear john.

a video.

from mc lyte, common, & 10beats.

Thursday, October 23, 2014



talk about.

starring les sins. 

PITCHFORK: Toro Y Moi's Les Sins Project Shares "Talk About"

for your consideration...

bette midler.


a tlc cover.

SLATE: This Is What Bette Midler Covering TLC’s “Waterfalls” Sounds Like

death grips.


"...what the events in Keene suggest is that white folks often test the bounds and limits of public decency and order with little long-term reprisal. There were some arrests, and some tear gas. But no dead bodies. No stigma about white anger. No come to Jesus meetings about White America’s problem children. No public discourse about these “menaces to society.” As many commentators on Twitter pointed out, there’ll be no articles about the absence of white leadership, or about how white folks just need to learn respect for public property.

 ...This isn’t just about civility. This is, as are most things in this country, about stark and disparate forms of racial treatment. This is about the ways that white threat is largely illegible as “threat.” This is about the fact that a band of wild, drunken black college kids could not have turned over cars, threatened old people, and shouted about killing the cops and lived.

For instance, this is also black college homecoming season, and my alma mater Howard University canceled the annual free concert at the legendary Yard Fest this year, because there were a few issues with crowd control last year. The Yard Fest is the stuff of hip-hop legend, and it is the annual event that most alumni look most forward to participating in. But as a federally funded entity, Howard is hypervigilant about making sure campus events are models of black respectability. It cannot afford the public scrutiny if the event were to devolve into a cabal like that which occurred at Keene. So it canceled a portion of the event beloved by all of us, because any appreciable amount of black unruliness could be met with an unfavorable and devastating federal response.

It is an institutional example of how powerful systems of white supremacy are, how much those systems hold everyone from the most venerable black institutions to the most vulnerable black youth in their death grips..."

SALON: White menaces to society: Keene State and the danger of young drunk white men

mr. noah.

a video.

from panda bear.

PITCHFORK: Panda Bear Announces Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, Shares "Mr Noah", EP Out Now

right now.

a video.

starring mary j. blige.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014


with the flaming lips.

NPR MUSIC: First Listen: The Flaming Lips, 'With A Little Help From My Fwends'

baby don't lie.

starring gwen stefani.

elvis' flaming star.

a video.

from pond.

PITCHFORK: Tame Impala Offshoot Pond Announce Man It Feels Like Space Again, Share "Elvis' Flaming Star" Video

my desire.

a video.

from interpol.


a remix.

starring freddie gibbs, madlib, action bronson, joey bada$$, & ransom.

stream here.

bury our friends.

 starring sleater-kinney.

PITCHFORK: Sleater-Kinney Return! New Album No Cities to Love! 2015 Tour! "Bury Our Friends" Lyric Video!


a short film.

starring fka twigs & google glass.

PITCHFORK: FKA twigs Uses Google Glass to Make Short Film #throughglass


 a video.

from too short.

meet me halfway.

a moment of clarity.


"There is something distasteful about the idea of measuring politics in terms of percentages. It carries the whiff of a quota system and suggests that one’s interests can be adequately represented only by a kind of political color co√∂rdination. Yet nearly a century after the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, and forty-nine years after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, it remains true that the groups that travelled the most difficult route to enfranchisement are the most underrepresented at every level of government.

 ...Conversations about the shifting demographics of the country have presumed that these changes will be reflected in our politics. We need look no further than Congress to recognize that there may be strength in numbers, but numbers alone do not automatically translate into strength."

THE NEW YORKER: Voting by Numbers

being biege.

starring the smashing pumpkins.

ROLLING STONE: Hear Smashing Pumpkins' Rousing New 'Being Beige'

Friday, October 17, 2014


a video for girl talk, a$ap ferg, and freeway.

from lisa ramsey.

PITCHFORK: Girl Talk, Freeway, A$AP Ferg Are Bizarro "Simpsons" Characters in "Suicide" Video


starring badbadnotgood, ghostface killah, & elzhi.

PITCHFORK: BADBADNOTGOOD Announces Sour Soul, New Album Featuring Ghostface Killah on Every Track


a video.

from fall out boy.

something from nothing.

starring the foo fighters. 

STEREOGUM: Foo Fighters – “Something From Nothing”

building it still.

 starring james blake.

STEREOGUM: James Blake – “Building It Still”

citizen cope.


"Citizen is not about systemic racism or police brutality — not directly. It instead charts the accumulation of racist moments in the lives of black citizens, and how these moments, over time, express themselves on black bodies. It also considers what is possible for black life — what can be seen, said, heard, tasted, or smelled — when its only options are invisibility or hypervisibility in a white world. With the turn of each page, it burns the reader with terrible intimations of racial hatred delivered in prose stanzas that appear to have been cut with a razor. It is simple, like a bruise.

 ...More than that: it demands to be read and discussed now, in the current moment, when, in Ferguson and elsewhere, the daily struggles of black life are being thrown onto a background that is all too white."

FLAVORWIRE: Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen’ Should Win the National Book Award for Poetry