Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NICE AS F*CK! : The Songs, 2016.

05/schoolboy q featuring kanye west/that part

The best rap songs touch instant classic status after the first run through. And after your first experience with this song right here, you soon come to realize that (a) this is one of those songs, and (b) it is a certified banger. And like the best Hip-Hop Joints, That Part doesn't concern itself with that fake shit. With Schoolboy Q behind the wheel & Mr. West in the passenger, That Part comes dripping with style on top of style. From that low, gangsta leaning intro forward it's all repeat worthy bars on top of bars and punchlines for days. It's that crack music; Stadium Status Superhero AND Villainous music. They feel like Jordan in his prime, fresh like a new fit, and reloaded, harnessing all the fun and looseness of a superb freestyle joint, no matter how much work went into the song behind the scenes. As do you whenever it plays. You too go gangsta and wild out. You too lean back and rock with it. You too feel like a walking living legend, or O'Shea wreaking havoc on the ignorant and uninformed. You too revel in and aspire to reap the blessings on blessings on blessings earned, lived in, and reflected upon in this spare, bass heavy ride with the top down. Bang it in ya hood, while you're vibin' switching lanes, or just need to feel like you're twenty feet tall while walking down the street and doing you (as I did far too many times to count this year). Let it do its part and get you lifted cause it will, every time. Trust.

06/danny brown featuring schoolboy q/pneumonia

07/frank ocean/nikes


09/blood orange/chance

10/jessy lanza/never enough

11/kaytranada featuring syd/you're the one

12/dirty projectors/keep your name

13/britney spears/private show

14/devendra banhart/fancy man

15/angel olsen/shut up kiss me

16/parquet courts/i was just here

17/badbadnotgood feat. samuel t. herring/time moves slow

18/of montreal/it's different for girls

19/nice as f*#k/door

20/flume featuring beck/tiny cities

21/the weeknd/false alarm

22/amber coffman/all to myself

23/bruno mars/that's what i like

24/car seat headrest/destroyed by hippie powers


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