Friday, April 20, 2007

Play that beat!

Believe me, I adore playing an old school hit like nobody's business, but sometimes there's nothing better than putting on one of your favorite long players, enjoying it for what it is: a tip-top, start to finish "headphone masterpiece".

Say what you want about Pitchfork, but for me they often succeed in turning me on to new bands and/or new albums by some of my favorite artists or new albums that I should give a spin. Last fall I stumbled onto Pitchfork's homepage and there it was, a review for Junior Senior's new album, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo. Now the first time around I missed the bus and slept on Junior Senior. Luckily I did manage to fall in love with Move Your Feet and would later fall in love all over again with the nearly six minute DFA remix of Shake Your Coconuts. If you haven't noticed, I love dance music, or music created with the specific intent of getting you to shake that ass: Scissor Sisters, Basement Jaxx, the new Justin Timberlake, Prince, Janet and Michael, etc. etc. After reading Pitchfork's review, I knew I had to get my hands on Hey Hey My My Yo Yo.[still unreleased in the United States] And I did. And I have been bumping that shit ever since. B-Boy European rapping, clap alongs, sing alongs, vocal turns from the ladies of the B-52's and Le Tigre, traces of Abba, and soul tastic disco. It's so sugary, so fluffy, yet so full of substance. I can't express how much I adore this disc and how it accomplishes the much sought after feat of being unskippable from start to the finish. Seek it out if you are a fan of Motown, Acid House Kings, B-52's, Abba, The Go Team! or rump shaking. And it's the perfect album to play on a rainy Los Angeles day like today. So if you can, go ahead, let a little sunshine in.
KEY TRACKS: we r the handclaps/i like music (w.o.s.b.)/dance chance romance

Don't belive me? Just ask the folks over at Idolator:
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