Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking for Myself.

An Ongoing Discussion/Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Romney and Ryan, running against themselves

A Moment of Clarity.


 "American politics is very different from, say, politics in Britain — where parties and voters take policy platforms more seriously, because in a parliamentary system the winners actually get to implement their plans. In the U.S., where politics has long been more about personalities than policies (and gridlock almost certainly awaits the winner in our system of dispersed power), a different calculation for presidential aspirants applies.

...Romney’s campaign thus enters the home stretch operating on the same mega-calculation with which it began — that in time of economic anxiety and high unemployment, a man with Romney’s background and accomplishments is a highly credible alternative.

...anxieties in the Obama camp may be heightened now that it’s clear from Romney’s performance that the man is a clutch player. He tossed off with aplomb the zinger that made Obama seem grandiose with his talk of “halting the rise of the oceans” and “healing the planet.” Plainspoken Mitt, by contrast, will just be out to help you and your family.

...This race was always going to go down to the wire. We’ll see next week how deftly Democrats can make their case (and their rebuttal). I wish the regressive, phony, and troubling nature of many of Romney’s actual policy ideas mattered more. They may not. And that’s depressing."

THE WASHINGTON POST: Mitt Romney’s ideas don’t matter


THE WASHINGTON POST: Romney’s square deal

The Boondocks.

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PITCHFORK: Download the Closed Sessions Mixtape With Raekwon, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, More


A video.

Starring Trash Talk.

PITCHFORK: Watch the Video for Trash Talk's "F.E.B.N.", Directed by Tyler, the Creator; Plus: New Trash Talk Dates

Monday, August 27, 2012

Make It Shake.

FADER: Stream: Machel Montano f. Busta Rhymes, Olivia and Fatman Scoop, “Make It Shake”


NPR: First Listen: Cat Power, 'Sun'

17 Days.

STEREOGUM: DāM-FunK – “17 Days” (Prince Cover)


Meanwhile with the 2012 Election...

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Making the Election About Race


A Moment of Clarity.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: "Conversion therapy": Therapy that isn't

"I agree with these statements."


"The thing is, if you don’t think about The Newsroom all that much, it’s the best show on TV.

 I don’t mean for this to imply that those who enjoy the show and have made solid arguments for its quality in these comments week after week aren’t thinking about the show. Clearly, they are. What I mean is that The Newsroom is a show that has the look and feel of quality TV, so the way that I find best to enjoy the show is to not pay too much attention to it. Every time I start to, I realize just how poorly plotted the show is, how it seems to have no sense of narrative momentum, how the characters have the tendency of telling us things about themselves but not actually demonstrating them. And, yes, I’m constantly reminded of how terrible the show is toward its female characters, nearly all of whom (save a handful of recurring players here and there) are utter messes. But this discrepancy—between how The Newsroom feels and how it actually behaves—is indicative of how Aaron Sorkin’s work (at least on television) has gotten shallower and shallower.

 ...Sorkin’s such a gifted writer and has such a good sense of how to write patter that if you just sit back and let the show wash over you, it feels like you’re watching something of momentous importance. Sorkin has a reputation as an intelligent writer, but I don’t think that’s exactly the case. Sorkin’s work is terrific at flattering the audience, at making you feel like you’re smarter than everybody else simply for watching and keeping up. But Sorkin’s shows (and plays and movies) are also expert at telling you exactly what to think and feel at any given moment. Now, granted, if you’re a center-left Democrat of the type that Sorkin evidently is, this probably feels pretty darn good. Smart people on TV, with big vocabularies and a great way with a cutting joke, are saying the things you’re already thinking! But Sorkin’s whole game is flattery, is telling you things you either already believe to be true or desperately want to be true, that you might feel as if you have at least fictional comrades in arms..."

  AV CLUB: THE NEWSROOM, "The Greater Fool". A Review.

Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That).

Starring Flight of the Conchords.

PITCHFORK:Watch: Flight of the Conchords Reunite for New Song/Video "Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)"

End of the Line.

A video.

Starring Sleigh Bells.


An alternate take.

From The Dream & Pusha T.

Pride N Joy.

A video.

Starring Fat Joe, Kanye West, Miguel, & Roscoe Dash.


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Friday, August 24, 2012


A video.

Starring Usher.


PASSION OF THE WEISS: MobbDeen: Rochelle Jordan’s “Pressure” — The Best R&B Debut of the Year



Starring E-40, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, Problem, French Montana, & Red Cafe.


THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Crackpot Caucus


A Moment of Clarity.

Health. CARE. First. AID.

An Ongoing Discussion/Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: The real Medicare villain

Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

THE WASHINGTON POST: The Republicans walk the planks


An Ongoing Discussion/Moment of Clarity.


"...Tension between idealists and pragmatists is inevitable in politics, but the struggle taking place within today’s Republican Party is extreme. The GOP believes in limited government that stays out of our business and lets us live our lives — but also wants to police every pregnancy in the land. The party says it wants to cut wasteful federal spending — but also insists on showering the Pentagon with billions for weapons systems the generals don’t even want. The party says it wants to balance the budget — but endorses a plan, authored by Ryan, that cuts taxes for the wealthy without specifying the offsetting budget cuts that would be required to keep deficits from ballooning out of control.

 Being a “big tent” party is never easy. The GOP, for all of its divisions, is full of energy and passion. What unites the various factions is the task of defeating Obama, and on this point there will be no dissent in Tampa.

But why does the Republican Party seek power? What does it really stand for? What does it hope to accomplish? What kind of America does it envision?..."

THE WASHINGTON POST: A storm the GOP didn’t expect

Only in My Dreams.

A video.

Starring Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.

I Am Your Leader.

A video.

From Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, & Cam'Ron.


Just you watch...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out of My Mind.

A video.

Starring B.o.B & Nicki Minaj.



A video.

From JJ Doom.

Wait, what?

GAWKER: ZZ Top Finds Inspiration in a Houston Crack-Rap Anthem


A Moment of Clarity.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Gridlock likely in Washington no matter who wins presidential race


An Ongoing Discussion.


"...change is hard — and it is often threatening.

 ...Which brings me to the third wrong turn we could take: failing to rise above parochial concerns to seize what is, in fact, a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our country as a whole — an opportunity to redesign the federal government and enhance its ability to serve the American people while reducing costs. The budget pressures to motivate change exist. The expertise and experience to make real, lasting change exist.

The question is: Do the American people and those we elect to Congress have the political will to do what is necessary to give the United States the effective and affordable government that this nation needs to lead and compete in the 21st century?"

THE WASHINGTON POST: Reforming outmoded government

Get Free.

A video.

From Major Lazer & Dirty Projectors' Amber Coffman.


Starring Miguel and PITCHFORK.