Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reality Bites.


"The Tea Party that has gotten all the attention, the amorphous, self-generated protest against the growth in government and the deficit, is what I’d actually call the “Tea Kettle movement” — because all it’s doing is letting off steam.

That is not to say that the energy behind it is not authentic (it clearly is) or that it won’t be electorally impactful (it clearly might be). But affecting elections and affecting America’s future are two different things. Based on all I’ve heard from this movement, it feels to me like it’s all steam and no engine. It has no plan to restore America to greatness.

...The issues that upset the Tea Kettle movement — debt and bloated government — are actually symptoms of our real problem, not causes. They are symptoms of a country in a state of incremental decline and losing its competitive edge, because our politics has become just another form of sports entertainment, our Congress a forum for legalized bribery and our main lawmaking institutions divided by toxic partisanship to the point of paralysis.

...Any Tea Party that says the simple answer is just shrinking government and slashing taxes might be able to tip the midterm elections in its direction. But it can’t tip America in the right direction. There is a Tea Party for that, but it’s still waiting for a leader."

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Tea Kettle Movement
  • Hypnotize You.

    A "New flava in ya ear!" Production.

  • PITCHFORK: Daft Punk Produce New N.E.R.D. Track
  • Loca.

    A video.

    Starring Shakira and featuring Dizzee Rascal.


    A video.

    Starring Ciara.

    Get Me Bodied.

    Just you watch...

    Smooth Operator.

  • NERVE: Sex Advice From Danny McBride
  • Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

    An ongoing discussion/Moment of Clarity.

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    Stormy Weather.



    "We are starting to wonder whether Congressional Democrats lack the courage of their convictions, or simply lack convictions.

    Last week, Senate Democrats did not even bother to schedule a debate, let alone a vote, on the expiring Bush tax cuts. This week, House Democrats appear poised to follow suit. The idea is to spare incumbents from having to vote before Nov. 2 on whether to let the rich go on paying less taxes than the nation needs them to pay.

    This particular failure to act was not about Republican obstructionism, of which there has been plenty. This was about Democrats failing to seize an opportunity to do the right thing and at the same time draw a sharp distinction between themselves and the Republicans..."

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: Profiles in Timidity
  • Barbara Streisand.

    A video.

    From Duck Sauce.

    Everybody Drunk.

    A video.

    Starring Ludacris and featuring Lil Scrappy.

    Beautiful Music.

    A video.

    Starring Freeway.

    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    I Feel Better.

    A Moment of Clarity.

  • JEZEBEL: Awesome Video Project Shows Gay Youth "It Gets Better"
  • In Motion.

  • PITCHFORK: Listen: Another Reznor Social Network Track
  • "It's the Econmy, Stupid!"

    An Ongoing Discussion.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: For the good of democracy, tax cuts for the rich must expire


  • School of Hard Knocks.

  • "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?"

  • For Your Consideration: "I'm Rich; Tax Me More".
  • Needle in the Hay.

    A Moment of Clarity.

    Nanny Nanny Boo Boo.


    "Is the Tea Party one of the most successful scams in American political history?

    Before you dismiss the question, note that word "successful." Judge the Tea Party purely on the grounds of effectiveness and you have to admire how a very small group has shaken American political life and seized the microphone offered by the media, including the so-called liberal media.

    But it's equally important to recognize that the Tea Party constitutes a sliver of opinion on the extreme end of politics receiving attention out of all proportion with its numbers.

    ...The media have given substantial coverage to Tea Party rallies and even small demonstrations. But how many people are actually involved in this movement?

    ...But something is haywire in our media and our politics. Jill Lepore, a Harvard historian whose new book is "The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party's Revolution and the Battle Over American History," observed in an interview that there is a "hall of mirrors" effect created by the rise of "niche" opinion media. They magnify small movements into powerhouses, while old-fashioned journalism, which is supposed to put such movements in perspective, reacts to the same niche incentives.

    ...The Tea Party may be pulling a fast one on the country and the media. But if it has more audacity than everyone else, it will, I am sorry to say, deserve to get away with it."

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: The Tea Party: Tempest in a very small teapot
  • Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Coming Attractions.

  • PITCHFORK: Spike Lee to Direct Roots/John Legend Live Stream
  • Health. Care. First. AID.

    Catch Me If You Can.

    A Moment of Clarity.

    Words. For Your Consideration...

    "...Some of my Chinese friends chide me for overidealizing China. I tell them: “Guilty as charged.” But have no illusions. I am not praising China because I want to emulate their system. I am praising it because I am worried about my system. In deliberately spotlighting China’s impressive growth engine, I am hoping to light a spark under America.

    Studying China’s ability to invest for the future doesn’t make me feel we have the wrong system. It makes me feel that we are abusing our right system. There is absolutely no reason our democracy should not be able to generate the kind of focus, legitimacy, unity and stick-to-it-iveness to do big things — democratically — that China does autocratically. We’ve done it before. But we’re not doing it now because too many of our poll-driven, toxically partisan, cable-TV-addicted, money-corrupted political class are more interested in what keeps them in power than what would again make America powerful, more interested in defeating each other than saving the country.

    “How can you compete with a country that is run like a company?” an Indian entrepreneur at the forum asked me of China. He then answered his own question: For democracy to be effective and deliver the policies and infrastructure our societies need requires the political center to be focused, united and energized. That means electing candidates who will do what is right for the country not just for their ideological wing or whoever comes with the biggest bag of money. For democracies to address big problems — and that’s all we have these days — requires a lot of people pulling in the same direction, and that is precisely what we’re lacking.

    ...I don’t idealize China’s system of government. I don’t want to live in an authoritarian system. But I do feel compelled to look at China in an objective way and acknowledge the successes of this system.” That doesn’t mean advocating that we become like China. It means being alive to the challenge we are up against and even finding ways to cooperate with China. “The very retro notion that we are undisputedly still No. 1,” added [Orville] Schell [of the Asia Society], “is extremely dangerous.”[-Orville Schell of the Asia Society]

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: Too Many Hamburgers
  • Bluish.

    A video.

    Starring Animal Collective.

    This can't be life.

    Just you watch...

    New flava in ya ear!

    Nod Ross feat. Stanley Black & William Boston.

    Lacefront Shawty.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.

    For Your Consideration...

  • STEREOGUM: Watch of Montreal’s Michael Jackson Medley
  • It Takes a Muscle.

    A Moment of Clarity.


    "You are a progressive voter, and you are disillusioned. So much so that you are thinking of sitting this election out.

    Well, think again. Take a deep breath -- then eat, pray, vote.

    ...When these guys are running the show, it's not disappointment you will feel -- it's despair.

    Why? Because far-right conservatives are ready to roll back many of the civilizing advances of the 20th century, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Republicans are also gunning to repeal and replace President Obama's health-care overhaul -- and the 20 or so states already fighting to overturn health-care reform in the courts would be emboldened by a Republican victory.

    ...These prospects should concentrate the mind. This is indeed a choice election. We're not talking about a simple change of power in Congress, we're talking about a fundamental reordering of America in terms of its priorities and possibilities.

    ...the big question facing progressives in these weeks before the midterm elections is this: Will we build on a politics of change? Or will we sit back and retreat because things haven't gone as we had hoped?"

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: Eat, pray -- and vote
  • For Your Consideration.

  • THE GUARDIAN: No Age – Everything in Between: exclusive album stream
  • Gone Already.

    A video.

    Starring Faith Evans.

    Infinity Guitars.

    A video.

    Starring Sleigh Bells.

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    School of Hard Knocks.


    "Anger is sweeping America. True, this white-hot rage is a minority phenomenon, not something that characterizes most of our fellow citizens. But the angry minority is angry indeed, consisting of people who feel that things to which they are entitled are being taken away. And they’re out for revenge.

    No, I’m not talking about the Tea Partiers. I’m talking about the rich.

    These are terrible times for many people in this country...Yet if you want to find real political rage — the kind of rage that makes people compare President Obama to Hitler, or accuse him of treason — you won’t find it among these suffering Americans. You’ll find it instead among the very privileged, people who don’t have to worry about losing their jobs, their homes, or their health insurance, but who are outraged, outraged, at the thought of paying modestly higher taxes..."

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Angry Rich
  • Story to Be Told.

    A video.

    From M.I.A.

    For Your Consideration.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: I'm rich; tax me more
  • "Talk, and talk, and talk, and TALK!"

    Even the bill's exhausted...

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: The ritual of sound-bite economics
  • Halcyon Digest.

  • NPR MUSIC: First Listen: Deerhunter, 'Halcyon Digest'
  • Groove Me.

    A video.

    Starring Maximum Balloon feat. Theophilus London.

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Health. Care. First. AID.

    An update/Moment of Clarity.

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Recession’s Awful Impact
  • "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?"

    A Moment of Clarity.


    "“Nice middle class you got here,” said Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader. “It would be a shame if something happened to it.”

    O.K., he didn’t actually say that. But he might as well have, because that’s what the current confrontation over taxes amounts to. Mr. McConnell, who was self-righteously denouncing the budget deficit just the other day, now wants to blow that deficit up with big tax cuts for the rich. But he doesn’t have the votes. So he’s trying to get what he wants by pointing a gun at the heads of middle-class families, threatening to force a jump in their taxes unless he gets paid off with hugely expensive tax breaks for the wealthy.

    Most discussion of the tax fight focuses either on the economics or on the politics — both of which suggest that Democrats should hang tough, for their own sakes as well as that of the country. But there’s an even bigger issue here — namely, the question of what constitutes acceptable behavior in American political life. Politics ain’t beanbag, but there’s a difference between playing hardball and engaging in outright extortion, which is what Mr. McConnell is now doing. And if he succeeds, it will set a disastrous precedent..."

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Tax-Cut Racket
  • The World Is Mine.

    A video.

    Starring Dominique Young Unique.

    The Social Network.

    For Your Consideration...

  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - The Social Network: FIVE TRACK SAMPLER EP

    A video.

    Starring Lil Wayne.

  • ROLLING STONE: Lil Wayne Releases Video for ‘I Am Not a Human Being’
  • Monday, September 13, 2010


    For Your Consideration...

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Chubb Rock. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    (John Witherspoon Vocal) "YEAH BOY!"...

    Chubb Rock.

    Treat 'Em Right.

    Act like you know.


    Serve the Servants.

    A Moment of Clarity.

  • THE HUFFINGTON POST: Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves
  • Souled Out.

    A Moment of Clarity.


    "Could [Osama] bin Laden, in his wildest imaginings, have hoped to provoke greater chaos? It is past time to reflect on what our enemy sought, and still seeks, to accomplish -- and how we have accommodated him."

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: Ted Koppel: Nine years after 9/11, let's stop fulfilling bin Laden's goals
  • Little Ghetto Boy.

    LIVE in the studio with John Legend & The Roots.

    Thursday, September 09, 2010

    Ek Shaneesh.

    A video.

    Starring Das Racist.

    By Some Miracle.

    A video.

    By Phil Selway, the drummer from Radiohead.

    Use Somebody.

    You can get with this:

    Or you can get with that:

  • STEREOGUM: Welcome Back Kings Of Leon With 15 Covers Of “Use Somebody”
  • 3 Feet High and Rising.


    "President Obama decided this week to raise the stakes in this fall's election by making the choice about something instead of nothing but anger.

    ...Until Obama's Labor Day speech in Milwaukee and his statement of principles Wednesday near Cleveland, it was not clear how much heart he had in the fight or whether he would ever offer a comprehensive argument for the advantage of his party's approach.

    In the absence of a coherent case, Republicans were winning by default on a wave of protest votes. Without this new effort at self-definition, Obama was a blur: a socialist to conservatives, a sellout to some progressives, and a disappointment to younger Americans who wondered what happened to the ebullient, hopeful guy they voted for.

    That's why the Milwaukee-Cleveland one-two punch mattered. The first speech showed Obama could fight and enjoy himself in the process. The second speech spelled out why he has chosen to do battle..."

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: Obama raises stakes and redefines debate for the midterm election
  • One Mo' Gin.



    A video.

    Too Much.

    <a href="">Too Much by Sufjan Stevens</a>

    No Hands.

    A video.

    Starring Waka Flocka, Wale [Ed.'s Note: WHY?], & Roscoe Dash.

    Wednesday, September 08, 2010

    Return Of The "G".

  • FADER: Big Boi f. Andre 3000, “Lookin 4 Ya (Jedi RMX)” MP3

    Another morning. Another workout. Another viewing of a music video from an act getting its feet wet/trying to grab our attention/stand out in the crowd. Worthy of a repeat listen? Press play and find out...

    New flava in MY ear!

    Fitz and the Tantrums.



    A video.

    Starring Kings of Leon.

    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    Humble Mumble.

    A Moment of Clarity.

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: Freedom’s Just Another Word
  • One in a Million.

    A video.

    Starring Ne-Yo.

    Oh Word?

    Working day and night...

    Words. For Your Consideration...

    "One of the unintended results of the redecoration of the Oval Office was the downsizing of Barack Obama. In last week's prime-time address to the nation, the president sat behind a massive and capaciously empty desk, looking somehow smaller than he ever has -- a man physically reduced by sinking polls, a lousy economy and the prospect that his party might lose control of Congress. Behold something we never thought we'd see with Obama: The Incredible Shrinking Presidency. is clear by now that Obama has allowed others to define him. For this, Obama needs to blame Obama. His stutter-step approach to certain issues -- his wimpy statements regarding the planned Islamic center in Manhattan, for instance -- erodes not just his standing but his profile. What we thought we knew, we do not. Like a picture hung in the sun, he fades over time..."

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: Obama's shrinking presidency
  • Hurley.

    An album by Weezer.

  • Stream here.
  • Business Casual.

  • NPR: First Listen: Chromeo, 'Business Casual'
  • Airtight's Revenge.

  • NPR: First Listen: Bilal, 'Airtight's Revenge'
  • For Your Consideration.

  • NPR: First Listen: Of Montreal, 'False Priest'
  • Saturday, September 04, 2010


    A video.

    Starring Bun B & T-Pain.

    All Day Daylight.

    A video.

    Starring The Morning Benders.

    Thursday, September 02, 2010

    For Your Consideration.

    In stores October 19th!

    Who Dat?

    New flava in ya ear!

    Das Racist.

    Who's That? Brooown!

    (Nice Dream)

  • Download/Watch here.
  • The Bike Song.

    A video.

    Starring Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

    Ain't No DJ.

    A video.

    Starring Big Boi & Yelawolf.

    Wednesday, September 01, 2010

    The Cool Kids.

  • GAWKER: Meet the GOP's Coolest Clique, the 'Young Guns'
  • A Moment of Clarity.

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES: The War in Iraq
  • "HI! My name is________!"

    A Moment of Clarity.


    "Beck's "Restoring Honor" gathering on the Mall was right out of the Alcoholics Anonymous playbook. It was a 12-step program distilled to a few key words, all lifted from a prayer delivered from the Lincoln Memorial: healing, recovery and restoration.

    Saturday's Beckapalooza was yet another step in Beck's own personal journey of recovery. He may as well have greeted the crowd of his fellow disaffected with:

    "Hi. My name is Glenn, and I'm messed up."..."

  • THE WASHINGTON POST: My name is Glenn Beck, and I need help
  • I Can't Write Left Handed.

    Live in da studio.

    With John Legend & The Roots.

    For Your Consideration.

  • Stream here.
  • Crazy For You.

    Cee-Lo Green.

    Fuck You.

    We Have the Facts and We're Voting YES!

    New flava in MY ear!

    Chiddy Bang.