Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Roll Me Up.

STEREOGUM: Willie Nelson – “Roll Me Up” (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson, & Kris Kristofferson)

'World Tour?"


"...There’s a rumor that this Tupac “hologram” is going on tour, and that other such reincarnated artists — maybe a virtual John Lennon to sing duets with Paul McCartney — are in the works. But I hope it’s not true; the reanimated dead are never the people they were before. Oh, they sing the same, and rap the same, and have the same distinctive tattoos and hand gestures. But they don’t have the complexity, or the humanity, to really compel our interest. They’re ghosts — ghosts in a new machine, perhaps — but at best they are no more than the shadow of the shadows that they cast upon us, back when they were alive"

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Tupac’s Posthumous Live Tour


BILLBOARD: Beach House: The Story Behind 'Bloom' and Indie's Most Reliable Duo


"SPEAKERS GOING HAMMER!": The Albums: 2010: 01/Beach House - Teen Dream


PITCHFORK: Mellowhigh - "Go"


PITCHFORK: REVIEWS: The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

You Against the Larger World.

PITCHFORK: Listen: Dirty Projectors' Record Store Day Release


SLATE: Breaking Grads: How an awful grad school admissions site exposes Gen Y’s job-search angst.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Master of My Make-Believe.

 An album stream.

STEREOGUM: Santigold Master Of My Make-Believe Comment Party

All Around the World.

A video.

Starring Theophilus London.


An Ongoing Discussion/Moment of Clarity.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Phony Mommy Wars

"Wastin' Away in Margaritaville."

A Moment of Clarity.


"...The most destructive force of all the attention on the Buffett Rule isn’t in the merits of either argument but rather the argument itself. It is taking away the most valuable commodity of all: time. Time that Congress, the White House and American economic leaders could better use in working to solve the much larger problems we collectively face.

...The GOP should work with Democrats, pass the bill and help America move forward.

Forget millionaires, billionaires and so-called no tax pledges. The real Buffett Rule bottom line is that all Americans are facing trillions of dollars in real problems while Congress dithers over petty cash..."

CNBC: Pass the Buffett Rule So We Can All Move On: Sullivan

The Rifle's Spiral.

 A video.

From The Shins.


SLATE: “Turn My Headphones Up”: An Aural History

Black Girls.

A video.

From Chester French.


LOVE & HAPPINESS: The Albums, 2009: 17/Chester French/Love the Future 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Broken Hearts.

Stream here.


Stream here.


"...Despite Coachella's reputation as being a soulless parade of people spending a week's income for the off chance of bumping into Kate Bosworth as well as a retrenchment of rock values, it's actually as listener-friendly as a behemoth rock festival could hope to be. In the past three years, the top-billing tripartite of new classic rock (Muse, Kings of Leon, Black Keys), artier kingpins (Gorillaz, Arcade Fire, Radiohead) and hip-hop (Jay, Kanye, Snoop and Dre) works. Maybe next year, they'll cave and just have Skrillex close it out. Or maybe LiveNation will use it to spur the historically disastrous sales of MDNA. Or even: "Hologram Biggie does Ready to Die live-- we have the technology!" Who the heck knows? But one thing is clear: Buying a pass to Coachella is something akin to investing in the ability for music to still deliver something close to a monoculture. It's winning framed as being too stubborn to lose."

PITCHFORK: Coachella 2012


*But not really.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Breathe It In.

Stream here.

Told Ya.

A video.

Starring A$AP Ant & Bodega Bamz.

All About You.

A "New flava in ya ear!" production starring SWV.

War on War.

A Moment of Clarity.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Repulican War on Women is Real


"...America used to be a country that thought big about the future. Major public projects, from the Erie Canal to the interstate highway system, used to be a well-understood component of our national greatness. Nowadays, however, the only big projects politicians are willing to undertake — with expense no object — seem to be wars. Funny how that works."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Cannibalize the Future


___________. (Or "Red Lights & Purple Haze" for those who 'fucks with it'.)

A playlist.

1/Prinzhorn Dance School/Right Right Kay West
2/Gotye/Someone That I Used to Know
3/Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, & Syd - Analog 2
4/Kendrick Lamar/Blow My High (Members Only)
5/Grimes/Symphonia IX (My Wait is U)
6/SchoolBoy Q/My Hatin' Joint
7/Childish Gambino/L.E.S.
8/Odd Future/Oldie
9/Nicki Minaj, Cam'Ron, & Rick Ross/I Am Your Leader
10/Rick Ross/High Definition
11/Kendrick Lamar/Chapter Six
12/Vampire Weekend/I Stand Corrected
13/PJ Harvey/In the Dark Places
14/Big K.R.I.T./4EvaNaDay Theme
15/Nicki Minaj & 2 Chainz/Beez in the Trap
16/Big K.R.I.T./Temptation


PITCHFORK: BEST NEW TRACK: Nicki Minaj - "Come on a Cone"


A "New flava in ya ear!" production starring Beach House.

Stream here.



A video.

Starring Miguel.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whip Appeal.

A Remix.

Starring Frank Ocean & SBTRKT.


LOS ANGELES TIMES: Daum: The radical message of 'Girls'

"Mmm Hmm."


Why Am I the One.




"It’s raunchy, it’s ethnic and it’s probably happening on a university campus near you. It’s “Sissy Bounce” a form of erotic gyrating that has become the latest subculture “fad” among reckless kids looking for quick, cheap thrills. Any expert of family values will tell you that this trend is no laughing matter. It’s a foul, animalistic display that encourages children to act like monkeys, showing off their anal regions as if they were hunting for a partner in the jungle. If the “sissy bouncer” isn’t careful, he may very well end up with such a mate, a hardcore homosexual hellbent on violating to the very core of one’s body..."

CHRISTWIRE: Does Your Child “Sissy Bounce”? The Dangerous Anal Dance Trend Sweeping America’s Colleges