Saturday, April 29, 2017

total entertainment forever.

a video.

from father john misty.

Friday, April 28, 2017

i'm the one.

a video.

starring dj khaled, justin beiber, quavo, and chance the rapper. 

bon appétit.

starring katy perry & migos.

right now.

a video.

starring haim. 

a moment of clarity.


"Fans of old TV series may remember a classic “Twilight Zone” episode titled “It’s a Good Life.” It featured a small town terrorized by a 6-year-old who for some reason had monstrous superpowers, coupled with complete emotional immaturity. Everyone lived in constant fear, made worse by the need to pretend that everything was fine. After all, any hint of discontent could bring terrible retribution.

And now you know what it must be like working in the Trump administration. Actually, it feels a bit like that just living in Trump’s America.

...Unfortunately, we know the answer. Every report from inside the White House conveys the impression that Trump is like a temperamental child, bored by details and easily frustrated when things don’t go his way; being an effective staffer seems to involve finding ways to make him feel good and take his mind off news that he feels makes him look bad.

...Right now, by all accounts, the child-man in chief is in a snit over the prospect of news stories that review his first 100 days and conclude that he hasn’t achieved much if anything (because he hasn’t). So last week he announced the imminent release of something he could call a tax plan.

According to The Times, this left Treasury staff — who were nowhere near having a plan ready to go — “speechless.” But nobody dared tell him it couldn’t be done. Instead, they released … something, with nobody sure what it means.

...I’d like to make a plea to my colleagues in the news media: Don’t pretend that this is normal. Let’s not act as if that thing released on Wednesday, whatever it was, was something like, say, the 2001 Bush tax cut; I strongly disapproved of that cut, but at least it was comprehensible. Let’s not pretend that we’re having a real discussion of, say, the growth effects of changes in business tax rates.

No, what we’re looking at here isn’t policy; it’s pieces of paper whose goal is to soothe the big man’s temper tantrums. Unfortunately, we may all pay the price of his therapy."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Living in the Trump Zone

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

i think of you.

a video.

starring jeremih, chris brown, & big sean.

Monday, April 24, 2017

break a guitar.

a video.

from ty segall (& friends).


a video.

starring faith evans & the notorious b.i.g.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

swimming pools.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


a video.

starring chairlift. 

hard times.

a video.

starring paramore. 

PITCHFORK: Paramore Announce New Album After Laughter, Share Video for New Song “Hard Times”: Watch

no frauds.

a video.

starring nicki minaj, drake, and lil wayne. 

long time.

a video.

starring blondie.

lust for life.

starring lana del rey & the weeknd. 

a moment of clarity.


"...But when they continue to question her gender identity — and are skeptical of her response — the message they send is that a girl cannot look and act like her and still be a girl.

She is not gender nonconforming. She is gender role nonconforming. She does not fit into the mold that we adults — who have increasingly eschewed millenniums-old gender roles ourselves, as women work outside the home and men participate in the domestic sphere — still impose upon our children.

Left alone, would boys really never wear pink? (That’s rhetorical — pink was for decades considered a masculine color.) Would girls naturally reject Matchbox cars? Of course not, but if they show preferences for these things, we label them. Somehow, as we have broadened our awareness of and support for gender nonconformity, we’ve narrowed what we think a boy or a girl can look like and do.

Let’s be clear: If my daughter does begin to feel that the gender in her mind and the sex of her body don’t match, I will be supportive. I will research puberty blockers and hormones (more than I already have). I will listen to her and make decisions accordingly, just as I did when she turned 3 and asked for a tie and a button-down shirt. Then she saw her father wear a blazer (for once). Her eyes rounded and she said, “What is that?” as if she were seeing a double rainbow spread across the sky.

I want trans kids to feel free and safe enough to be who they are. I also want adults to have a fluid enough idea of gender roles that a 7-year-old girl can dress like “a boy” and not be asked — by people who know her, not strangers — whether she is one.

...The kids get it. But the grown-ups do not. While celebrating the diversity of sexual and gender identities, we also need to celebrate tomboys and other girls who fall outside the narrow confines of gender roles. Don’t tell them that they’re not girls.

 My daughter is happy with her body and comfortable with the way she looks, thousands of times happier and more comfortable than I am or ever have been. She is my hero. Or rather, my heroine."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: My Daughter Is Not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

where do u go.

a video.

from jmsn.


a video.

starring kendrick lamar. 

Monday, April 17, 2017


a video.

starring norah jones.

hate that you know me.

starring bleachers & carly rae jepsen.



an album stream.

starring shamir bailey.

PITCHFORK: Shamir Surprise Releases New Album Hope: Listen

Thursday, April 13, 2017

promise you this.

a video.

starring snoop dogg.


a  moment of clarity.

with father john misty & tim heidecker.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


a video.

starring lupe fiasco & gizzle.

scared money.

a video.

starring nxworries (anderson .paak & knxwledge).

remember me.

a  video.

starring jennifer hudson.


a video.

from toro y moi.


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a moment of clarity.



                                                                             a playlist.

sign of the times.

starring harry styles.

good times.

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M O O N L I G H T.


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