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zipper down.

an album stream.

starring eagles of death metal. 

stream here.  


an album stream.

starring wavves.

stream here. 

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a video.

starring rose mcgowan.

ROLLING STONE: Watch Rose McGowan's Jarring, NSFW 'RM486' Video

angels & demons.

a video.

starring tamar braxton.

music to my soul.

a video.

starring cee-lo green. 

steel here.

a video.

starring tisha campbell martin.


a video.

starring chris brown. 

my sub pt. 3 (big bang) /king of the south.

a video.

starring big k.r.i.t.

like a hoe.

a video.

starring dej loaf.

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pretty boy swag.

Yesterday morning an older man around the age of Bernie Sanders got on the bus. It was around 8 AM. He was rocking a tight white t-shirt TUCKED into basketball shorts, with a gut. And running shoes. With dress socks. I smiled. And remembered how much I've always adored older man swag. That just don't give a fuck keeping it real comfort over everything older man swag. (65 +)

Watching U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert right now. His copy paper checklist of talking points is visible on Stephen's desk. It's one of those unguarded, I can see your notes kind of thing that most other candidates would be advised to not do (again). But you can't tell Bernie nothing. He has that level headed, outspoken, real comfort over everything older man swag.
And I lowkey love it.



THE NEW YORK TIMES: Bernie Sanders Lightens Up With Stephen Colbert

real talk.

with justice stephen breyer & stephen colbert.

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watkins family hour.

with fiona apple.

"it is what it is."


"Its funny cause, me getting attacked at Lollapalooza. I think if I just like…There’s been a lot of incidences that I’ve not said because… I mean there was a time I got illegally arrested in Miami like 2 years ago. They busted some club for not having a liquor license, but I was outside, I wasn’t inside. And they were going inside and wouldn’t let people in. I was kind of doing what I’m doing now, but back then I would do solo Blood Orange shows. And I was like, “Oh, my stuff is inside and I just need to go get it” and there was this one… You know one cop who was a dick and he said “No. Not going to happen.” And I was like “Oh, can you tell me like how long?” And he was like “No.” and then these two Miami white girls walked up and are like “We really need to use the bathroom!” And he was like “Yeah go right in ladies.” I was full mouth-to-the-floor like “What!” So I went up again. I said “Look man, I need to get my stuff and I’m just gonna like leave. I have a flight back to New York in the morning.” And he was like “That’s it!” Hand cuffed me around the back, threw me in the back of the car and then left me in the car for 4 hours and I couldn’t do anything. And at one point, this is the scary moment. An officer came and opened the door and bent down to me and was like, “Hey man, it’s probably best if you just don’t say anything and um it should be cool…” and closes that door. And I was thinking “WHAT!? That doesn’t make me feel good!” You’re telling me to be quiet because the guy you work with is insane? What the fuck!?! It was so crazy." - Dev Hynes

STEREOGUM: Julian Casablancas To Dev Hynes: “I Apologize On Behalf Of White People” 



a moment of clarity. 

lights on.

starring big grams (big boi & phantogram).

PITCHFORK: Big Boi and Phantogram Share Big Grams Single "Lights On"

ha howa ha howa.

starring sexwitch.

PITCHFORK: Bat for Lashes Shares New Sexwitch Track "Ha Howa Ha Howa"


an ongoing discussion/moment of clarity.


"Erikka Knuti, a political strategist, said, "Part of white privilege has been the ability to not know that your privilege exists. If you benefit from racism, do you really want to know that?" I can see where it would be uncomfortable for people to admit that their lives are shaped by unearned advantages, especially in an environment where those advantages may be beginning to slip away, but the blindness itself is a part of the problem. White people have duties as part of the American community. They must be honest with themselves and their co-citizens and admit that white privilege shapes a lot of life in this country. They must understand that the truly pernicious, life-defining sort of racism is not interpersonal, it's institutional. The systems that shape who lives where, who gets educated, who gets jobs, who gets arrested, and so on, these things shape lives, and they are all heavily weighted in white people's favor. To ignore all of that is to misunderstand America. If white people admit those things, it will be plain that they are not, in any way, victims."

VICE: White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed


a moment of clarity. 

coming attractions.

starring chris brown.

half dome.

a video.

from toro y moi.

brand name.

a video.

starring mac miller.

runnin' (lose it all).

a video.

from naughty boy, beyonce, and arrow benjamin.

a moment of clarity.

an ongoing discussion.


 "...As a white man, I don’t have an opinion on whether respectability politics are valuable in a pragmatic sense; I wouldn’t presume to tell black Americans what they should or shouldn’t do in their attempts to survive and/or bring centuries of oppression to an end. Obviously, I think that the need for respectability politics is nonsense; a fellow human is worthy of respect no matter what the color of their skin, or how low they wear their pants. It’s not black Americans who need to adapt to white standards; it’s whites who need to stop killing black Americans for failing to conform to those standards.

Which brings me to the point I do want to discuss, as a white man: what white people can do about this. Being white in a state that is underpinned by 400 years of the exploitation of people who don’t look like you for the benefit of people who do look like you brings its own… discomforts, obviously, at least if you’re inclined to basic human decency and thus to questioning the existence of the apparatus that enables your comfort and prosperity. Equally, the challenge of changing anything can seem overwhelming — as Coates’ essay makes all too clear, the prison industrial complex is so deeply woven into the fabric of the American economy (sometimes in the most unexpected ways) that dismantling it seems a hopeless task.

But paralysis is its own form of privilege; you can choose to absent yourself from the struggle because it all seems too hard. Black Americans don’t have the luxury of making that choice. The struggle can come and take them at any time..."

FLAVORWIRE: If Black Lives Matter, Respectability Politics Should Be a Thing of the Past

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a video.

starring tink.

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when i see ya.

starring ty dolla $ign.

da nic.

stream here.

the chat.

starring mile high club, ariel pink, & weyes blood.

PITCHFORK: Mild High Club Teams With Ariel Pink and Weyes Blood on "The Chat"

cop and go.

starring the dead weather.

PITCHFORK: The Dead Weather Share "Cop and Go"

check, run it.

a video.

starring t.i.

vice city.

a video.

starring jack rock & black hippy.

men's needs.

What inspired you to start smoking cocktails in the first place?

Just to be super real, dude! And I don’t even mind if people know: I’m a huge pothead. I’m a bartender by trade but I’m also a wannabe chef. When I go home every night, I get stoned and I cook, man. I eventually started using a Smoking Gun to make a certain dish for my wife and I started to fuck around with it. Then I started reading about the relationship between hops and cannabis since I’m a huge beer lover, too, and I found out how they’re actually related. On a scientific level, they are very similar genera, so they share a lot of similar flavors and aromas, which explains why sometimes when you open an IPA it straight-up smells like chronic.

MUNCHIES: We Spoke to the LA Bartender Who Smokes Cocktails with a Bong

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a moment of clarity.

for your consideration... 


"The problem, obviously, is that what is sacred to one person can be meaningless (or repugnant) to another. That’s one of the reasons why a modern secular society generally legislates against actions, not ideas. No idea or belief should be illegal; conversely, no idea should be so sacred that it legally justifies actions that would otherwise be illegal. Davis is free to believe whatever she wants, just as the jihadist is free to believe whatever he wants; in both cases, the law constrains not what they believe but what they do.

...The Kim Davis controversy exists because, as a culture, we have elevated respect for religious sensibilities to an inappropriate level that makes society less free, not more. Religious liberty should mean that no set of religious ideals are treated differently from other ideals. Laws should not be enacted whose sole purpose is to denigrate them, but, by the same token, the law shouldn’t elevate them, either.

...Ultimately, when we hesitate to openly question beliefs because we don’t want to risk offense, questioning itself becomes taboo. It is here that the imperative for scientists to speak out seems to me to be most urgent. As a result of speaking out on issues of science and religion, I have heard from many young people about the shame and ostracism they experience after merely questioning their family’s faith. Sometimes, they find themselves denied rights and privileges because their actions confront the faith of others. Scientists need to be prepared to demonstrate by example that questioning perceived truth, especially “sacred truth,” is an essential part of living in a free country.

...Five hundred years of science have liberated humanity from the shackles of enforced ignorance. We should celebrate this openly and enthusiastically, regardless of whom it may offend."

THE NEW YORKER: All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists

music to watch boys to.

PITCHFORK: Lana Del Rey Shares "Music To Watch Boys To"

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for your consideration.


"Problematic as she may be at times be, Miley Cyrus has re-established herself as a shock provocateur with more than base audiences and carnal, sexual maturity on her side. In many ways, Miley Cyrus gives a fuck in more real, artistic ways than her politically tepid contemporaries. If the best we can say is that stoners and drag queens had their day with the 2015 VMAs, then how bad can the day be, really—when racist drug policing continues to ravage communities of color, and when trans* people (including drag queens) still face frighteningly high rates of violence in everyday life? Miley may not be the ideal candidate for political pop’s potential to make material social change for the disenfranchised, but she’s the most likely to even have a platform—high as she may be. In a gurlesque blaze of drag diva aesthetics and drug inspired metaphysics, "Dooo It!" inaugurates the Dead Petz era as one devoted to the marginal spaces in the ever-evolving idea of "pop.""

THE PITCH: The Drugged Out Drag of Miley’s New Divadom


a video.

starring nick jonas. 

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starring janet.

can't keep checking my phone.

a video.

from unknown mortal orchestra.

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