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a moment of clarity.


"On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that Black Lives Matter started a political action committee.

This is, in a way, the genius of the Black Lives Matter movement, and what sets it apart from previous movements with worthy causes, like Occupy Wall Street: its pragmatism and political savvy.

This movement doesn’t try to overthrow faulty systems as much as seek systemic reform. It’s not a black nationalist organization as much as it is a civil rights and equal justice organization. Its path to the elimination of oppression is the healing of the system, not the hobbling of it.

Indeed, the movement’s policy platform, which it calls Campaign Zero, is a 10-point plan to make policing and the criminal justice system more fair to all citizens.

In a way, one could argue that Black Lives Matter still hopes against hope that we may yet establish a more perfect union by extending to all — or at least not depriving from some — equity in “general welfare” and the “blessings of liberty.”

...Claims that the group is somehow un-American are ridiculous. A thirst for equal treatment under the law is a most American ideal. And Black Lives Matter is entering a moment in which its political power is substantial enough to make America listen."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: A Movement Has Its Moment


a video.

starring perfecto.

PITCHFORK: Serengeti and "Workaholics" Star Anders Holm Release Album as Perfecto, Share "Giorgio" Video

play it on my radio.

PITCHFORK: Niki and the Dove "Play It on My Radio"

say love.

a video.

starring jojo.

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thank god for girls.

PITCHFORK: Weezer Release New Single "Thank God for Girls"

flesh without blood/life in the vivid dream.

a video.

starring grimes.


a video.

starring christine and the queens & perfume genius. 

PITCHFORK: Christine and the Queens Teams With Perfume Genius for Haunting "Jonathan" Video


a video.

from hudson mohawke.

pressue off.

a video.

starring duran duran, nile rodgers, & janelle monae.


a video.

starring adele.


a video.

starring ty dolla $ign & babyface.

angel duster.

a video.

starring run the jewels. 

waitin for you.

a video.

from demi lovato & sirah.

to u.

a video.

from skrillex & diplo + alunageorge. 

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the right time.

a kaytranada remix video.

from tuxedo. 

get it.

a video.

starring run the jewels.

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a video.

starring jadakiss & swizz beatz.

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FILE UNDER: a moment of clarity.

 "And considering Black-ish’s purposes when it comes to depicting the black experience, it’s important to note that this is an episode with back-to-back scenes of black women doing hair for bed (Rainbow combing her hair, followed by Zoey wrapping Diane’s hair). That’s not even something that contributes to the humor of the episode; it’s something that contributes to the honesty and relatability (to a black audience) of the world that this show takes place in. On mainstream—which can mostly be read as “white” television—that’s not something you see. Black-ish may actually be at its funniest the weirder and more surreal it gets, but including notable black things without even calling attention to them is so important. Because things like that are just facts of life when it comes to the black experience. These are scenes where characters just have conversations about the plot and doing something that’s a part of every day life. When people speak about the power of diversity and seeing a face like yours on the screen, it’s moments like these which make it obvious this is real representation and not just a quota."

A.V. CLUB: Black-ish finds a way to blend heart and chaos

american pie.

FILE UNDER: a moment of clarity.


chk chk chk.

with ladybaby.

VICE: Japan's Biggest Metal Band Features Two Underaged Girls and a Bearded, Cross-Dressing Singer


a boys next door cover.

starring courtney barnett & jack white.

FLAVORWIRE: Music Courtney Barnett Shares a Cover of The Boys Next Door’s “Shivers,” Produced by Jack White

i tried.

a video.

starring melanie fiona.


a video.

from will butler.

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no doubt about it.

a video.

starring jussie smollet & pitbull.

area code.

a video.

starring nick jonas.

won't hurt me.

a video.

starring tweet.

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a video.

starring mac miller. 

dada art.

a video.

from toro y moi. 

ain't no man.

a video.

starring swv. 

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morning becomes eclectic.

with childish gambino & tamia. 

when i see ya.

a video.

from ty dolla $ign & fetty wap.