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Second Bite of the Apple.

STEREOGUM: Beady Eye – “Second Bite Of The Apple”



THE NEW YORK TIMES: No Rich Child Left Behind

"Do You..."

A Moment of Clarity.


"...The gay part will now define him, in the public eye, more than any other. It will be the prompt for the loudest cheers he basks in and the nastiest jeers he sloughs off.

But in the opening paragraph, it comes after his age and occupation and race, getting no more space, in that one passage and for that brief moment, than other aspects of his identity. It’s a detail among many, but not the defining one.

That’s the integrated way that things should be, the unremarkable way a person’s sexual orientation ought to be lived and perceived. And that’s precisely what Collins and his fellow trailblazers are trying to move us toward: not a constant discussion of the rightful place and treatment of L.G.B.T. people in America, but an America in which the discussion is no longer necessary. He’s letting us focus on his gayness precisely so we can focus less on others’ down the road..."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Basketball’s Gay Paragon


XXFACTOR: Jason Collins’ Awkward Coming Out


"That 'New-New'."

PITCHFORK: Watch Earl Sweatshirt Debut a Track Featuring RZA

Never Should Have.

A video.

Starring Ashanti.


A video.

From Empire of the Sun.

The Book of JOB.

A Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: The economic whodunit

"Something like a PHENOMENON(!)".




Starring !!!

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PITCHFORK: President Barack Obama Goofs on Jay-Z, Enters to DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win"

Devil Again.

PITCHFORK: Listen: Thee Oh Sees' "Devil Again" From Adult Swim's Garage Swim Compilation


PITCHFORK: Listen: Clams Casino and DOOM Team on "Bookfiend"

Panic Station.

A video.

From MUSE.

Smoke Again.

A video.

Starring Chance the Rapper & Ab-Soul.

Beat It.

A video.

Starring Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, & Wiz Khalifa.

Meanwhile with Brandy's little brother...

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THE NEW YORK TIMES: A Libertarian Case for Expanding Gun Background Checks


A Moment of Clarity.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Next Step in Drug Treatment

Don't Look Back in Anger.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Mayor leaves L.A. in better shape than he found it

The Terror.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Obama's war on red tape

One Pure Thought.

From Thomas Gibbons-Neff (25), a sergeant in the Marines who served as a rifleman in the 1st battalion, 6th Marines in Afghanistan in 2008 and 2010.

THE WASHINGTON POST: I could justify fighting in Afghanistan — until the Boston bombing


THE WASHINGTON POST: Richard Haass: How to build a second American century

A Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Sequester pain gets only a Band-Aid


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Congress Rushes to Aid the Powerful


Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster.

A video.

From Thee Oh Sees.


PITCHFORK: Listen to Beyoncé and André 3000's Cover of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black"

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DOO-WOPS & HOOLIGANS: The Singles, 2011: 10/Big Sean & Nicki Minaj/Dance (A$$) [REMIX]


ROLLING STONE: 'Arrested Development' Preview: Buster and Lucille Clear the Air

Oh Word?

"It's only been 10 yrs? 500,000 updates though..."

ROLLING STONE: iTunes' 10th Anniversary: How Steve Jobs Turned the Industry Upside Down

Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts.

PITCHFORK: Watch/Listen: Two New Annie Songs


STEREOGUM: Snoop Lion – “No Regrets” (Feat. T.I. & Amber Coffman)


A Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: I’m ‘comfortable’ with President Bush


THE WASHINGTON POST: Tear down this icon: Why the GOP has to get over Ronald Reagan


A video.

From Crystal Castles.



PITCHFORK: Watch: Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi Get Turned Down by Grimes



Just you watch.

Bout Me.

A video.

Starring Wiz Khalifa, Problem, & Iamsu!.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Northern Downpour.

An Ongoing Discussion.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Politics of Paranoia


A Moment of Clarity...


"...I’d acknowledge that none of us can get through the day without making a lot of assumptions. All of us have intellectual, ideological and moral commitments that we bring to bear upon what we think about almost everything.

But the hyperpolarization of our moment has sped up the rush to (contradictory) judgments, a practice further accelerated by new technologies. We have less patience than ever with the often­painstaking task of gathering facts. We are better informed yet seem more efficient than ever in manufacturing conspiracy theories.

I mistrust moralistic nostalgia for some nonexistent golden age of reason, and I have contentedly joined the bracing new-media world. The past had problems of its own.

Still, I’d insist that “crowdsourcing” is quite different from reasoning together, an art we seem to have forgotten. And at the risk of disrupting the productivity gains of the opinion-creation industry in which I happily participate, I wish we were better at remembering three words: Stop and think."

THE WASHINGTON POST: The culture of preconception

Standing on the Sun.

PITCHFORK: Listen to a New Beyoncé Song, "Standing on the Sun

The End is Near.

STEREOGUM: Ab-Soul – “The End Is Near” (Feat. Mac Miller)

Like Me.

A video.

Starring 2 Chainz.


A video.

Starring Mac Miller.



FLAVORWIRE: Celebrities as Media Critics: How Grimes and Jay-Z Are Dictating Their Own Mythology

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"Why bother cooking? The reasons to skip it are stacked as high as the microwavable meals in a Costco freezer case. You don’t have time, of course (or you think you don’t); that’s the big one. But you also don’t do it as well as the professionals, so it’s tempting to let them handle it for you. Or at least let them give you a head start in the form of meal-assembly shops, cake mixes, and canned, frozen and pre-chopped ingredients.

Michael Pollan thinks you should bother, and not just as a fashionable exercise in hipsterdom. His latest book, “Cooked,” is a powerful argument for a return to home cooking of the sort that doesn’t begin with an attempt to find the perforated opening. .

...Throughout the book, Pollan reminds us how much cooking matters. The food industry, he writes in one example, was all too happy to step in when women started working outside the home and couples were at risk of arguing over who should get dinner on the table. “In the end, women did succeed in getting men into the kitchen, just not their husbands,” he writes. “No, they’ve ended up instead with the men who run General Mills and Kraft, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.”

...In Wrangham’s calculation, cooking gave humans an estimated four hours of extra time a day, time that we once spent chewing food to prepare it for digestion — and time that now, Pollan points out, happens to be about what we spend watching TV. We have plenty of time to cook; we just don’t choose to spend it that way..."

THE WASHINGTON POST: ‘Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation’ by Michael Pollan




THE WASHINGTON POST: Taking the ‘service’ out of the service sector


PITCHFORK: Watch MGMT's Bizarre Stop-Motion Preview for "Alien Days", Their Record Store Day Cassette Single

Cherry On Top.

A video.

From The Knife.

A Moment of Clarity.


SLATE: Why Newtown Wasn’t Enough: Gun control advocates won’t win until senators fear them as much as they fear the NRA.


THE WASHINGTON POST: On gun control, courage in short supply

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Million Dollar Afro.

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King Remembered in Time.

A Mixtape.

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Watch Out For This (Bumaye).

A video.

From Major Lazer, Busy Signal, The Flexican, & FS Green.

Back 2 The Wild.


THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Power of Loss

Dirty Vegas.

An Ongoing Discussion.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Obama’s reasonable budget runs into a roadblock


LOS ANGELES TIMES: Closer to Obama's 'grand bargain'


A video.

Starring Frank Ocean.

A Moment of Clarity.

THE WASHINGTON POST: A Senate stirred by a message from the heart



With Major Lazer, Amber Coffman, Dave Longstreth, and The Roots.

Rise of the Black Suits.

A video.

From Ghostface Killah.

All Around the World.

A video.

Starring Justin Bieber & Ludacris.


With Tame Impala.

MODULAR: Watch: Tame Impala Live Session @ KCRW Studios