Friday, December 23, 2016

NICE AS F*CK! : The Songs, 2016.

10/jessy lanza/never enough

Jessy Lanza is anxious. She's anxious and hopelessly devoted. She anxious and hopelessly devoted and busy taking part in something that may very well prove itself to be a fool's errand: trying to sway the man in front of her who can't see that she's giving her all & has got these real intense feelings for you; that this could be an everlasting love. It's unrequited puppy love that is never too much or overbearing because Never Enough does what Jessy Lanza and the album that it's pulled from does best: takes an all encompassing feeling and elevates it by reducing it to a level of slow burning intimacy, drawing you into her space and easily forging a connection. Never Enough goes down like a fine wine, cascading on a glossy and shimmering melody that bounces like the beat of her heart, rock steady. The words may come from a place of overbearing anxiousness and excitement, but Ms. Lanza and her silky smooth composition keeps it calm so that her suitor can hear her loud and clear, and we can relate and never lose sight of the other important matter at hand here: catching the beat.

11/kaytranada featuring syd/you're the one

12/dirty projectors/keep your name

13/britney spears/private show

14/devendra banhart/fancy man

15/angel olsen/shut up kiss me

16/parquet courts/i was just here

17/badbadnotgood feat. samuel t. herring/time moves slow

18/of montreal/it's different for girls

19/nice as f*#k/door

20/flume featuring beck/tiny cities

21/the weeknd/false alarm

22/amber coffman/all to myself

23/bruno mars/that's what i like

24/car seat headrest/destroyed by hippie powers


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