Thursday, December 15, 2016

NICE AS F*CK! : The Albums, 2016.


Got a few minutes and need to get away? Press play and come away with me. Our destination? A place reminiscent of sweat inducing warehouse floors. Or ya homie's backyard function. Or that breezy summer afternoon pool party with all the gorgeous P.Y.T's and fine young playas chilling outside and relaxing all cool. Here. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Kaytranada's 99.9%. A place where you'll always see the sun, day or night. A place where the bourgeoisie and the rebels can cut a rug to these crisp and pristine rhythm & blues infused dance tracks as one nation, under a groove. A place where having one too many is encouraged, as long as it serves the shared purpose here of giving it up to get down and glow up. A place where you can let yourself go and swim in the boogie that be; crash into it, falling; Refusing to deny the feeling in your bones, and these grooves being provided by the 24 year old Haitian by way of Montreal beat and taste maker Kaytranada. He who sits behind the boards, pulling out these sensations as if his beats, sounds, and ideas are some sort of magic wand with emotional rescue capabilities. This is 99.9%. The warehouse party and the basement floor. A place were we can get together, give it up, and turn it loose from sun up to sundown. What a feeling. 
KEY TRACKS: One Too Many/You're the One/Lite Spots

19/devendra banhart/ape in pink marble

20/david bowie/blackstar

21/the julie ruin/hit reset

22/jessy lanza/oh no

23/junior boys/big black coat

24/majid jordan/majid jordan

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