Wednesday, October 31, 2007


File Under: Mixtape Fridays!!!

2 step!.. 2.. step! 2..step!

Naked in the city again - Hot Hot Heat
An honest mistake - the bravery
dance with me - the sounds
on top - the killers
birds of prey - moving units
love your fate - the flesh
i melt with you - modern english
you got me - vhs or beta
girls on film - duran duran
roxanne - the police
crazy girl - basement jaxx
the real thing - gwen stefani
bokkie - elefant
posed to death - the faint
i'm so excited - le tigre
needy girl - chromeo
teach me how to fight - Junior Boys


File Under: Old school funk for the true funk soldiers

Here's hoping it goes [and looks] a little something like this:



Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is how we do it.

Yes it is Quik. You don't even know...

Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

And I don't own this [or much DJ Quik for that matter] because?...

Now there are more than a few reasons why this is a West Coast right fist locked in your left palm as you sway to the beat with your eyes closed, openly mouthing the fly ass lyrics classic. But for me, most of the magic lies in the last few bars of the track, provided by the one, the only, Mr. Fuck the Money, Why You Bullshittin'? himself, Sugafree:

It feel good dont it?
It aint no good if it aint good enough
To put the proper good on it
Peep how I struck up bitch jump in the air
Stay there until I tell you come down
& when you do you shut the fuck up

She'll sell a nice dream but bitch youll
Have better luck tryin to find 2 Pac than
Me buying you somethin off the ice cream truck
Oxygen you leave lone leave me lone
Before I lock you in that little bitty box again
Dont let up yall just keep her soakin wet up
Playa playa & tell her when she need to shut up
Dont lighten up naw nigga you better you better tighten up
Throw ya head back back back back
Lean it to the side hey playas (yeah!)
Tell em that we fly (we fly!) ooooh catastrophe!
Bitch rather slide down a slide of razor blades
Into a pool of pimp piss but this hoe had the audacity
To ask me for a dollar even though thats all I had left
These greedy lying ass hoes'll fifty cents yo ass to death!

Don't believe me? Listen for yourself.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Harder! Better! Faster! Stronger!

Or your ass is fired!

  • JEZEBEL: Working At American Apparel Is All It's Coked Up To Be
  • Sticky Britches.

    You know how I know you're gay?...

    Come into my house!

    “When we were in the group, we thought Justin was gay, because he told us he wanted to do a gay part in a movie...We thought Chris [Kirkpatrick. He with the kurazy(!) dreds]was gay because he used to hang out with a choreographer..."-Lance Bass

    And you know what they say about them choreographers...

  • MSNBC: Lance Bass thought Timberlake was gay
  • Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    "...but the frenzy over this is making me wonder if I'm one of the few working writers out there who actually listened to the deep cuts on Spice..."-Maura Johnston, IDOLATOR

    And it is because of this quote that I decided to cut off the Klaxons and press play on Spice while riding to the office. Here's one of my favorite "deep cuts"* from the disc:

  • IDOLATOR: Spice Girls To Recycle "Getting Naked" Routine For Upcoming World Tour

  • *Okay, so this was a single. Yes I know. But it's also track seven on a ten track disc, so hell that's deep enough for me!

    Can't stop. Won't stop.

    No this bitch didn't.

  • TOWLEROAD: Ann Coulter Dines at Gay Restaurant in West Hollywood

  • Yes, yes she did.

    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    For Your Consideration.

    You know what album isn't getting any publicity at all? The Backstreet Boys [sans Kevin Richardson], Unbreakable. In stores this Tuesday, October 30th.

    Wow. New Britney and Backstreet Boys this Tuesday? It's like 1998 all over again!

    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    In need of some old school R&B therapy after all that uplifting hip-hop courtesy of Soulja Boy.

    Boom like an 808! dead.

    Last night I got my 18-34 demographic, Americana on. I slaved all week on the 9-5 and was ready to unwind. Pumped up some jams and downed a six pack of Tecate. [well five. I sold one to my cousin for a dollar? What? That shit cost seven dollars and he is kind of an alcoholic. Don't hate the playa, hate the game]

    Phone rings.

    It's the crew.

    Shit I thought y'all forgot about me.

    Sure, let's go out. I'm down. I'm lifted. Let's do this.

    Now people are on budgets, so we gotta keep it simple. Tonight's outing: South Bay Galleria to see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?

    Tauwan Patterson: Why did I see this movie?

    My two partners in crime had already seen it, but it was so good that they had nothing against seeing it again. The tears, the drama, the appearance of Tyler Perry's name at least five time before the movie even started, they ate that shit up yo!

    But I can see through the bullshit.

    But laughing and saying "Oh my God they're so professional" all throughout the movie wasn't even the highlight of the night. No. It was the ride home, when Brandon put in this new comedy CD he bought this week.

    Soulja Boy.

    Party foul number one: He skipped through Crank Dat.

    Not cool man, not cool.

    Now we all know his 23 year old, Law school aspiring, young, gifted, and Black ass who also happens to be a landlord, driving this gorgeous rental SUV has no business buying a Soulja Boy album. Appreciate the single, laugh from a far, but this is definitely a disc you download.


    but you just do.

    But I'll give anything a shot and I was curious. But the minute it got going, the lifted music critic in the backseat couldn't keep his mouth shut.

    Is this a song about a sidekick? [Yes it is. And it's titled Sidekick]

    Dear God.

    Inez: I don't know why I like this so much. [Says she the recent Howard grad who could school you on all the 808, booty bumpin, wipe me down dance crazes of the South and the East]
    Tauwan: [The bass kicks in] It's because of that. And the repetitions. It's like a mind thing. He just repeats, repeats, repeats, and next thing you know you're trapped, singing along, and tapping that ass.

    And as the two of them did just that I stopped being all mean and critical when I noticed it wasn't funny anymore cause they were actually enjoying it, and paying attention, but then YAHH!! came on and all hell broke loose.

    The floodgates broke open.

    This CD became straight comedy.

    Real talk.

    He can't be serious right?

    Skip ahead.

    Pass it to Arab, Bapes, Booty Meat, [a personal favorite of Brandon's] She Thirsty.

    Yes, yes he is.

    And did he just take phrases from Crank Dat and make them full tracks? Cause I think he did.


    Hip-Hop is dead y'all.

    But then I sat back and thought for a minute.

    This is all synths, 808, and repetitious hooks. The young man just wants to teach you to dance or feel him as he repeats his mantras over and over again. How is this any different from the noise bubbling from the indie dance underground?

    Wait a minute,

    let me finish.

    Bedtime for toys.

    Early Moving Units and She Wants Revenge.

    Gravy Train


    Too many art bands and synth groups seen in the wee hours of the night on many a Friday or Saturday night in Los Angeles. Hell I heard that this one scenester who I see from time to time who also makes his way onto a Cobrasnake photograph every now and then makes music. And what does it sound like: "It's mostly like, you know, my voice set to sytnths and shit you know."

    Yes, yes I do.

    Crank dat soulja boy.

    And keep it "gangsta."

    And just because, let's do this once more with feeling:

    Friday, October 26, 2007

    Keep it in the closet!

    File Under: Video of the Night!

    Big ups to Stereogum for this one!

    Bitch Please!

    Nah, Nah. I'm just kidding...

    But seriously, Mary sure is happy huh? I'm not knocking it, but it sure does seem like she's been on a Tony Robbins, Help Me Help You, Come on get happy kick nowadays don't it? And what's up with that Dreamgirls/Miami Sound Machine bridge?

    No one wants to dance, they're outside...

    Smoking cigarettes.

    Please don't stop the music.

    Another day. Another lunch. Another evening. Another bus ride home. Time to digest in an album. No playlists. No singles. What we got, what we got? Hmm? What is this? Of Montreal. Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Been awhile. Beep! Bop! Boop! Damn! Midway through. This is ridiculous. This album is IMMACULATE! I even sat through the 12 minute track for once and loved it's every ebb and fall. Top 5 albums of 2007. No doubt.

    I believed it then and I still believe it now.

    And now, a video for the first song on the disc that made me shake that ass, go hmmm, and go back to it repeatedly.

    Of Montreal. Gronlandic Edit.

    Are you high?

    Cause it might help...

    Go on. Click it.

    You know you want to.

  • STEREOGUM: New of Montreal Video - "Gronlandic Edit"
  • Must See TV!

    Ugly Betty has definitely gotten better with age. That is why I don't mind giving my oh so coveted Primetime at eight on a Thursday night slot to the show. But as soon as 8:30 hits, my heart [and laughs] belongs to NBC.


    Two words:

    30 Rock.

    And last night's episode reminded me [as it does week after week] why this show stays on my must watch list. So many great lines [Tracy: "There were so many words. It was like a Mos Def record!" AND Jack: "Never follow a hippie to a second location." just to name two]

    And then, there was this:

    Go on, click it!

  • DEFAMER: Alec Baldwin's '30 Rock' One-Man Tour-De-Force

  • Look, I like Ricky Gervais and Extras and all, but Alec Baldwin was robbed y'all, robbed!

    And please don't let 30 Rock become another Arrested Development. You know, a lightly watched gem that two of three years from now will be all the rage, but canceled, and on DVD, owned by me and borrowed by everyone I know cause they can't get enough.

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    Tauwan Patterson. Phoning it in 5 nights a week!

    Confessions on a Dancefloor...

    Pop album of the year?

    I'm voting yes!

    Peep this:

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    A Moment of Clarity.

    "On November 6, the same date the album drops, the DefJam CEO takes the stage at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Tickets go on sale Friday, for the price of $150. That's a lot of "Dead Fuckin' Presidents," but you don't get to see Jay everyday."

    True, but Jay must have gone and lost his damn mind if he thinks I'mma pay $150 [more like 300 once all those ticketmaster fees kick in]to see him spit nothing but verses from American Gangster. Guess I'm not going after all.

  • LAIST: Jay-Z to Get Gangsta at HOB - Nov 6
  • Ay bay bay!

    File Under: Quote of the Day!

    "...P.S. Just got holla'd at again. This time by a Hispanic man in the passenger seat of a minivan with a big ass poodle in his lap. HA!... I wish I was kidding."

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Ginuwine. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    Before Fergie let us know that though she may be Glamorous, she'll still roll to Taco Bell, "drive-thru, raw as hell". And way before J.Lo let us know that she's real, and just a girl from around the way, we had this*:

    *And yes, I realize that some of the visuals in this video are borderline ridiculous on some K-Ci/Sisqo/Bobby Brown/Shiny Suit Man circa 1998 shit, but it ain't about that. It's about the message people, the MESSAGE!


    This is what happens when a bitch won't take the time to pose for a photo shoot.

    So Jay-Z is previewing snippets from his upcoming American Gangster on the internet this week. [Which I can't wait to hear by the way. I want tickets to that Nov. 6 show at the House of Blues as well, but who am I kidding, that's so not gonna happen.]

    But let's not kid ourselves, some of y'all wanna give this a listen as well. Check it out:

  • MTV: The Leak -Britney Spears. Blackout.
  • Headline of the Night!

    Still hillarious.

    "Sure, you knew he'd been hanging out with the guy. But did you ever think you'd hear Will Oldham's take on R. Kelly's triumphant "The World's Greatest"?"

    [Sucks teeth] Quit playin!

  • PITCHFORK: Will Oldham Covers R. Kelly, Bjork, Danzig on New LP
  • No these niggas didn't!

  • LAIST: Ann Coulter to Speak at USC for Islamo-Fascism Wingnut Awareness Week

  • Really USC? Really?

    How come everytime you come around my London, London Bridge wanna go down?

    Remember this?:


  • To be continued...

    Monday, October 22, 2007

    "Gurl you cut up!"

    When my friends tell me I need to get my ass back to church, I am sure that this is NOT what they have in mind.

    And I know them young intimidating church kids were no saints, [particularly the kin of the pastors, ushers, and deacons] but Friday night Bible study never looked like this:

    Relief next to me.

    That's it. I'm convinced. Tegan & Sara are the female singing, lesbian, twin sister answer to Morrissey.

    At least in Los Angeles.

    This came to me yesterday when I saw that their upcoming show next Monday at the Orpheum is sold out, and, if my memory serves me correctly, has been like that for a while now. It took me back to Tuesday July 24th, 2007. Best Buy in West Hollywood. The Con sold out. No problem. Hit up Amoeba.

    Not a good idea.

    Free Tegan & Sara show. It ain't set to start for a good hour, hour and a half, and this line is already around the block, wrapping around the store, touching Fountain. Oh, and you can't get in the store cause it's filled to capacity, but feel free to accept this coupon for a little off your next purchase or some shit.

    Guess these L.A. youngsters love them some Tegan & Sara huh?

    Couldn't help but think of this as I saw that the girls had gone and sold out a night at the Orpheum. And then I wondered what was going on with The Con. Why? Cause the album is wonderful, and though I am far from sick of that infectious lead single Back in you head [Trust me], I had been wondering what was up with them on the new single tip, and whether consumers and critics alike had given up on this one as if it was Some Loud Thunder or something.

    Fortunately this is far from the case, and the ladies are back with a new video for all the world to see and fall in love with, which in turn will lead them all to buy the album, and keep me from getting inside Amoeba Records.

    Tegan & Sara.

    The Con.


    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Can't stop. Won't stop.

    Wow. That was on some Legend of Zelda type shit right there.

    Another day, another post about The Klaxons. I swear man, the world just refuses to let The Klaxons outta my sight.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: The Klaxons: Going nowhere fast

  • Earlier...

  • Can't stop. Won't stop.
  • Shall I proceed?


    Can't get enough of this woman right now.

    "...she's probably one of the least empty and most substantive vocalists in R&B. Her voice is a magnificent instrument of virtuosity. She transitions from different sonic textures with agility: jazz, gospel, blues, even opera. In one moment she mewls like a vulnerable kitten. Then, the emotion wells up inside of her swaying body, erupts from her mouth and soars to the rafters in a satisfying musical catharsis, a powerful antidote to the antiseptic, digitized nano-noise we've grown accustomed to in recent years...The live show is better than the album in the way the book is usually better than the movie."

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: Jill Scott is even better off the record

  • Bang! Bang! Choo-Choo Train!

    Get up off that thang!

  • Pase Rock. Diplo. The motherfucking rave is over.

  • Act like you know.

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    I'll stand by you.

    Am I the only one who thinks this song sounds like Sting and the Police crossed with a little bit of Stevie Wonder's melody from I just called to say I love you?


    No these niggas didn't!

    Even 50 knows that when taking a picture and at a loss for a pose, just put your back to the the camera and turn that head over ya shoulder. Coming up next, on you knees, arms and hands lying horizontal on a glass table with your head cocked slightly to the left placed neatly on top.

    And now it's time for another installment of No these niggas didn't. Today's guests are 50 Cent and the not gone, but somehow almost forgotten Lil Kim.


  • Sorry y'all but this sounds like an album interlude on loop. Try again!

    P.S. How's Curtis? I have yet to give it a listen. Sad, yes I know.

    Riddle Me This?

    FILE UNDER: A Moment of Clarity

    How fucking hot is Lauren London?

    I mean seriously. I think I'mmma go dust off my ATL DVD right about now. And ain't she supposed to "wifing" Turtle on Entourage? What happened to that subplot?


    Cause sometimes Christmas comes a day or two late...

    (Can you make it)Me + 1.

    1. Double Fantasy II - Hey Willpower
    2. Power Lunch - Har Mar Superstar
    3. Suck and Let Go - Peaches
    4. Fancy Footwork [Thomas Bardford Remix] - Chromeo
    5. When I think of you - Janet Jackson
    6. Champion - Kanye West
    7. She Lives in my lap - Andre 3000
    8. As Above, So Below [Justice Remix] - The Klaxons
    9. Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
    10. The Underdog - Spoon
    11. DVNO - Justice
    12. I don't want to fall in love - She Wants Revenge
    13. Yeah (Crass Version) - LCD Soundsystem
    14. Me Plus One - Annie
    15. Tumbling Dice - The Rolling Stones
    16. Jumble Jumble - The White Stripes

    It's like blood on the dancefloor...

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!

    For Josh, who broke it down Blues Brothers style when I played this last night.

    Nic Armstrong and the Thieves. Broken Mouth Blues.

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Play that beat!

    Believe me, I adore playing an old school hit like nobody's business, but sometimes there's nothing better than putting on one of your favorite long players, enjoying it for what it is: a tip-top, start to finish "headphone masterpiece".

    I like Britney Spears. Always have, always will. Not Britney Spears, but "Britney Spears." The pent up in-your-face-sex kitten that purrs and moans through my speakers whenever I press play on Ooops...I did it again, In the Zone, or even Gimme More; the sweet pure pop confection that goes in and out of my ears like candy in my mouth, thanks in no small part to all the men, women, and
    children behind the 1's and 2's upping her "strengths" and fiddling with autotune.

    So yes, I like Britney Spears. That is why, alone I sat a few years back, surrounded by young girls and their mothers to catch her Dream Within a Dream tour.(oh I think I forgot to mention my love and and adoration for onstage performer "Britney Spears". What a sight that was to behold? Well, at least for me. And, if you overlook that whole VMA fiasco at the top of September). But on this night I was also there to catch a glimpse and get a listen at another firecracker sure to light up the stage. Her name: Nikka Costa.

    When I discovered this CD I could not get enough of it. Sure like the rest of y'all at the time I to perked my ears up with a quickness whenever Like A Feather hit the airwaves, but to stop there would have been a mistake, cause nearly seven years later, this CD still hits hard and makes me wonder why I only came back to it because I heard she showed face at a Mark Ronson concert recently and killed it. [Little known fact, the then little known DJ produced her most popular aforementioned hit Like A Feather].

    Let's just get the obvious out of the way: There's nothing to skip here. Real Talk. Track one introduces you and pulls you in, and though Track two goes the slow route, the party doesn't slow down or make you run for the exit, for it's the first of many tracks where Nikka showcases that one thing that truly pulls you back in time after time: Her voice.

    Yeah she's got Mr. Ronson on the 1's and 2's, and ?uestlove providing some much needed percussive bass on the ebullient ramshackle groove that is Tug Of War, a song that wants to fall apart at the seams, but never does.

    Yes, it all works, every genre, every nod to some groove from years past because of the urgency, playfulness, and grit that lies beneath Ms. Costa's voice. Peep the way she plays it cool cause it called for on the unabashedly honest Just Because, then watch as she flips the script and leaves "Your sorry ass behind" on the tour of Led Zepplin's terrain also known as Hope it felt good.

    Yeah...Before Amy went Back to Black and Christina tried [and mostly succeeded] in going Back to Basics, Nikka came with it, reminding us all that everybody's got their something, and she ain't never lied...
    KEY TRACKS: Like A Feather/So Have I For You/Nothing

    No these niggas didn't!

    FILE UNDER: New flava in ya ear!


  • Fat Joe feat Lil Wayne - The Crack House
  • Beautifully Human.

    You know, everyone says that you gotta see this band, or that band before you die. Radiohead, Bjork, Prince, etc. And after last night, I want to go ahead and add one more person to that list: the one, the only, Jilly from Philly, Ms. Jill Scott. Yeah, go ahead and smirk and suck ya teeth if you want to, but I ain't playing. I don't care what ya favorite genre is, you need to let this woman's words, music, attitude, talent, creativity, and knowledge surround u.

    Real talk.

    To be continued...

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Can't stop. Won't stop.

    Now this... this shit right here? This shit is perfect for your late night after hour romps where you can't stop dancing and night refuses to fade into the day.

  • The Klaxons - As Above So Below [Justice Remix]

  • It's funny how quickly the Klaxons have gone from a band who I tried to ignore and/or was confused by because of that umbrella term critics were placing them under [just what exactly is nu-rave?], to a band I have seen twice in less than four months, with an album that is one of my favorites of 2007.

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    A Moment of Clarity.

    File Under: New flava in ya ear!


  • Spank Rock & Benny Blanco feat. Amanda Blank - Loose

  • Act like you know.

    The New Adventures of Old Christine.

    Watch my show...please!

    Yeah, I know it's on at an odd time. And you may have to sacrifice that last 30 minutes of Heroes if you decide to watch it, but that's what reruns and tivo is for right? [Yeah I know flip that one on me and swap the shows] But seriously, it's quite charming. And Christina Applegate is a delight to watch. I'm glad I tuned in.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: Remember this sitcom: 'Samantha Who?'

    Cause a party ain't a party til a guy and girl re-enact this music video in a doorway at a party for all the world to see.

    I really wish I could sit here and recount the night that was Saturday, October 13th, 2007. A night where in walked two well-to-do rap scallions looking to show face and have a cocktail or two before heading off somewhere else or to call it a night. Yes two young well-to-do rap scallions, who would, unbeknownst to both themselves and all around them cold rock the party til the break of dawn.

    Yeah ...

    I wish I could sit here and recount how we stayed there at this adult like affair til nearly 4 a.m. and went nowhere else. Yeah I wish I could sit here and recount how we all brought it; how much my ass and legs hurt the next morning cause I danced on a hard wood floor all night in my "work/Sunday" shoes [ladies I now understand what y'all go through with that whole breaking it down in stilettos thing]; how the night was all about placing asses on shoulders, mocking ice skaters on the dancefloor, and jungle gym dancing to Paula Abdul like it was something fresh and/or novel...


    But my girl T-Money already beat me to it.

    This is her story:

    All Night Long

    Tauwan and I went to a cocktail party on Saturday and managed to turn it into a crazy dance-a-thon. No, really, we did.

    I was still weary from Des' limo bday shenanagins on Friday. I barely even made it to said cocktail party. The dance party started out small, only about 2 1/2 deep. Tauwan and Katherine jumped in with both feet to "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life", which was both theirs favorite tune of all time. I sorta danced in my chair while devouring the homemade guacamole dip.

    A couple of drinks later and some more eighties hit, and the dance posse was 5 deep. I made it out in full-force when every other track was by David Bowie. "Rebel Rebel", "Young Americans", and "Golden Years" pumped out of the tiny laptop speakers. But we didn't mind the poor sound quality, it all sounds the same when you're licquored up.

    It really got crazy though when the entire party bust a move to "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. You remember that shit. It was the jam in like 1992.

    Tauwan and Katherine's boyfriend got super funky! It was like they had a synchronized routine, complete with Roger Rabbit breakdowns and everything. They had everyone in laughing fits! It was hilarious. And then it got even sillier when Lionel Richie's classic, "All Night Long" came one. They both knew all the words, and the party turned into a dance/karaoke event.

    Other highlights were the lyrical re-interpretation of "Cold Hearted Snake" by Tauwan and this girl who like danced in the doorway in a sort of stripper-esque (still tasteful tho) way. And any time Prince or Michael Jackson came on, the dance machine (aka Tauwan) was out in full effect.

    Somehow we cranked up the dance party at this mellow cocktail party all night long, until 3am, I kid you not! It was fun to actually go to only one party for the night. Sometimes a girl gets sick of partyhopping. Thanks to Katherine with her large stock of alcohol, I could stay and drink my fill in one location. Plus, the food was really good.

    So take note, if you need someone to get the crowd to move their feet, look no further to the crack team of Tauwan and Teresa. Just provide us with alcohol and some medium good music, and we'll get the job done.

    Got another minute?

    Peep her blog:

  • Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict

  • And you know what else? People really don't play Prince's Uptown as much as they should at house parties. Y'all better get on that hosts's and hostess's with the mostest!

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These).

    "The first time I listened to Radiohead's "In Rainbows," I loved it, no holds barred. Joy warmed my ears as the album's 10 songs poured forth from a freshly unzipped download; this music was as intricate and challenging as one would expect from rock's most risk-taking band, but it had soul and a kind of sweetness that made its complexities accessible. That last quality made me grateful too. Like all those other online scribes who apologized for listening only once or twice before jumping into this unprecedented moment of collective listener response, I had an easier time because Radiohead had gone pop this time..."

    Right on sista, right on. I don't know what took me so long, but I finally got my hands on Radiohead's In Rainbows today. And though I have only listened to it once thus far, I can say without a doubt that I am in love and that with repeated listenings it will probably be one of my favorite discs of the year.

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: Spellbound in a Radiohead prism
  • New flava in ya ear!

    The pre-show countdown:

    And the main event:

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
    Thursdays at 10PM. Only on F/X.

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    The way that you walk, the way that you talk...

    FILE UNDER: This is how we do it!

    I workout in my garage.

    I don't have a gym membership. [I'm young, fresh out of college, and trying to save for a place]

    But I got a newly cleaned out garage equipped with a television, some weights, and a weight bench. [cause shortly following his accident, my recently deceased grandfather was convinced that he was gonna start working out and whip himself into shape]

    And this one time I didn't have my iPod.

    I left it in someone's apt and/or car.

    Today I would have no music to blast through one of the old family room's stereo speaker.


    ...that's right. I stick the Pod in the speaker and workout like it's 1989! [The Karate Kid Part III stand up!]

    But not today.

    At first it was cool, but then I couldn't take it anymore, so I went ahead and did something I never do: I turned on the radio. Just in time for Jonesy's Juxebox.

    But after a while that shit got old.

    So I went did something I also never do:

  • I dusted off my addidas cassette case [a.k.a my shoe box] and played me some tapes.

  • And while it was nice to sing along to the first Destiny's Child album, Ginuwine's debut, a few singles off of Whitney's first album, and some Quindon, what I really wanted to hear was this one song that I knew I had the cassingle for, but was now forever lost in the ether.

    I couldn't remember the singer. But I know it had the original version on Side A and a Bad Boy Remix on Side B. [SIDENOTE: Didn't all R&B songs have Bad Boy remixes back in the day? Damn. Who did Puff Daddy think he was? Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins?]

    And it may have contained that classic line you wish Missy Elliot would bring back:


    Not sure, but it could.

    Yep. Couldn't even remember the hook or any of the lyrics.

  • Then I went and posted an old Lil Mo song.

  • And there it was on the side, recommended next in line on YouTube, in all its old school glory.

    Gina Thompson feat. Missy Eliiot.

    The things you do [Bad Boy Remix].

    Act like you know.

    I don't know what it is...

    But something about this album cover. I don't know. I love it. It's simple. It's classic. It's old school.

    And yes, I am feeling this album. And you should too!

    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Tell your girl to hook it up.

    This is how I listen to Double Up. Track one is actually track 5, Leave your name, and the final track for me is track 11, Hook It Up. No Joke. That is all I listen to. I can't even tell you the last time I listened to the tracks that come before Leave Your Name and after Hook It Up. Everyone should listen to Double Up this way. It's quite an entertaining listen. This portion of the album is also jam packed with potential singles. This is why I was pissed when I found out Kells released Rock Star feat Luda and Kid Rock (?#*#@) as a single. No uh. I can't go for that. No can do. But, I can, go for this.

  • PITCHFORK: New Music: The Hood Internet (ABX): "If I Could Rock (It Would Feel Like This)" (Jens Lekman vs. R. Kelly) [MP3/Stream]
  • For Your Consideration

    The Killers. Sawdust. More British than the band's swagger before and around Hot Fuss.

    Seriously. Shouldn't this cover art have been reserved for Athlete? Or Travis? Or Elbow?

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Kingdom Come.

    Tauwan Patterson. Jay-Z stan [and Blue Magic Hair Grease user -REAL TALK!] since,...shit I don't know how long.

    Did I just see Erykah Badu poplockin' in a sweatsuit?

    Oh nevermind.

    It's Kelis.


    I know a place...[beat]...Ain't nobody worrying!...


    1) Shake a fist - Hot Chip
    2) Turn the lights off - Cassie
    3) 100% - Cassie
    4) Private Eyes - Hall & Oates
    5) Make it hot - Nicole feat. Mocha and Missy Elliot
    6) The Beat Goes On - Madonna feat. Pharrell
    7) Flashing lights - Kanye West feat. Dwele
    8) Back in your head - Tegan & Sara
    9) Same Ol' G - Ginuwine
    10)That's What U R - Amerie
    11)Hollywood Divorce - Outkast feat Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg
    12) Out of the races and onto the tracks - the rapture
    13) I got this down - Simian Mobile Disco
    14) Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Supaman) - Soulja Boy
    15) C.O.L.O.U.R.S. - Bentley feat. Pimp C and Lil Wayne
    16) Ooh Aah - Danity Kane
    17) I'm Not that type - Fantasia
    18) Way I Are - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.
    19) I Feel Love - Donna Summer
    20) Let it go - Keyshia Cole feat. Lil Kim and Missy Elliot
    21) Swishas and Doshas - U.G.K.
    22) ATLiens - Outkast
    23) Paper Planes - M.I.A.
    24) All my friends (LCD SOUNDSYSTEM Cover) - Franz Ferdinand

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Dats Whassup!

    You up on this yet?

    Chromeo. Bonafide Lovin (Tough Guys).

    Act like you know.

    I think I'm in love.

    Kylie Minogue. 2 Hearts.

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Why you st-st-st-STUTTERING?

    FILE UNDER: Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers!

    Night y'all!

    Big Ups Polly Jean Harvey!

    I purchased three albums today, and something tells me that this will be the one that I return to on a daily basis from here on out. Haunting, gorgeous, dark, and enchanting. PJ Harvey. White Chalk.

    Oh and Happy 38th birthday!

    Show me love!

    Phew. For a minute there I thought Robyn had gone and joined the cast of ABC's new C.S.I. like drama Women's Murder Club. [Please tell me I am not the only one who sees her when they view one of those billboards?] Glad to see she's still cranking out them hits.

    Real talk.

    Somebody wrote a song titled what?


    Fo'real doe?

  • DISCOBELLE: Tam Tam - Dats Whassup

  • Be on the lookout for her next single I FUCKS WIT IT, on the interwebs next week!


    I swear, a week ago I had no idea who the Cool Kids were, and now, it seems, they are slowly "creeping. on the come up."

    I second that emotion! was one of THOSE nights.

    We had spent the entire night in the basement of some makeshift home/art gallery Downtown, acting a fool, being all loud, dropping drinks, and being all up in people's pictures. But now, [insert T-money's head roll here] it was time to go! And it was time to eat. And by time to eat, I mean it was time to get some late night Mexican [God bless living in Los Angeles].

    And you best believe that we had stepped our game up. Gone were the late night trips to Del Taco or Taco Bell*; NO...NO...NO! It was all about Taco Zone, Burrito King, and this place. This place on Santa Monica Blvd that Mark-Boogie just knew we would enjoy and need to devour.

    Roll up out of downtown LA, hit up Santa Monica and Vermont.

    What is this place?

    And why is it still poppin?

    I mean, like packed. Speaking of which, let's a take a minute to analyze this crowd. Now this is Los Angeles and this is Vermont north of the Black neighborhoods. And this is Santa Monica Blvd on the outskirts of Downtown, so the fact that the place is full of Hispanics should come as no surprise to anyone.

    Now let's take a minute to talk about said Hispanics.

    Los Angelinos, go back to high school for a minute. Remember all those pretty boy hip-hop loving, crisp white t-wearing, light eyes, low fade and/or corn row having Hispanic fellas with the low key demeanor and chill like attitudes. Imagine all them in one setting...but 50-75% gay...some with flamboyantly gay counterparts.


    I have never seen so many young gay and/or bisexual Hispanic men in one setting in my life. I mean, we get out the car and the first thing we are hit with is a short Bizzy Bone looking dude with a much taller [much drunker] boy on his arm voguing his way into oblivion. Shit, I thought he was gonna take me out, til Bizzy roped him in. Talk about a show.

    And to think all I came for was a burrito and maybe a few tacos.**

  • LAIST: Late Night Eats: El Gran Burrito aka Midnight Tacos

  • *I just want to say Big Ups to all those around me in my inner circle who are currently doing the damn thing and working out on their free time, jogging, lifting weights, stretching, ditching fast food, etc. It's quite inspiring.

    **Oh and don't think I didn't come up on them there tacos and a Carne Asada burrito. [And ten thousand to go hot sauce tins] That shit was on hit. Gotta go back.

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    All you need is love!

    FILE UNDER: Headline of the Day!

    If this song can't cease fire, I don't know what will.

  • YAHOO: Bryan Adams to launch Mideast peace show
  • Saturday, October 06, 2007

    This is how we do it.

    Yes it is Mr. Johnson. You don't even know...

    Now if you visit this blog often, you know that old school jams are more often than not posted under the "Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers" headline. But sometimes old school joints are so good, so well put together, so classic to a brotha, [see Montell Jordan's This is how we do it] that all I can do is marvel at their goodness as they boldly play on and show us how's it done. This jam, presented below, is one such example.

    Riding in the car with boys. Day off. Saturday afternoon. Post Friday. Post drinking. Post Blade Runner Director's Cut at the Landmark. Post mid-afternoon brunch at Hometown Buffet.

    ZMann: I saw Steve Seagal in concert once. It was pretty good.
    Tdizzle: Yeah I hear he's got some good blues thing going on.
    Zmann: Yeah I gotta get me some more Steven Segal.
    Tdizzle: And some more of Keanu Reeves' stuff with his band...and Kevin Bacon's band...
    Josh: And Russell Crowe's band.
    Tdizzle and Zmann [In "agreeance"]: Yes! And Russell Crowe's band.
    Tdizzle: And don't forget dude from Miami Vice.
    Zmann: Jamie Foxx?
    Tdizzle: No. The tv show.
    Zmann: Oh...
    Tdizzle: "HEARTBEEEEAAAATTT!" That shit is awesome.

    Yes, yes it is.

    Riddle Me This?

    How did the whole "The Hives have a new album coming out this Tuesday" slip past me? -Sigh (Or shall I say swoon)- It's so nice to have these guys back in my life.

    Now that was an entertaining video. Take note, Ms. Spears.

    The Hives. The Black and White Album. In stores Tuesday.

    Fuck tha police!

    "While you were minding your own business, Mel Gibson, the LA Sheriff's Department were making sport of their power - arresting people and messing with gang members - simply to rack up points during in-house games and contests."

    For real guys? Really? Come on now!

  • LAIST: The Sherrifs Department May Have Arrested You or Towed Your Car Because They Were Playing A Game
  • Friday, October 05, 2007


    This one ain't mine, but you should up jump da boogie any damn way cause it's damn good. Check it out!

  • Drastik - Hipsterrific Happy Hour Mix

  • 1. Herbert - Moving Like A Train (Smith N Hack Remix) V.S Shiny Disco Balls (Drastik Blend)
    2. Fiasco - Happy Hour (The Scar remix)
    3. Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor
    4. The Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Jimmy 19 Remix)
    5. The Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
    6. Simian Mobile Disco - I Got This Down
    7. Hot Chip - Over And Over (Naum Gabo Remix)
    8. The Similou - All This Love (Tonite Only Remix)
    9.. Real Life - Send Me An Angel
    10. Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now?
    11. Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul
    12. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Guns N Bombs Remix)
    13. Shitake Monkey - I’m Gonna Take You Home (The Glass remix)
    14. The Cribs - Men’s Needs (CSS Remix)
    15. Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Mstrkrft Remix)
    16. Simian Mobile Disco - It’s The Beat (The Teenagers Remix)
    17. Kid Sister - Control
    18. Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Kid Fresh and Haterboy Refix)
    19. Matt & Kim - Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus remix)
    20. Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E - Way I Are (T-Wrecks Remix)
    21. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
    22. Inner City - Good Life Vs. Missy Elliot - Lick Shots (Drastik Blend)
    23. Bucketheads - The Bomb Vs. Aaliyah - Are You that Somebody? (Drastik Blend)
    24. Cassius - Feelings For You (Les Rythmes Digitales mix)
    25. Ali Love - Secret Sunday Lover (Sebastien Leger Mix)
    26. Pase Rock - I’m So Fucking Disco
    27. Flore - Need You
    28. Stanton Warriors - Pop Ya Cork Feat. Twista
    29. M.I.A - Bucky Done Gun (Risk One B’Fix)
    30. 50 Cent Ft. Justin Timberlake - Ayo (Technology) Vs. Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Drastik Edit)

  • DISCOBELLE: Stylusts heat
  • Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Old school funk for the true funk soldiers!


    Are the Space Invader!


  • I don't talk to strangers.
  • A Moment of Clarity.

    Real Talk.

    I'm totally going to see him in concert this winter. Real Talk.

    And remember WHAT.THEY.EAT.DON'T.MAKE.US.SHIT!!!

    New flava in ya ear!

    “Easy! So you all know the story, Lil Wayne gets snapped mouth kissing his Dad, everyone goes mental….blah blah. Fact remains, Lil Wayne is still the ‘best rapper alive’ gay or not, and here he is, featuring on our first production ever. Don’t read into the lyrics too much, just enjoy the ‘ride’..."

    This one is fo' tha ladies...

  • Zombie Disco Squad - Straight Boy


  • DISCOBELLE: ZDS Mega post (exclusive)
  • Big Ups Sinead O' Connor!

    So I'm watching Dirty, Sexy, Money last night, -SIDENOTE: With this show and Gossip Girl, on right before it on the CW, Wednesday is officially my rich white people behaving badly night- and ad for today's Oprah comes on during one of the commercial breaks.

    "Sinead O' Connor discusses her battle with being bi-polar. On the next Oprah. Tomorrow at 3 on ABC 7."

    Whoa. Didn't see that one coming. If you are smart Sinead you'll play a song, any song. Why? Cause immediately following the show, said song, and whatever album it is from will shoot straight up to some high position on the Itunes' charts. Trust me. I've seen it happen with Corrine Bailey Rae, John Legend, John Mayer, and Mary J. Blige. Oprah's minions eat up everything she throws their way. Real talk.

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007


    God I love that hook. And the passion in her delivery is just MUAH! Fire baby!

    FILE UNDER: Old School Funk for the True Funk Soldiers!

    Houston, we have a problem.

    Okay, so the whole maybe I'll check out that Devendra Banhart show next weekend at the Orpheum has turned into okay, gotta go to that Devendra Banhart show next weekend at the Orpheum. I don't know what it was. I was all set to play me some Sheperd's Dog on the ride home from work, but went with Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon instead. [Don't fret Mr. Beam. I still fucks with you, but it ain't your time just yet.]

    I don't know. Maybe it was the bossa nova stomp of Samba Vexillographica. Or maybe it was the reawakening of Seahorse midway through. Or maybe it was the beautiful simplicity of the track that follows it, Bad Girl, that just makes for a deliciously soothing and entertaining one-two-three punch near the beginning of the disc. Or maybe it was my realization that from Track 10 onwards -also known as the latter half of the disc- Devendra shows that he's got soul, and he's super bad. I just don't know. But I do know this, I gotta get myself a ticket to that show if they are still up for grabs. Even if I have to go alone, cause unfortunately, ain't nobody else repping for Devendra Banhart in my circle of friends. Just me.*

    [Cue the Debbie Downer music]


    And try, I repeat try not to adore this one:

  • HYPE MACHINE: Devendra Banhart - Bad Girl [stream]

  • *If you wanna go and need some company, holla at ya boy!

    This. is. the remix.

    Now walk it out!

    I like to think that I got my ear glued to the streets when it comes to listening to music, but when it comes to bomb ass remixes, dance tracks, and shit bubbling up from the underground, my girl T-Money has me beat. She's the reason why I fell head over heels in love with Digitalism's Pogo, Metronomy's remix of the Klaxons' Atlantis to Interzone, and now this.

    All summer long, this song was the remix. That one song I'd hear every time we would step out and hit the streets, yet still would ask who is this again?, while bobbing to the beat. It's sleek, it's hip, it's funky, fresh dressed to impress ready to party, and it finally made it onto my iPod this week. [Thank the Lord!] Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Chromeo. Fancy Footwork. The Thomas Bardford Remix.

    Act like you know.

    Monday, October 01, 2007

    And here's another hit...

    Barry Bonds!

    Okay. So let's see here. Since September 11th, 2007, I have seen Kanye on the Emmy's telecast, Access Hollywood*, 106 & Park, Jimmy Kimmel, and one night on Nightline. And 50 Cent? He was there to celebrate the move of BET's Rap City from the afternoon shift to the Night Train [one a.m.] right?

    Ayo 50!

    Step ya game up.

    *[What? Sometimes I work out post work in the garage where a cableless tv is and have time to kill between just getting home and primetime television.]


    FILE UNDER: [I be saying] NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    Look I own Yourself or Someone Like You. And that song about the chick going outta of town or some shit with bright lights was pretty good too, but seriously, Exile on Mainstream? And two discs. TWO DISCS (!) of hits. And I swear, though I was hungover, hot, and trekking to work at eight something on a Sunday morning, it wasn't the sun that made me squint, tilt my head and make a face; No, it was this poster plastered repeatedly in a row on some construction site.

    Projekt Revolution.

    What up pimpin'?

    Phew. For a minute there I lost myself. Seriously. Standing in the Echoplex [I know, I know. What, do I have a season pass or something?] waiting for this band almost felt like a hot, sewaty, "industry" eternity. Plasma screens hanging on pillars like Van Goghs, black leather "ottomans" littering the "dancefloor", a "dancefloor" littered with people that don't dance no more, it all felt like some strange parallel universe.

    Okay, let me go back a little bit.

    I came to see We Are Scientists. Yeah it's a Sunday night, and yes I have work in the morning, and yes I am drained as all hell from Saturday and Sunday's lending a hand at the restaurant, but that's besides the point. This show is only five dollars, and I dig their debut.

    But where the fuck I am I?


    I totally misread that memo.

    The 1st annual Swervefest?

    And wait, was that just Jason Lee.

    Oh what's that you say?

    He hosted an awards show before we showed up?

    An awards show? For what?

    And what the fuck is Fuel TV?

    Seriously what the hell is going on.

    And why are we watching, yes watching, this guy who looks just as happy you all do to be standing still "in awe" oh his talents spin the obligatory soul grooves and recent semi-popular hip-hop tracks. [Big ups on that Mr. Me Too drop]

    Wait, he's done?

    And we're moving ottomans?

    Oh shit!

    You know what that means?

    Band time baby.

    Or not.

    Wow. What a lull. Nice haircut on that sound check guy though.


    What the hell is playing?


    It can't be.

    Somebody from the Fuel TV crew has seriously chosen a Toad the Wet Sprocket disc as the filler music leading up to We Are Scientists.

    Whatever. I still can't get over what I heard before the Mid to late 90's power hour broke out on the sound system.

    PRE TOAD...

    What is this?

    I know I recognize it.

    Okay, this is definitely Mos Def, but why is it not clicking yet still oh so familiar to me?


    Oh my god.

    It is not.


    It is.

    This is that Mos Def/Massive Attack song from that Blade II sdtrk that paired hip-hop artists with the hot "electronica" artists at the time.


    Can't believe I am hearing this at a Fuel TV "soirée" before seeing We Are Scientists play.

    I also can't believe that I recognize, and can find a mixed CD from back in the day where this track knocks. I mean KNOCKS!

    I Created Disco!


    "As he was running for president, Al Gore said he'd invented the Internet; announced that he had personally discovered Love Canal, the most infamous toxic-waste site in the country; and bragged that he and Tipper had been the sole inspiration for the golden couple in Erich Segal's best-selling novel Love Story (made into a hit movie with Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal). He also invented the dog, joked David Letterman, and gave mankind fire..."

    No reason for my rhyme here. I'm just this close to being done with Vanity Fair's October issue and thought this piece on Al Gore tucked near the back of the mag was a good read. That's all.

  • VANITY FAIR: Going After Gore