Saturday, December 10, 2016

NICE AS F*CK! : The Albums, 2016.

23/junior boys/big black coat

Junior Boys. A concert. Downtown Los Angeles, March 2016. A happening where, at some point, what we all came for and expected, happened. A release. Transcendence. I can't quite remember the exact note or tipping off point for said release, but once I was gone I knew that I had been transported someplace else. Lifted up. Had let go. At some point during a bridge. Wordless. To a song that breathlessly pleaded and is titled "C'Mon Baby". No flash and no bombast. Just two grown men, lights & music, synths & expressions of love. A concert, and a formula for release. A formula that has worked and continues to work for Junior Boys, including here on Big Black Coat. Big Black Coat is another Junior Boys release that is awash in the steamy & chilling vibes of the best sytnh-pop & house songs (quick s/o to Chicago & Detroit) that aim their grooves straight for your heart. Five albums in and Junior Boys are still offering up what the best dance songs and albums do: lift you up and offer release. Transcendence. Right here. Reminding you with a whisper: "this is what you came for."
KEY TRACKS: C'Mon Baby/M & P/Love is a Fire

24/majid jordan/majid jordan

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