Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hold up, wait a minute!

DJ Clue! New Radiohead! EAAA!

  • LAIST: The Greatest News In the History Of the World!!!
  • It's Britney bitch!

    I just want to send a Big Ups towards Britney Spears' way. This song, presented above, is currently number one on the Itunes singles charts, proving that I'm not the only one secretly playing this song way more than I should.

    Hip-Hop is dead?

    Ain't no party like a Spank Rock party cause a Spank Rock party don't stop!

    There was a lot to take in at yesterday's Neighborhood Festival at Exposition Park. Some good [Steve Aoki, DJ Am, and Chromeo's all too brief set]; Some bad [Mickey Avalon's "I know people therefore I will go on right before the headliners, though I don't deserve to" set. More on that later]; And some merely okay [Har Mar Superstar and Flosstradmus' repeat performance from their Echoplex show a few weeks back].

    And then there was that one act who stole the show. One act that I will from this day forward stan for like it's my motherfucking job. Yes, I'm talking about Spank Rock, Santo Gold, and Amanda Blank.

    I can count the number of great Hip-Hop acts I have seen live on one hand, and in each case the shows were well worth the price of admission: Mos Def at Bowdoin College, Busta Rhymes at the Area 2 tour, various Roots shows, and that one Smoking Grooves tour with Cee-Lo, Outkast, Raphael Saddiq and I forget who else from a few years back. But 9 times out of 10, I ain't got time for a rap show. I ain't got time for hypemen, weed carriers, and attractive chicks from around the way populating the stage. Or a rapper who chooses to shout at me and overextend himself midway through his set. Now don't get me wrong, I know not all rap shows run like this, but too often they do and that's why I stick to the CD and call it a day.

    But not with Spank Rock and their cronies. These voices need to be heard, both live and on wax. Though they stood on a stage in the middle of Exposition Park, the vibe and presentation of the show felt less like an outdoor festival, and more like a late 70's basement party in the South Bronx. [Their attire, straight out of those Jada Pinkett episodes of A Different World definitely aided in giving off that vibe as well.] Taking their time riding the beat, tinkering with what one would consider hip-hop music while pushing the vocals and lyrics forward, the fellas Spank, Amanda Blank, and Santo Gold moved with the strength of ten men, resulting in a show that engaged the audience, and came off way more intimate than it probably intended to. And best of all, it didn't take itself too seriously. Cause ain't nothing wrong with having a sense of humor.

    The only downside to their set was its placement and its lenghth. Same goes for Chromeo. Chromeo - Spank Rock- The Faint. Not too bad right? Instead just when I was getting my groove back, Chromeo's feel good set came to an end [I swear P-Thugg's and Dave 1's stage presence and performance gets better each and every time]. And after nearly losing myself to Spank Rock's and Amanda Blank's Bump, BAM! GAME OVER. Time for Mickey Avalon, who, I kid you not, could not get me to move my feet. And I'm not one of those people who hate on Mickey Avalon just to hate on Mickey Avalon. I just wasn't feeling it, unlike the large crowd swallowing his every word, or the guy next to me who was literally shouting every lyric and calling out for MY DICK at the end of every song. I peaced out to the bathroom after song three [thankfully he had yet to strip and get his simulated fuck on with a female dancer] and then said 'Fuck it' and called it a night.

    Damn. I kind of wanted to see The Faint's set.

    Oh well.

    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Teddy. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    So a few weeks back I went to this Chromeo show right, and this DJ'ng duo opened for them, Flosstradamus might have been there name now that I think about it, and boy did they have me at hello. For a good 45 minutes or so, their set was full of all the great commercial and underground hip-hop of my adolescence. Yes, for a minute we were all partying like it was 1993- 1999. And right now, as I sit here with my cup of joe and fresh new line up courtesy of the barber, getting amped for today's Neighborhood Fest in Exposition Park, I hope, no pray that Mr. Am, Spank Rock, Flosstradamus, Young Americans and a few others come with it, and help me shake my rump like it's 1993-1999 all over again.

    Trust me, it ain't that hard.




    Bonus -grab yo'self a drank and cool off slow jam -Track



  • Big Ups Teddy Riley!
  • SANTA is coming to the ghetto!

    FILE UNDER: New flava in ya ear!

    Yes, he and a few hundred hipsters. I can't wait.

  • Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Bitch
  • Thursday, September 27, 2007

    New flava in ya ear!


    Kanye this. 50 Cent that. Boy am I glad that's all over. People acting like that's the only Tuesday a CD gets released and shit. What about September 25th? As in this past Tuesday. I was fortunate enough to scoop up not one, not two, but three stellar long players. Devendra Banhart's Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, Iron and Wine's The Shepherd's Dog, and Jill Scott's The Real Thing - Words and Sounds, Vol. 3. Now no disrespect to Mr. Beam or Ms. Scott, but I was oh so excited to "bump" that new Banhart disc on the way to work Wednesday morning. Imagine my dismay when I went to press play on Smokey Rolls... and all I had was track one. One mothafucking track. Way to go on that one Tauwan. Could have sworn that I imported the entire disc. It's all good. Got the other two. One of them being, as stated before, a new disc from Ms. Jill Scott.

    Now when I first played this disc I paid little to no attention to it. I was preparing work clothes, attempting workouts, etc, etc. But some songs did stick. Hate On Me is a constant go to already [and provides the soundtrack to my myspace page]; How You Feel is just all sorts of Chaka Khan like goodness, with a little bit of Erykah's Worldwide Underground thrown in the mix. And don't even get me started on the all too brief poetic justice that is Crown Royal.

    But right now, the song that really grips me and reminds me why you, me, and Dupri need to pay attention to Ms. Scott when she opens her mouth [and why we all fell in love with her in the first place]is Epiphany. Scat rap like spoken word; coasting, soulful vocals; vivid, beautiful imagery that pours into your ear and into your mind. It's sexy, it's grown, it's rough, it's genuine, it's, it's...real. The truth even. Act like you know. Can't wait to see her at the House of Blues in a few weeks. [Big ups Brandon and Inez. Y'all know what this is!]

    Love rain down on me indeed. Still can't believe Scott Storch produced this track!

    To the left, to the left!

    Today's post is brought to you by the courtesy of the red, white, and blue!

    I had made my decision. It was official. The start of today's ride home would be soundtracked by Justin Timberlake's Futuresex/Lovesounds, Side 2. I would start with Summer Love and let it play til the end. No Sexyback, no What Goes Around Comes Around; Nope. I was in the mood for what the latter half of his disc had to offer. Out I go. Day is done. Feels good. Thursday has come to an end, and after tomorrow so will another work week. Wow. Where did this week go? Whatever. Let's just get away from the Westside. Walk towards the crosswalk. Thumb going round and round, head glued to the screen, not looking up, only looking down. F. Futuresex/Lovesounds. Select. Thumb goes round and round. Bam. Summer Love. iPod goes in pocket, head goes up. The intersection of Olympic and Bundy is its usual gridlocked mess and it's my turn to cross the street. Only my path is blocked. And why wouldn't it be? It's one of those situations where people make sure they get through that arrow the traffic light gave them, even if it blocks the folks who are trying to go in the other direction as they sit and wait on the world to change. Well what do we have here? Young couple. Caucasian. White truck. Male and female. Male just so happens to be behind the wheel. He's bald. In the back of the truck sits a tiny flagpole. Attached to said flagpole: a large Confederate Flag blowing in the wind. Where am I again? Look up. Oh yeah, Olympic and Bundy. On the Westside. On the outskirts of Santa Monica. Right. Almost forgot. Because traffic is not moving, this truck sits in the crosswalk, just the tip, meaning I would have to walk in front of it. Yeah...I think I'll take the north/south route and pass on that one. There's always another light, and hey, a brotha can wait.


  • Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Return. of the MACK!

    This is why you don't write your phone number on the back of a utility bill on a bus...

    "I'm thirsty. I need something to drink. Y'all want anything?"

    And with that I was off in search of a thirst quencher to cure what ailed me; thirst brought on by a massive hangover that was still wreaking havoc at six in the evening.

    Damn. Walgreens is closed. Whatever. They gon be a minute in Old Navy so I'll cross the street and hit up this Chevron.

    Phone vibrates.

    I guess I am taking more time than I thought I was. A missed call and a text with the phone number in it. Damn.

    I better hurry the fuck up with them drinks so we can get outta Hollywood and get some grub.

    But wait.

    This missed call is foreign. If the call was from either of them I would have read their name in the screen of my phone, not all these digits. Wonder who this could be?





    -A little more clarity-

    "Uh...yeah. You just called my phone."
    "Oh hey what up man it's ___________. I got your number on the bus."
    "Oh. Oh hey. "


    "So yeah man I take photography at LACC, but I am really interested in documentary film...But I do pictures for the most part. I contacted you cause you have a beautiful look man...Do you model?...Or act?"
    -"Uh. Thanks...Nah. Nah. I mean I did a little singing and dancing in college."



    "Aww man. Really? What kind?"
    "Well I've dabbled in modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop..."

    -This is the part where I imagined his eyes lit up and he grinned from ear to ear-

    "Oh okay...See I'm trying to do this music thang you know...I take pictures but I am really interested in documentary cinema and I want to do this jazz piece you know, but with like real erotic movements."
    "Oh. So would I have to dance an-"
    "Yeah you know real fluid and lyrical choreography. But I want it to be focused on eroticism [the choreography that is]."
    "So this movement, is it choreographed?"
    "That's where you come in. That'll be all up to you. By the way, are you against partial nudity?"
    "Um. I don't know. I mean. I don't know if I would have time to choreograph something, but-"
    "What about thongs?"
    "Um. I don't know. I mean-"
    "And payment? I mean what would you want for this, cause I mean this could also be good for and your career, and I don't want to you know, cheat you or anything."
    "Aww man I don't know. That's in your hands. You come up with something."


    "You got a DVD player?... Are you free tonight or tomorrow? We could get together and I could show you some of my stuff."
    "Umm. Yeah. I don't know. I'm actually at dinner right now [Actually I am in front of a gas station debating whether I want a Coke or a Sunkist, but that's none of his goddamn business], so, uh, can I call you back later on tonight after dinner or something." [Yeah, yeah. That works]
    "Yeah. I'll be here. This number, it ain't got no answering service, but I'll be here all night, so if you call I'll get it." [What does that even mean?]

    Whatever. I got a Sunkist to drink. I ain't got no time for erotic jazz movements and thongs.

    Sunday, September 23, 2007

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Jermaine. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    File Under: Big Ups Jermaine Dupri.

    1: Happy 35th Birthday to the man who's bedding Janet, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty, every single night.

    2: Yes, I bought this album way back in 1998*, and I still own it.

    3: This song still knocks, nearly ten years later. AND

    4: Play it right now, [I dare you] I bet I still know all the words.

    *Can we take minute to acknowledge how great 1998 was for this strictly commercial hip-hop and R&B music fan? [at the time] Check it out:

    -The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
    -Make It Hot - Nicole
    -Enter the Dru - Dru Hill
    -Kima, Keisha & Pam - Total
    -Never Say Never - Brandy
    -My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston
    -The Boy is Mine - Monica
    -Destiny's Child - Destiny's Child
    - Traces of My Lipstick by Xscape
    -R. - R.Kelly
    -E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front - Busta Rhymes
    -Mya - Mya
    -Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life - Jay-Z

    I say, I say, HOT DAMN!

    It was all a dream?

    Groove is in the heart.

    Check yo ponytail! Diplo/Switch. The Echoplex. 9/21/07. Los Angeles.

    See that kid presented above. See those glasses. See that chocolate skin color. See that fitted cap. If you just so happened to be at the Echoplex for Diplo's set this past Friday, then this guy presented above may look a little familiar to you. Especially if you caught the part where he bit the dust and nearly lost his left shoe for all the world to see.


    And here's another hit...

    Barry Bonds!

    "...he [Kanye West] invests so much of himself into his music, he makes us want to invest in it, makes even this record’s numerous missteps damnably interesting. I’ve listened to “Drunk and Hot Girls” a dozen times: damn Kanye for that. He’s as much a devil as he is Jesus, offering temptation as much as he does truth, self-serving coercion and boasting entwined with self-effacing confession and doubt; though we’re on the receiving end of this message, most of us aren’t much different. Check any song here and you see how Kanye realizes this. As bad as Graduation can often get, it’s constantly compelling in how it splays the conflicted makings of its maker."

    Say it again brotha. Say it again...

  • COKEMACHINEGLOW: Graduation [review]

  • BONUS:

  • Barry Bonds - Kanye West feat Lil Wayne
  • The Truth.

    I, I, I don't know what to say. Seriously. I did NOT see that coming. My jaw literally dropped when they began to get all CATS wit dat Soulja Boy in their living room (?).[ living room/bedroom (?), mutli-purpose room.] Just watch for yourselves.

    Alvin Ailey would be proud.

    Spotted at
  • Crunk + Disorderly.
  • New flava in ya ear!

    Get your back up off the wall! Dance! Come on!

    Yeah, this is a good song, but I would post it regardless of whether or not it was good, just so you all could be in on the glory that is that song title.

  • PITCHFORK: Black Kids: "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You" [MP3/Stream]
  • Uh huh. Her.



    PJ Harvey.

    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Play that beat!

    Believe me, I adore playing an old school hit like nobody's business, but sometimes there's nothing better than putting on one of your favorite long players, enjoying it for what it is: a tip-top, start to finish "headphone masterpiece".

    2004 was a bad year for R&B. Albums by artists within the genre were either too generic, overblown, or over-hyped. Aside from a few ass shaking, head nodding singles, nothing was original or completely satisfying. And then in August Jill Scott came back with her much anticipated sophomore album Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2. For those of you who don't know, Jill Scott is a welcome breath of fresh air in the R&B field. Armed with classic soul-laced vocals and a taste for lush melodies, jazz scats, and lyrics on love that sound neither trite nor old, Scott takes you to a time when Minnie Rippertons, Gladys Knights, and Roberta Flacks ruled the airwaves. Another artist who succeeds in reminding you of the past while moving beyond it.
    Key Tracks: My Petition, The Fact Is (I Need You), Golden

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Tauwan Patterson. Unabashed Busta Rhymes fan since 1997.

    Headline of the Night!

    Don't sleep. This disc still knocks.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: Albums Still Rock

  • Damn straight. And off the top of my head, I can think of two other reasons why, [along with that stellar disc presented above] in 2007, the album is not dead:


    Hostile Gospel (Deliver Us).

    File Under: A Moment of Clarity

    "Tauwan, you gotta wear black today."

    "What? Oh, for the Jena 6?"


    "Fuck ain't none of my black clothes ironed...."

    Just another Thursday morning. I got the undershirt on, but I'm still rocking the pajama shorts. Water's boiling, blinds been turned to let the sun shine in, and the paper has moved from the front lawn to the middle of the kitchen table. Just another gorgeous morning in Southern California.

    It was supposed to rain.

    The sun is out, [slightly], but it ain't chilly. [yet] I'll rock my Black cardigan just in case. Add a little warmth and show a little solidarity. Just another sunny day in Los Angeles.

    And I'm in a good mood as I walk through these streets that make up the region they call South Central to the bus stop to get to that job on the Westside.

    Talib's playing in the ear. Cousin Lil Bro put it in his car after much hype from me about how bangin it is. He was finally convinced one day as Hot Thing blasted through the house, prompting him to inquire "yo who this is?" after he realized that he was feeling whatever was reverberating through the house for a good ten, fifteen minutes.

    "What you think about that Talib Kweli?"

    "Oh it's tight. Definitely feelin it."

    Had to put it on.

    And as I approached my stop with the rest of the early morning commuters, the clouds began to part slightly, and the sun provided a little more heat. And all around me, on this corner, that corner, this bus stop, that crosswalk, Black teens and a few Hispanic ones waited for their rides, loaded buses, and walked around, clad in black, making a statement for the Jena 6. And all the while I walked, amazed, smiling brightly, sun shining, rocking my black cardigan, listening to Talib Kweli. This song, presented below, hitting my Ear Drum. It felt so right.

    And it was.

    One love.


  • MSNBC: Jena 6’ protesters rally at Louisiana town
  • Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Before you go any further, I just want to go on the record and say that I did not spend my childhood and adolescent years listening to nothing but Destiny's Childs, 702s, 3lws, Xscapes, SWVs, and the like. I just happened to give them more love than a young black man should have. Word Up![magazine]

    Related [Unfortunately]...

  • IDOLATOR: Ashley Tisdale's Hot Mess Confuses Me To No End

  • I bet Ashley wished she could have at least gotten Mase or Lil Zane on her track.

    New flava in MY ear!

    A few days ago. Six something in the morning. Had to download this track. The chorus and the melody had been in my head for weeks. Gotta download it and put it on the pod before heading out to work.

    Cut to a few weeks back. Mid-afternoon. Hungover. Weekday. Unemployed. MTV Hits. What is this? Can't look away. Quirky little no-nonsense video. [That also hits a little too close to home in some parts] Oh shit. It's them. Completely forgot about em. Still love that debut. And I like this song. Watch it start to finish.

    Cut to a few days ago. Six something in the morning. Had to download this track. The chorus and the melody is stuck in my head. Gotta download it and put it on the pod before heading out to work. Definitely one of my favorite singles of the year. Must check out the rest of the disc.


    When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

    Riddle Me This.

    Shut up and drive girl! DRIVE!

    So I'm online at TicketWeb last night getting me some Diplo and Switch tickets right, and all of a sudden I look up and I see something that just confuses me to know end. Tell me, why in the world is Rihanna performing at the Beverly Hills High School Stadium on October 7th, at 5:30 PM? I thought Umbrella and Good Girl Gone Bad got us away from such shows? Ain't that more We Ride, Music of the Sun territory?

    Whatever. Maybe it's 1996, and said show is taking place at the peach pit, and her name ain't Rihanna, it's Joan Osbourne or Cree Summer trying to break into the music biz [remember that?] or some shit.

    Too cool for school.

    What school? Your school? Who? James Murphy and his LCD Soundsystem.

    Someone Great.

    Get innocuous!

    Still can't believe I passed on Arcade Fire and LCd Soundsystem at the bowl tomorrow. Oh well. We'll always have Diplo and Switch on Friday.

    To the beat of the rhythm of the night!

    Dance until the morning light!

    Oh late Summer/Early Fall 2006. Oh how I yearn for thee. Fresh out of college, still unemployed [though Round One of "Oh shit a nigga is about to be creeping on the come up at MTV!" was about to kick in], and making up for lost times with all the wonderful ladies and gents I call my friends.

    One such night brought three of us to the Troubadour to catch my newfound favorite band [at the time], The Ark. Good tunes, great show, good times had by all. Shortly thereafter there we all stood in the lobby near the merch tables, refusing to call it night, chatting up the Ark's people [including their American, Michael J. Fox channeling manager, who I am sure was hitting on me], and the ladies of Rocket, who put on a fun opening set before the boys in the band took the stage to headline it all.

    And there was also this one guy. He fronted this band. This Los Angeles band. And he was all Los Angeles, twenty-something I am in a band cool, but in a good way. And boy was he funny. And charming. Where the hell was the rest of his band? What was he up to tonight? Can we come too?

    Shortly before losing him to the rhythms of the night, we found out that he was the lead singer of the band known to some of you as the Vacation. Glad to see that that wit and boyish charm he exuded in conversation is still alive and in full force. Or at least common amongst him and his people, as evidenced by that promo poster presented above.

  • LAIST: Flyer of the Week - The Vacation @ The Viper
  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Little known fact #1: For a good week or two if I played Kelly Clarkson's Never Again, this song had to be played immediately afterwards.

    Little know fact #2: I bought this album.


    Don't look at me like that!

    Play that beat!

    Believe me, I adore playing an old school hit like nobody's business, but sometimes there's nothing better than putting on one of your favorite long players, enjoying it for what it is: a tip-top, start to finish "headphone masterpiece".

    Kanye West. He talks a lot of shit, but he can back it up.

    I realized this last Wednesday morning, September 12th, heading westward (ho! - God I miss Westside Connection) and Graduation came to an end. 51 minutes. 13 tracks. My iPod? Hovering somewhere near 7000 on the song tip. And what do I do? I go back and play it again. Start to finish.

    And it's been like that for a minute now. Something keeps calling me back and in I go, pressing play. Do I love it more than his previous two efforts? No. Do I think it's the album of the year masterpiece many are proclaiming it to be? Torn.* But I keep coming back, letting it grow. And grow it has. Granted I still don't care much for the last three tracks, though I gotta show some love for the intro of The Glory where Kanye sings along for a couple seconds as the sample coos too, as if caught on tape is the moment Kanye put two and two together, not sure of where he was going, but sure that this shit, this shit right here? Straight fire baby.

    Yeah not much to say about those last tracks. Homecoming can go completely. [Seriously what's with hip-hop and Chris Martin?] And I respect the heartfelt sentiment rarely seen in hip-hop with Big Brother, but I'd be lying if I were to sit here and tell you that I go back to this track constantly.

    But one thing I can't lie about? The three tracks that come before The Glory; the one two punch of Everything I Am [imagined if this closed the album. Seriously think about that one for a moment], Flashing Lights, and of course, for some strange reason one of my favorite songs on the album, the Can sampling, haunting diatribe that is Drunk and Hot Girls featuring Mos Def.

    I had been curious about this track from the get go because it featured Mos, but get this: the boy ain't rapping. And this was music to my ears. In fact, the first time I played Drunk and Hot Girls I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to hear Mos croon, for you see I am one of the few people who enjoys a good Mos track where rapping takes a backseat to him getting his Marvin Gaye on. That's why I have no problem waxing poetic about The New Danger, an album that got put back into rotation thanks to Kanye's Drunk and Hot Girls.

    It's been a minute since we last heard from Mos. One of hip-hop's finest MC's has allowed himself to become preoccupied by movies and side projects with his budding rock group (Black Jack Johnson). Well, the wait was finally over three years ago, and we listeners were greeted with this: a slow grooving, balls to the wall experiment in rock and hip-hop. Before this album was released, Mos hoped to release a Black Jack Johnson disc, but said disc never came to light. For a large portion of this album it feels as if this could be a Black Jack Johnson disc with Mos Def at the helm. With Black Jack Johson uhh, backing him, Mos is able to accomplish something he hinted at on Black on Both Sides with the hugely popular single “Umi Says”: croon.

    And the tracks on which he sings rather than raps actually turn out to be some of the best on the album—the New Orleans jazz-funk-soul of "Black Jack", the slow moving Marvin Gaye-esque “Modern Marvel”, and the all out sing till my lungs get sore passion of “The Beggar”. Don't get me wrong, this is a Mos Def disc, so he allows himself to shine on such raps as the biting state of hip-hop today/take on Jay-Z's The Takeover entitled "Rape Over", the aesthetically pleasing “Sex, Love, Money” (complete with horns and jazz flutes), and the old school throwback “Sunshine,” produced by the then new master of soul himself, Mr. Kanye West. Mos may have drifted away from the hardcore underground grit that his fans clamored for and expected, but it's a move that should warranted few if any complaints.
    Key Tracks: Ghetto Rock, Sex, Love and Money, Black Jack

    *Actually I am not torn on that whole album of 2007 thing. I already picked my #1 album of the year for 2007, and I doubt anyone will top it before December 31st. And no, it's not M.I.A.'s Kala.


    SIDENOTE: Yo 50, as far my Bigmama goes, you lost. Cousin Lil Bro let her put Curtis in her car and she ain't feeling it yo. She just came over and inspected the artwork and disc for Graduation and in it goes next. I hope she finds it okay or not good at all or else I won't see it again unless I burn it for her. [She still thinks that Whitney Houston double disc Greatest Hits set belongs to her, but it don't]

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    New flava in ya ear!

    Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    I'm not gonna lie. Shortly following the Hot Chip show I went to earlier this summer I was a little disappointed. Sure I was a sweaty mess [aren't I always?], wore my sunglasses at night throughout the entire show, and got up on the good foot, but the boys in the band, much to my dismay, played nearly nothing but new tunes. It wasn't until a few days later that I read how the boys got tired of playing the same old tunes they had been playing for years now. Hey if you got new shit, might as well bump it right?

    And now that I think about it. The show did kick ass, despite my pouting about not knowing many of the songs on the set list. One song I did recognize, thanks to the ever helpful world of music blogs, was this gem, which should get your hips quivering for a new Hot Chip album.

    "Let's raise another challis" and get down!

  • Hot Chip - Shake A Fist!

  • Big ups to
  • Discobelle
  • for another hot track and one of the best pics I have ever seen of Hot Chip presented above.

    Me and My Man

    On Friday I bought a book. And I was so excited. Not that I haven't been reading. I read the Los Angeles Times on a daily basis, I am always online, and not a week goes by that I don't read the LA Weekly from start to finish. But books? Boy was I slacking. It took me forever and a day to finish Miranda July's wonderfully exquisite No One Belongs Here More Than You, and that's only because I had gotten to the place where for me, the bathroom was the only place for a person to get his read on. But all that doesn't matter now, cause on Friday I bought a book and it feels good.

    What book you might ask?

    Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush. And get this: I am enjoying it. Look I know it is hard to explain myself as a young black man from the hood, up to no good getting my read on about George W. Bush, but I actually think, arguably, that this man and his presidency is/has been quite interesting. I'm not saying I am shouting my love for him, his beliefs, or politics from the rooftops, but if you tell me that for the span of 500 pages or so give or take, I can sit back and travel with this administration and all its ups and downs from the 1999 New Hampshire primaries all the way up to the present as if I am a fly on the wall... well, why the hell would I not get my read on?

    SIDENOTE: One of the best parts of today occurred around 2:00 PM or so at the intersection of Washington and Western in Los Angeles. Waiting for a bus. Sitting on some makeshift seat. [A hydrant, wall fixture, something practical, but not built for seating] Book up high so anyone can see the book's jacket. Engrossed. Eyes come over the top of the book, and meet up with one half of a well-to-do older looking Caucasian couple walking a dog. [What? Am I in West Hollywood? I'm no racist and/or homophobe [trust me], but they literally just came out of nowhere amidst all the non-Caucasian faces milling about.]

    Anyways, I look up and one half of the couple looks at the book, then looks at me, sternly.

    I look away, I look back.

    He's still staring.


    As if to say, what the hell are you doing reading a book on George W. Bush? You should know better.

    Sucka Free Sunday!

    File Under: MIXTAPE FRIDAYS!!!

    No disrespect ladies. I'm coming from a place of love... LOVE!

    I kind of got a nice "little" theme running through this playlist. See if you can spot it.


    [SIDENOTE: too easy]

    Bonus -grab yo'self a drank and cool off slow jam -Track


    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Oh Word?

    I have never questioned Kanye West's sexuality. It just never crossed my mind.

    And then I watched this:

    Kanye West. Graduation. In stores now!

    B.A.B.Y! M.A.M.A.!

    This goes out ot all my BABYMAMAS! I got love FOR ALL MY BABYMAMAS!

    "All I gotta do is put vaseline on my shoulders and put on some lip gloss and hit the road".-Fantasia Barrino

    Spotted over at
  • Crunk + Disorderly!
  • Quote of the Week!

    What you say nigga? But what about the kids? Will somebody think of the children?

    "Let me say this: That statement about Russell Simmons had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. It had more to do with a disagreement [we had]. I don’t know if the man likes Martians, squirrels or whatever, so I ain’t gonna speak on something that I didn’t see. It’s no gay-bashing with me. It’s just, be proud of what you are, instead of hidin’ in the closet. And if ya fuck boys in the ass, then don’t be tryna fuck with the girls, too, poisoning the pussy population wit’ ya shitty ol’ dirty-ass dick."-Pimp C tells XXLMAG.COM

    Headline of the Day!

    They're watching you!

  • PITCHFORK: Chromeo Collaborating With Hall and Oates!
  • Do it for the kids!

    File Under: A Moment of Clarity.

    "...The truck’s computer has three beat-tracks and 24 songs, all composed in the same monophonic, xylophonic style. The KI team also encourages a cappella performances — an offer taken up enthusiastically by five-year-old Dylan Ever of West Hollywood. Though a karaoke novice, the tiny Ever fearlessly climbs the truck’s industrial-steel stage and, without hesitation or warning, begins to belt out her favorite song, Britney Spears’ '. . . Baby One More Time.' 'She knows every chorus and every verse,' says Nowacek. 'I love it!'..."

    See Britney. This is why you must get yo shit together. If not for yourself, then do it for the kids.

  • LA WEEKLY: Pop Songs (and Popsicles) With a Bullet
  • Riddle Me This.

    They're baaackkk! And I still don't give a fuck.

    So I am over at LAist and I see this:

    Tonight in Rock in LA - Smashing Pumpkins, Kid Rock, Melvins, Doobie Brothers, Scorpions, Lagwagon

    KROQ's LA Invasion: Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, Kid Rock, Chris Cornell, Cypress Hill, Satellite Party, Hot Hot Heat, Against Me, others @ Home Depot Center

    Wow, what a lineup?

    Ay Chico!

    It's funny how a tiny undergraduate school in New England with a largely Caucasian student body could turn a brotha against Reggaeton. But I can mess with this Pitbull remix. Why? Cause in the tenth grade, as a 15 year old boy in Los Angeles, I was the Quinceañera king. Shit I was even one of the chambelánes in the Quinceañera for one of my boy's sisters back in the day. I can totally see the DJ spinning this at a 15th and watching all the drunk adults go bonkers, shouting loudly in Spanish, breaking it down.

  • Hot Chico (Jonas Arbsjö RDS Bump)- Samim vs Pitbull
  • B-O-O-T-A-Y! You ain't got no alibi you ugly!

    Bitch fuck me!

    File Under: New flava in ya ear!

    Uncle Luke would be proud!

  • Spank Rock and Benny Blanco -BOOTAY!

  • Must. Get. Tickets. To. The. Neighborhood Fest.

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    [I be saying] NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    While you be saying YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    This song did not, repeat NOT, need a cover and/or remake. Straight up!

  • PEREZ HILTON: Listen To This: Cold Hearted

  • That is all.

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Ryan. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    Now THIS is how you close an album.

    Ryan Adams.

    Hotel Chelsea Nights.

    And please, I know it's long, but you gotta let this one play. Just coast...


    Fuck bitches....

    Get Money!

    FILE UNDER: New flava in ya ear!

    Make it rain bitches!

  • Stack Paper Up - Born Wit It (Feat. B.O.B)
  • Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Today's video is brought to you by THE BOX.

    As you watch this, make sure you take a little time to peep the videos that were in rotation at the time across the bottom of the screen. Queenpen? OH MY GOD! When's the last time you brought her name up in a conversation?

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Fancy Footwork.

    Quote of the Night!

    That's gangsta!

    Ja Rule. Adorned in the trappings of a Halloween costume my parents would never let me wear Halloween after Halloween.

    "They got my man Doug Morris under fire and @#!*, they got him going down to go speak to Congress about hip-hop lyrics, are you @#*$ing serious?" Ja said. "There's a f--king black kid right now about to get 25 years for having a fight with some white kids over hanging the nooses over the white tree, let's get to that. Let's get into sh-t like that, because that's what's tearing up America, not me calling a woman a b--ch or a h-e on my rap songs...And if it is, then we need to go step to Paramount, and f--king MGM, and all of these other motherf--kers that's making all of these movies and we need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and lets talk about all these f--king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can't watch this sh-t," he continued. "Dating shows that's showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let's talk about s--t like that! If that's not f--king up America, I don't know what is..."-Ja tells Complex magazine

    Sorry Ja, but I'm gonna have to disagree. Them gay episodes of Next is straight jokes son! Real talk.

    And just for shits and giggles:

    Heard it all before.

    Too much? Not enough? Or trying too hard?

    New flava in ya ear!

    Call me up!

  • Bonafide Lovin' (Eli Remix) - Chromeo ft. Pase Rock
  • Don't Forget About Us

    I have been listening to a lot of great albums lately. Not singles, ALBUMS.[though I have been enjoying me some bangin' singles] 2007 has been pretty good to this popular music fan thus far, and it's quite magnificent that I've managed to absorb and/or give repeated listens to so many albums without overlooking whatever else is hot, sitting in my music collection, or coming at me every Tuesday.


    I take that back.

    You can also say that 2007 has been the year that some of my favorite artists have released new albums that I have purchased, and, since the date of said purchase, I have either let them pick up dust, or get little to no play for some strange reason.

    These are their stories.

    Modest Mouse. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

    iTunes Last Played: July 22, 2007 [Tracks 1-10], April 3, 2007 [Track 11], and never at all. [Tracks 12-14]
    Previously...: Good News for People Who Love Bad News was my top album of 2004. And since then Isaac and the gang could do no wrong, playing by their own rules and still pleasing the public.
    What happened?: After about track seven, tracks become less distinct and exciting as those that came before it.
    Why it should still be in heavy rotation:

    Bloc Party. A Weekend in the City.

    iTunes Last Played: 7/10, 2/26, and 4/19/07.
    Previously...: That debut. Silent Alarm came out of nowhere, making the boys from London town the new Strokes for 2005.
    What happened?: After knocking me out with tracks 1-4, [and that video for track 4, The Prayer]Kele and company fail to keep the momentum going for the latter half of the disc both musically and content wise.
    Why it should still be in heavy rotation:

    Nine Inch Nails. Year Zero.

    iTunes Last Played: June 15, 2007
    Previously...: Unlike most people The Fragile is my NIN record, and as of late I have been scrambling, yes scrambling to get With Teeth back in my life.
    What happened?: Is the "schtick" [the beats, the lyrics, the theme of it all] getting old for me? Nothing really begged me to come back repeatedly. I ain't been this dissapointed with Trent since that one time in H&M where he seemed to think that those blue cargo shorts he had in his hand were a good idea.
    Why it should still be in heavy rotation:

    Bright Eyes. Cassadaga.

    iTunes Last Played: 4/25, 5/30, and 8/03/07
    Previously...: Me and Bright been tight ever since that stunning collection of tunes he labeled I'm Wide Awake It's Morning.
    What happened?: One word to describe things after track six: tedious. 'But Tauwan did you listen to track one? That shit is too much.' No, no it's not. All the gimmicks and piling on for piling on indie sake works in that instance thank you very much.
    Why it should still be in heavy rotation:

    Ryan Adams. Easy Tiger.

    iTunes Last Played: 7/19, 8/16/07, and tracks 9-13 not at all.
    Previously...: Confession: I don't and haven't done Whiskeytown, and I don't really listen to or enjoy the stuff with the Cardinals that much or at all. But I do love solo Ryan. Yes, that includes Rock N Roll, 29, and Love is Hell. Parts 1 and 2.
    What happened?: You tell me Ryan. Seriously. I want to know. And no, I won't be a dick and say go back to the druggin and boozin cause there are a handful of tracks on here that are just fine.
    Why it should still be in heavy rotation:

    What albums have you forgotten about/neglected this year?

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    First Impressions of Earth.

    The story is in the soil. Keep your ear to the ground.

    A few weeks back I tried to download Kanye West's Graduation and get my pre-release listen on like everybody else. But unlike everyone else I had little to no luck in securing all of the album's tracks. After many, many tries I said fuck it, deleted what I had and waited til today to purchase it, take it home, and press play.

    And I did.

    One run through and my first impression is this: it's aight. Again, first impression. Hell by the time Homecoming came on I was almost bored, and moved on before the ode to Jay-Z, Big Brother, started. Again I need more time. This is how I feel with one non-skippable run through. In the meantime I'll go back to playing that album shown above, which has become one of my favorite albums/hip-hop albums of the year.

    SIDENOTE: I do love this song though. I mean he makes T-Pain "sing" and samples P.Y.T. How can you not love it? And I am also glad to see that he's feeling the fellas in Justice a little more than he used to.

    [Sucks Teeth] Girl, quit playin.

    "Wow. Britney Spears is a bitchhh!!!"

    The morning after.

    After sitting in silence not knowing what to make of my girl's performance, it hit me: Britney Spears is a bitch. And I don't mean bitch in the whole how could she do this to her fans, what the fuck? But more of a damn, she's got a new single and album to promote, MTV gots ratings to acquire, she knows people are curios and who else to get people to turn into the clusterfuck that was this year's Dick Clark's Rockin Eve, ahem, excuse me, VMA's, than Britney Spears! As an opener! Ratings goldmine! [Sorry Kanye.]

    And what does she do?

    She gets on stage and just doesn't give a fuck.

    Did she get dressed at all or is that her costume?

    Is she dancing/looking like that one stripper who is still kind of attractive but should leave the limelight poles to the younger hotties?

    Did she just stop fake singing completely?

    And worst of all [for me at least] what is up with the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 carefulness and "over"thinking of her dancing?

    Aww hell naw!

    ...This is hillarious.

    And Britney is a bitch.

    As we all know by now things have been topsy turvy in the world of Britney ever since her and K-Fed called it quits. Most of all she has said fuck the world to any and everyone who thinks they can come up in her house and tell her how to run things, even if you may be her I don't know, manager, business associates, child protective services, or that woman who used to follow her around everywhere. What was her name? Oh yeah, Lynne Spears.

    In other words. She. Don't. GIVE. A. FUCK. And for some strange reason I think I love her even more. Am I disappointed by what I saw on Sunday night? Hell yes. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? Probably not. If this is the case, click the link below and you'll get what I'm talking about.

  • LAIST: Ha-Ha! The Joke is on You MTV!

  • P.S. Gimme More has been in heavy rotation since that performance. Don't know why. It just has.

    [I be saying] NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    While you be saying YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    I must admit, part of me is like, okay M.I.A. that's what I am talking about. Get that exposure, get your name out there, and more ears listening to your amazing new album. Do you girl, do you. While the other half of me is like, please girl don't do it, RECONSIDER!

  • PEREZ HILTON: What Perez Sez
  • Monday, September 10, 2007


    Why do I get the feeling that his whole album is nothing but "how to" dance tracks for the kids?


    Soulja Boy. Soulja, Soulja, Soulja Boy. Go read a book or something nigga.


    If you don't get yo mothafuckin' hands off my streets...

    I went to school in Brunswick, Maine. Yeah go on, twist up your face, look confused and then go 'Maine.' Yeah we had good food, a small campus with a great student to teacher ratio, but you know what would have been slammin'? A fuckin row of shops with like 5-10 fast food joints. Not local mom and pop restaurants, but like BK, Mickey D's, Taco Bell, all that shit. With great late hours. Yeah. Would have been nice. You know, like how "in just one quarter of a mile near USC on Figueroa Street, from Adams Boulevard south, there are about 20 fast-food outlets?" That should would have been awesome.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: A strict order for fast food

  • Or not.

    Gimme gimme MORE!

    How sad is this? I mean really.

    And to think, this clip is two years old. Damn.

    Riddle Me This?

    Remember this?

    Apparently Ashlee Simpson doesn't.

  • IDOLATOR: Listen Carefully To What I Am About To Say
  • Sunday, September 09, 2007


    So I may enjoy me some Wipe Me Down courtesy of Lil Boosie and the gang. And I may have even succumbed to the whims of Soulja Boy and his cronies, thanks to Cousin Cole. But I will not, repeat NOT, give this the time of day. It's just all kinds of wrong. But despite all this, please, whatever you do, watch this thing in its entirety.

    Can't stop. Won't stop.

    Take that. Take that.

  • PEREZ HILTON: Britney Spears - Kiss You All Over

  • Can't wait to see how all this VMA performance madness plays out.

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Anita. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    So after an exciting night and early morning partying under the stairs in Downtown L.A., I got my ass up and put in some time at the Restaurant.

    At Benice we got ourselves a nice radio whose sole purpose is to lightly play 94.7 The Wave underneath everyone's meals and conversations. So yes, there are plenty of times where it's like I am in that scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin where Paul Rudd bitches and moans about having to hear Michael McDonald in the workplace again. [He's big pimpin over at 94.7]

    But every now and then they play you some John Legend, some India Arie, some Hall & Oates, or some old school R&B that you know, but you don't know. Case in point, this track presented below. I may not know all the words, but I couldn't help but sing along with the line "from beginning to end/three hundred sixty-five days of the year/It's the same ole love..." as I applied some butter to some customer's whole wheat toast.

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    For Your Consideration

    And you thought that music video made you go wtf?

    In living color.

    Presented below is the new video for Jennifer Lopez's new single Do It Well. I just watched it and I have two questions.

    1) Did she just sing over the beat to Mr. Cheeks' Lights, Camera, Action? Cause I think she did.


    2) Did she just rescue a little boy from a bathhouse? Cause I think she did.

    "Nigga quit trippin!"

    Flippin the script? Busta Rhymes. Happy to be employed and out of court.

    Hip-Hop is not dead. Don't believe me? Go press play on Talib Kweli's Ear Drum, Devin the Dude's Waitin' to Inhale [put that back in rotation on the ride to work last week and rediscovered all of its sweet, sweet charms.], or this:

  • Can't Tell Me Nothing [RMX] - Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and Young Jeezy

  • SIDENOTE: Seriously I am in love with this Talib Kweli album. Don't download it, buy it.

    Strangers with Candy.

    I didn't come home last night. Went directly to his place after work, so you know what that means: I was still rocking the work clothes. Of course I ditched the button down and threw it in the "murse". White-T, nice pants, shiny work or "Sunday" shoes. I removed a layer and still managed to somehow look "dressed."


    I gotta get out these clothes, but more importantly I gotta get those new Talib Kweli and U.G.K. records. To the local Best Buy we go! [I gotta rack up those Rewards points you know.] U.G.K. is in stock, but once again I search the Venice area Best Buy for something on a Saturday and come up short; No Talib Kweli.

    To the WeHo Best Buy I go!

    They got nine copies.

    Venice to La Brea. 12:00 PM on the dot.

    12:45 or so, I gotta go. Three buses have gone south on La Brea in the past 45 minutes, not one has come to take us all north.

    Fuck this, I'm out.

    Venice to the Shaw. More time to think if I really need those CDs right now. I am not alone. Another no waitin' soldier from the Venice and La Brea bus stop has joined me on the Venice bus going East.

    Standing. Minding my own. Feel a tap. It's my no waitin' soldier.

    [What the hell does he want? And why the hell are his lips so chapped?]

    "Are you a model?"
    "I'm a photographer. Have you ever thought about it?"
    "No. Not really?"
    "You should think about it. You have a look and I would love to take your picture. [What am I wearing? An undershirt, those nice pants and Sunday shoes, and my brand spanking two day old vintage messenger bag from Urban Outfitters.]Let's exchange numbers."
    "Do you have a card? My phone is dead." [And it was]
    "Uh. No, um. Let me grab a pen."

    And on the back of what appeared to be a utility bill of some sort I wrote my first and last name and my phone number. And no, I did not get his. What the fuck did I do that for? Maybe my ego was stroked or something by his comments. I didn't even stop to think that maybe, just maybe I was just hustled for my phone number by a young entreprenigga trying to get in my pants. I will give him this though, he did have what appeared to be a camera bag in his hand. But still Tauwan. What the fuck?

    I blame sunshine and Sangria.

    The People.

    File Under: Big Ups Henry Clay People!

  • BUZZ BANDS: The Henry Clay People: running, just not for president

  • Earlier...

  • Bang Bang Rock and Roll!
  • Hoe.Sit.Down.

    Really Paris? Really?

  • LAIST: "That's Hot." Now Come and Sue Us
  • Friday, September 07, 2007

    Big Ups Hip-Hop!

    They say hip-hop is dead, but I don't think that's been the case in the past few months or so. Both Common and U.G.K. hit number one, Talib touched the sky with the number two spot, and "ringtone rappers" [hate em or love em] are topping the charts, inspiring kids from Compton to Nantucket to "wipe em down", and "superman dat hoe."

    And right now, at this very moment, the Top Albums on iTunes looks like this:

    1. Graduation - Kanye West
    2. Shock Value - Timbaland
    3. CURTIS - 50 Cent
    4. Finding Forever - Common
    5. Eardrum - Talib Kweli

    Dat's what I'm talking about.

    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    New flava in ya ear!

    Yeah, I'm totally buying this when it hits the streets.

  • Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Shake That