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"...let me be the first to say: it’s not the students’ fault. These serial tantrums are direct results of our Everybody Gets a Trophy culture and an educational system that, for the most part, no longer teaches a core curriculum, including history, government and the Bill of Rights.

The students simply don’t know any better.

This isn’t necessarily to excuse them. Everyone has a choice whether to ignore a perceived slight — or to form a posse. But as with any problem, it helps to understand its source. The disease, I fear, was auto-induced with the zealous pampering of the American child that began a few decades ago.

...this is also not to diminish the pain of racism (or sexism, ageism, blondism or whatever -ism gets one’s tear ducts moistened). But nothing reported on campuses the past several weeks rises to the level of the coerced resignations of a university chancellor and president.

...Someone certainly deserves a spanking — or psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud had plenty to say about people who play with the products of their alimentary canal.

But do such events mean that students have been neglected, as protesters have charged? Or that the school tolerates racism?..."

THE WASHINGTON POST: For thin-skinned students, we have nobody to blame but ourselves

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PITCHFORK: Ciara Drops "Special Edition" and "Oh Baby"

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"Imagine this scenario: a crowd of largely white people takes to the streets in a town near you, demanding an end to Islamist terrorism. A group of militants waving ISIS banners turns up to harass the protesters, and when the protesters attempt to usher them away, the militants open fire, injuring five people. What do you think the media would call the people doing the shooting?

... in America, black people are a minority by any conceivable measure. White people surpass them in terms of numbers, income, health, and pretty much any other metric you can think of. The asymmetry of power is absolute. (As Ghostface Killah once put it on GZA’s “Investigative Reports,” “Aim at the white shadows with big barrels/ They used guns while we angrily shot arrows.”) And yet, because it’s the relatively powerless who are the victims of terror, the word is never used.

So let’s be honest: white supremacists who shoot up a Black Lives Matter rally are terrorists, plain and simple. But that’s not all they are. They’re de facto instruments of a state that has inflicted a similar terror for generations. If you’re the right sort of person — white, affluent, lucky — America is a great place to live, a nation of opportunity and prosperity. But the structure that supports that state is built on oppression, and that oppression is enforced by systemic terror."

FLAVORWIRE: Why We Don’t — But Should — Call White Supremacist Shooters “Terrorists”

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PITCHFORK: !!! Share Silly "Ooo" Video Directed by "Too Many Cooks" Creator Casper Kelly


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"What I saw playing out on Facebook this weekend was a variation on what Nitsuh Abebe called The Game, in this remarkably prescient essay (it really is compulsory reading if you’ve not come across it before): a sort of moral point-scoring competition, whereby demonstrating that you’re the Better Person is more important than the issue at hand. If you’re arguing that our media should be fairer and more thorough in the way it covers foreign tragedy, you have a point. If you’re implying that your Facebook friends are latently racist or callous or morally inferior for shedding tears over Paris or changing their profile picture to a tricolor, you might just be being an asshole. (I say “might” because there certainly are people who genuinely don’t care about what happens to people who don’t share their race or heritage; fuck those people. Obviously.)

 It’s important to think about why you respond the way you do to the news of another suicide bombing in Iraq, if all you do is sigh and turn the page — especially given the extent to which that the deaths of those people are directly connected to the actions of the US and other Western governments. It’s important to remember that politicians and corporations are well aware of the existence of compassion fatigue, and that they use it to expedite policies we might find unconscionable if they were directed at those we hold dear. It’s important to think about how the current state of Africa and the Middle East is, in many ways, a whole lot of postcolonial chickens coming home to roost — and about how colonialism as a whole is enabled by the very fact that people don’t have as much empathy for the suffering of those on foreign shores as they do for people at home.

It’s important to think about why ISIS exists, and why. And it’s important to discuss these things. It’s important to use your brain, because its capacity is far larger than that of your heart. Sadly, those playing The Game on social media are doing neither..."

FLAVORWIRE: We Need to Put More Thought — and Less Shame — Into Our Conversations About Paris and Beirut on Social Media