Thursday, October 31, 2013


A Moment of Clarity.


"When is the last time you heard a truly big idea coming from the right that could become law and could move this country forward? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Exactly. Silence.

They are less interested in making laws that get things done than in making laws that prevent people from doing things. They want to halt progress and rewind it a few decades. For them, what used to be is always better than what can be, and that is a fatal logic flaw in a dynamic society.

 ...Republicans are so consumed with the mistaken notion that they are speaking for the American people that they refuse to recognize the change in the people of America.

So, absent ideas, we are forced to watch the G.O.P. wallow in frustration, and hold back American progress in doing so.

This isn’t about Obamacare, this is about Obama, and the country knows it and is paying for it."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Grudge Spectacle

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